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    longtime fan of all things pee. I enjoy looking at girls and ladies peeing in public and I also like to pee outdoors myself as much as I can, preferably places were others can see me.

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    Spying on peeing ladies, pissing in public
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    I went to a pissing party with about 50 men and women all peeing on eachother

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  1. Looks like those stairs are being used as a pee spot more often. Great sighting again, thanks.
  2. I imagine that’s a lot of work to organize. Thanks for the tip in London. I don’t frequently visit the UK but when I do I’ll keep an eye out
  3. That couple actually has tried that but there is not so much interest in the Netherlands it seems. Since then they have visited a lot of other parties in Germany so I don’t think they feel the need to set up something locally. It’s funny, I had seen adds from them before on a dating site so I “ knew” who they were. I did not bring it up though, so no idea if they had any success either. I still want to ask them about the other parties but my subscription to the forum expired and it’s a rather expensive one, so I don’t think I’ll renew it just for that. I still wonder though why in Germany wate
  4. Thanks, don’t worry I still had a lot of fun even though my story may have sounded a little negative. The aurum events are more of a wetting type of event right? Is that why you say it’s not for you?
  5. I would like to tell you guys about my experience I had recently. It was positive but at the same time a little disappointing too. So let me explain. Many years ago I’ve found a German forum about pee fetish or as they call it Natursekt. I am Dutch but my German is pretty descent so I used to read it sometimes. The site’s owners also organized pee parties which they advertised on the forum. This caught my attention and I had the wish to go to one. However I did not have the guts for it for one, and most of these parties were not very close to where I live either. Another thing that withhold me
  6. Hi all, 42 yr old Dutchman here. I've been a member for several years, but just recently have gained my interest again, mostly because I have come to realize that talking and sharing is more fun than just lurking. I have to say that I am impressed with how the site has developed over the years and I really like the setup of the forum. I thought it would be a good idea to chip in a few quid. I have been a pee enthusiast for over 25 years. I am particular interested in females peeing outside and I have had a lot of sightings over the years. But this does not exclude any male or mixed peeing in
  7. My dishwasher has received it’s fair share of my piss too. Ammonia is industrial strength cleaner after all.
  8. Thanks. I treat my grass the best way I can
  9. I’ve just peed a little in my garden.
  10. Very interesting questions. I have been wondering these myself. Having seen and used all types of toilettes, I think the Asian style ones are the most clever design and most hygienic. I never gave it any mind whether Asian women pee more forward though.
  11. I had my first encounter with peeing in a sexual way when I was freshman in uni about twenty five years ago. I was dating a girl for some time and one night we were having sex in her room. I was below and she was riding me on top until she suddenly stopped. I said what's wrong and she said kind of embarrassed that she needed to pee. So I said: "well why don't you go to the loo then?" She replied that she was very desperate and that she was afraid that if she would stand up she would start peeing over me. This sounds great to me now, but at time I had no interest in peeing girls. So I said some
  12. @Naughtypisswifeabsolutely lovely pics, you make me hard
  13. You never know she might have liked it. Chances are very slim I know
  14. I love to pee in the garden too. There is a path alongside my garden several of my neighbors use to walk the dog. When I have my dick out that would make an awkward situation. It almost happened already. This summer I went out completely naked at night which was a delight. Being naked and pissing everywhere is such a turn on
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