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    Loves nature and peeks in nature for urinating

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    Voyeur pissing outdoor
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    Seeing my sister-in-law in advanced pregnancy urinating and pooping in the bushes at a picnic in nature

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  1. Observation from today. I was in the parking lot if picnic benches. There was a group of family or good friends who were there. Suddenly I see 2 women in their 40s leaving the families and going to the bushes. They did not go deep but remained behind a sparse shrub. One woman with curly hair kept the other woman who was if wearing black and sporty tights and straight black hair. She bent down if the face to me and her girlfriend stood and kept. So I could not stand and stare at those sneaky looks I saw her bend over and stay that way for a long time and then as the pants down got a bit
  2. Wow awesome. I would love for details on what I saw and if there were more times?
  3. I will explain. Share experiences that happened to your women who saw or peeked at them peeing
  4. Hi I would love to share about experiences of times you have seen or peeked at your women peeing in nature. This has happened to my wife several times. Once on a school trip she teaches where she went to pee in the bushes she picked up her sporty black tights and took off her orange panties bent over her bright and wide ass facing the bushes behind peed and wiped and then heard a noise from the bushes behind she turned and saw a missing figure. She quickly picked up the panties and the tights and returned to the group. I wonder who it might have been as one of the students?
  5. I would love to exchange experiences on voyeurism for urinating in nature and things like that
  6. A story that was a few months ago. I was if my wife in the woods we sat and talked on the bench. Suddenly she said she had to pee. Walking behind a tree she picked up her denim skirt and took off her yellow panties bent over her wide, light ass exposed and made a tremendous pee stream. Finished wiping and we left. I thought I had reached the peak that day and then on the way back home I saw at the bus stop a jeep stopping and a 35 year old woman bending over in the canal but seeing well and peeing and in front of her the husband looking and there were their children on the side waiting by
  7. Today I drove on the road and I see a road that splits from my road and leads to the orchard. I see a car with an open door and a 40-year-old woman Black hair bends if pants are rolled up and urinates And her husband stands beside her and waits. I was sorry I was not in their path. Dead on women urinating on the side of the road. Shabbat Shalom
  8. Hey Want to share and hear experiences?
  9. I walked if my wife on Saturday. And said she needed an urgent pee. We saw a nice park. We went in and there were people there so we continued to the end and there was a conversation. My wife walked in the back picked up the dress took off her panties bent over and urinated a huge stream of pee whose wide and bright ass in front of me. Who finished wiping and then I saw in front of us a lot of houses if anything was there he would see everything
  10. I love women peeing in nature and peeking. I would love to exchange experiences in style
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