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    Married kinkster. Love to discuss all things wet and wild. Bi-curious.

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    The taboo.. and the hot wet mess!
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    I’ve had many with my wife usually in hotels 😀

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  1. I was in my 30s before I got my first prostate massager. The when I re-married my wife showed me here many toys- now I have quite a few including lots of cock rings and a flashlight my wife bought me (she likes to watch).
  2. Can’t resist sink pissing
  3. Absolutely love she took the initiative. Much hotter than when I suggest - which is still great.
  4. A few Saturdays ago my wife and I had a few drinks and then couldn’t decide on what to watch. So I ended up with the tablet device and went to our back room while my wife put on her chick flick. While I was still deciding what to watch my wife surprised me and with a gleam in her eye sat on my lap. Of course I took this that she was signalling that she wanted sex. Well, she did. But her way of initiating it was to pee on me! Immediately I’m in heaven!! Now my wife knows I love watersports and we do have some play based around that bit it’s usually me initi
  5. My wife always declares she is going to pee so I can listen and/or watch 😀
  6. There are health benefits? Who knew! 🙃
  7. All of the above. Solo and with my wife but would love, love, love to do group pee! In an ideal world (one without nasty diseases) a piss gangbang would be bucket list stuff
  8. Typed in the address - this is my second time registering after a break from Peefans Looking forward to chats and browsing this great site. The people here are fantastic
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