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    bisexual piss freak with a desperation fetish, here to share pics and stories!

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  1. I accidentally leaked more than I intended to and now there’s a big wet spot on my pants
  2. I’m on my couch and squirting pee into my panties every so often, it feels soooo good!
  3. i know, right?? what would I even say? 😅
  4. Surprisingly Ive never been caught, which is pretty shocking since I’ve done risky pees all the time. The riskiest one was probably peeing in my new office at work a few weeks ago, someone could’ve walked in at any point and my office doesn’t have a door.
  5. that’s awesome, love that someone else has tried it too!
  6. you can find all my PPV on my MV page (about 60 videos) and my fansly has like 500 videos (subscription-based)
  7. It took me foreverrrr to work up the courage to do stuff like this, like years. To this day I won’t do public wettings where other people can definitely see me/or if my clothes would show a wetting. Wearing clothes that hide the wetness (like dark leggings or skirt) really helps a lot with the fear of being noticed.
  8. Time for another story! I purposely wet my panties during a rainy day on a ferris wheel while on vacation a couple years ago (fwiw it was *very* empty, and it was the type with windows that’s fully enclosed, not a ski lift style bench seat) I planned to arrive quite desperate and ready to pee. I wore a short black skirt and red panties, and I got on board trying not to piss myself before the ride started. As soon as the doors closed, I grabbed my pussy and started holding myself, and once the ride started moving upwards I tried to hold back my piss. I knew it was about to come flood
  9. I think that shopping trip was probably the longest i spent in wet clothes, ended up being a couple hours? I peed close to 10 times in them!
  10. Peeing in fitting rooms is super fun, I don’t ever ruin any clothes for sale though. but definitely have left puddles and soaked my own panties or leggings several times. (and caught it on video!)
  11. I’ll try to find a clip but the whole video can be found on my MV page (mods please delete if I’m not allowed to mention where to access my full videos)
  12. Pissing where I shouldn’t is one of my biggest turn ons, I’ve done it in a ton of places! One of the boldest was probably when I peed in a store several different times (in one visit) I wore leggings that hid any wetness and just let my pee out as I was walking around and shopping. I left little puddles on the carpet by clothing racks and on the linoleum in front of shelves where I bent down to look at something. The store wasn’t busy and no one noticed what I was doing. I was even able to sneakily film myself every time I peed, too! I got so turned on that I had to go in a fitting
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