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  1. I would probably be the most unwilling willing victim because I would act disgusted but on the inside I would be so turned on. I think for my naughty deeds I would rather pee on an unwilling victims belongings, though I would never do it in real life because I'm chicken.
  2. Years ago I was watching a show that had this golf club you could pee in. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LWY91O2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_awdb_imm_KDRSFFPGE0H0V7CWVCGG Found it on Amazon for everyone lol. I would think larger boats might have bathrooms on them but smaller ones probably not. My dad used to take me out on a small boat that was like a little house with a small kitchen and lounge area but I honestly can't remember if it had a bathroom or not. For dudes I'll bet it's easy to pee over the side. I guess I'd have to resort to squatting on deck somewhere or in a bucket 😊
  3. Yep. That's certainly me. Why pee in the toilet when you can pee on the floor next to it? Why not make pee fun 😁
  4. In Ikea I've always wanted to squat down in the warehouse somewhere and have a sneaky pee! I feel like trying to pee in the show rooms would bee too difficult lol. So many people! At least in the warehouse I can hide away from everyone else.
  5. My favorite is the carpet. I'm always up for a carpet pee! Fantasy place would be carpet in a public setting with no one around. Like in the corner of a store or the hallway of a hotel ☺
  6. Where did he pee?? I wanna see this video so bad lol.
  7. I wash my hands in and out of home for sure since I wipe every time i pee 😝 but if I have a naughty pee that prevents me from touching myself then I won't. IE: no panties, squat, pee, stand up and go lol.
  8. Honestly that sounds like an excellent idea tho. I'm gonna have to try it!
  9. I dont hate the toilet. I just prefer the carpet over it 😜
  10. Bacardi


    Misterpoll was my teenagehood. Exploring my kink was so much fun on that website and I'm so happy to duck in when I get the chance to see that there are new comments! A lot of those forums are like naughty pee central lol. My only gripe with it is it doesn't seem to want to work on my phone. There's always something blocking the next page button when I access the website on my phone, so I can only check on the rare occasion I'm alone on my laptop.
  11. I've written about this several times, but the only person who I know for sure knows about my fetish is my old High School ex boyfriend. He was not the greatest person to begin with, but when we started having sex I found I could be open with him about what I liked. Once I was comfortable with him I told him I was into pee, and he shamed me so bad. He would make these dumbass jokes about peeing inside of me while we were having sex and asked if it was wetting my pants as a kid that did it for me. It hurt a lot. So much so that I don't think I did much or any pee stuff in my head when I masturb
  12. That sounds about right lol. It's my favorite creepy song.
  13. Pillow Talk by Zayn. Every Breath You Take cover by Chase (cant remember his last name to save my life)
  14. I love reading about people peeing into cat boxes! There aren't nearly enough anecdotes about it 🌈
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