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  1. What's the place you peed in relatively empty or had a lot of people in there?
  2. Both of these pictures didn't show up
  3. See now I'm just curious. Did it remind you of something you have done or was it just a hot thing to look at?:-)
  4. What were the places where you watching them pee in
  5. See now this is getting me horny. LOL what was the porn you were watching?
  6. So if he did caught you masturbating the way you have been doing, it would be a really bad situation?
  7. Does he know about your pee fetish?
  8. Why was it risky to masturbate in front of your husband?
  9. Did you cum hard sharing a bed with the friend?
  10. Good on you. Do you remember what you were thinking about?
  11. How weird is that knowing that you're about to have a kid and a sibling around the same age?
  12. That's amazing that you did that because that shows that you have manners. My question though was hearing that that young lady left a mess for that lady to clean, did that still turn you on even though you would clean up after yourself?
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