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    Gay man who likes piss, among other things. It's hard to find people in real life who are into piss (or will admit it!), so it's good to find a forum where I can chat with others about pissing.

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    It comes out of cocks. That makes it good!
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    My pee experience so far has been limited to myself, but I keep hoping I'll meet someone to help.

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  1. My contributions for this week. Some lucky guys enjoying fresh piss -- cut edition.
  2. Very hot! Thanks for sharing it!
  3. More outdoor pissing. It seems most pictures I find of guys pissing are outside.
  4. And for those of us who like both condoms and piss, condom catheters can be a lot of fun. You can connect the tube to a bag, or just direct it anywhere you want! Here's me in my yellow jockstrap and a condom catheter.
  5. Very hot! I wish I had a piss buddy to help me fill some condoms!
  6. Very hot! I'd love to be on the receiving end of that. I wish I could piss while hard.
  7. Those with foreskins can retract them. Those without can't wish them into existence. I won't say that cut cocks are bad (since I have one), but both types can piss really well!
  8. Nice uncut cock hanging out of a jockstrap.
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