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    longtime fan of all things pee. I enjoy looking at girls and ladies peeing in public and I also like to pee outdoors myself as much as I can, preferably places were others can see me.

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    Spying on peeing ladies, pissing in public
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    I went to a pissing party with about 50 men and women all peeing on eachother

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  1. I love listening too. At work there was a girl who had a really loud pee and you could hear it through the wall in the male restroom . Unfortunately she left
  2. Carnival is always a good time for sightings. This year I was able to spot a few women peeing at the parade. The parade takes a few hours and by the end everyone needs a relief. The very few portaloos along the route aren’t enough to make sure everyone can keep up with their car so they just quickly go behind some bushes where I am conveniently close to.
  3. Welcome! Nice that you have found the right place to share your stories with us
  4. Peeing against churches is also a tradition. They tend to have many secluded corners because of the fortifications
  5. Welcome, nice to see people from around my area . Enjoy the site
  6. Welcome and nice to have more people from Belgium
  7. I agree, English only. This forum is great because it’s a community. Other languages aren’t needed. On the other hand, creating a forum may be easy but getting the exposure is harder. This is where hard work of admins has paid off
  8. Maybe it is not so common to see on the beach but I suspect, or hope actually, it is a more common sight in the dunes. I’ll find out, hopefully more peefans around
  9. I’ve read a lot about that place for years and I was wondering the same thing. So I looked up some videos and found indeed pee play isn’t uncommon. It must be because below video was the first I watched and it has pee play in it. That’s not a coincidence. So I’ve made up my mind and I’m going in summer and find out myself. Who knows I’ll run into more peefans. https://nl.xhamster.com/videos/plage-cap-d-agde-xhCIaeO
  10. Maspalomas is a really nice place to hang out, all kinds of things happening over there. It’s a big beach with lots of little dunes and shrubbery.
  11. This is a great fantasy, and sometimes it doesn’t even matter that much if it becomes reality or not, just the idea is exiting enough.
  12. These open crotch bloomers are very convenient for peeing. In China it’s not uncommon to see kids wear them so they can just pee on the street. There’s a rare shot from the Josephine Mutzenbacher series (part 3)where she is demonstrating it’s also very useful for peeing standing up.
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