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    Bi male
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    Essex uk
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    Loved pee my whole life

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    Getting caught peeing. Accidently of course 😜
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    Being watched very much an exhibitionist. Stuck in traffic for over 2 hours not moved an inch and was at bursting point. Couldn't take it any longer so I opened the sliding door of my van leaving it open enough so the young lady parked next to me could clearly see what I was doing. I must have pissed a litre into a bucket and she didn't take her eyes off my pissing dick the whole time. Makes me do horny when I think of it.

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  1. That looks very much like gran canaria? Our favourite place in the world 🌎
  2. Sloehand


    Always good to welcome a fellow essex pee lover .....a very warm wet welcome .
  3. Welcome peemj from a fellow Essex dweller....you'll have fun here we're all a bit wet 😜
  4. Hi and a very wet warm welcome to a fellow holder and wetter 😁 also in the UK. There's quite a few of us here from the UK 🇬🇧. Hope you have great time here. Xx
  5. WOW 👌 thanks so much wasn't expecting that 😍
  6. Pulling all the way back is a must for me ..... my aim is much better especially if I'm not using the toilet 😜
  7. Does anyone else here play golf? I play way too much according to the wife. Not only is it good exercise and fun it's also a very good excuse to piss outdoors. A round normally takes 4 hours and I always make sure I am well hydrated. Most courses here in the UK have public footpaths on or close to the course. I can't remember how many times I have been caught peeing in a Bush or against a tree by dog walkers etc. 😜
  8. A very warm damp welcome from a fellow wetter. Very new here myself but have been welcomed with open arms, and bladders 😂. Have fun 👍
  9. Male Shaved I ve shaved twice a week for the past 20 years I couldn't bare being hairy again.
  10. No point in putting dry ones on when I want them wet any way.... Such a great feeling 💦
  11. This is the result of being stuck in Friday traffic for and extra 20 mins.... Certainly not wasted time I just love letting a little go and feeling that warm glow of piss pudding around my balls. Any way I digress. Enjoy the pictures the first one is as soon as I got home the others are quite self explanatory. 💦💦💦💦💦💦
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