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    longtime fan of all things pee. I enjoy looking at girls and ladies peeing in public and I also like to pee outdoors myself as much as I can, preferably places were others can see me.

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    Spying on peeing ladies, pissing in public
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    I went to a pissing party with about 50 men and women all peeing on eachother

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  1. This year has been a good year for sightings, especially in respect to the drought of the previous years. In fact, I don't think I have ever had so many as this year. I will document a few of my favorite ones here for all of you to enjoy. The first one was at a national holiday in my country with a lot of crowd gathering in the city. I went alone this year and for a good reason. So I walked around for a while and going to the places where I had good sightings in the past, but seeing there were a lot of portapotties around and no cues made me suspect it would not be a very fruitful day, until
  2. Welcome @Madelyn, i love your story. I hope to read more of them in the future.
  3. Haha it must be the pants and the groupies that gave it away
  4. I have an account there too for many years. I occasionally visit to look for some pee related topics, but the site has never done a whole lot for me tbh.
  5. The rug really ties the room together , Lol
  6. That’s an excellent place. Great stuff thanks, I’m looking forward to more of your uploads.
  7. Welcome and enjoy. I have felt like you before but I’ve since accepted this how I am. We all love pee here.
  8. Thanks BB , I always enjoy reading about your sightings. A wise decision not to follow her again. She was obviously really shy and that would have harmed her and possibly you too.
  9. Incredible experience. I have read about this event a lot but didn’t think it could be that good.
  10. You two are such a naughty couple. That would have been quite the show to watch from the apartments.
  11. That’s a nice experience. I wish I had that much luck.
  12. The Spanish legal case is not over by the way. Even though the judge ruled that it’s not illegal to film in public and therefore not a case, there is still an appeal on the basis of intrusion of privacy. To understand this, I’ll summarize what I’ve understood from the newspaper articles that have been published until now. What bothered most women is not that they were seen peeing, as they admitted that was unlawful and they took that risk, but being filmed and that the videos were posted online to make money. They feel abused and exploited and they are angry it’s impossible to remove all imag
  13. This is very recognizable. It’s nice to be somewhat desperate to have a high volume pee but then the next rest area all of sudden seem further away then anticipated
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