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  1. I've never done this but I've thought about it. Honestly I'm such a squish Id probably try to clean it up lol. If that for whatever reason isn't an option then I'd just leave and hope no one noticed. I'd bee too scared someone would have me on camera going in and coming out so I'd try to make my presence not so known.
  2. And a little bit on the more boring/already exists side, but I miss my smart water bottle that would remind me to take a drink to keep my water intake up 😞
  3. Pee on a mat and it transforms the puddle into a digital picture to send to your partner! Or to yourself 😄
  4. I have had a bunch of tiktok songs stuck in my head these last few days. Lemonade, "bitches stay hating, you can't miss what you never had. Hey, Hey! Off the Juice, codeine got me trippin'." I guess that's how the lyrics go lmao.
  5. I'm an American and have been hearing it from both sides. I really don't know what to believe. I know that Trump has been screaming about voter fraud since his election in 2016 but Im not informed enough to make an opinion about it. All the people can scream about it all day long but that still doesn't do anything to me in regards to getting facts lol.
  6. Ugh. Had me crying my eyes out when I woke up this morning. I just hope death doesn't take James Earl Jones any time soon. Then Vader would really be gone.
  7. Fitting room story, again lol! I was dared to do some naughty things in a fitting room for someone once. One of my ultimate fantasies is to pee in a fitting room and there have been plenty of times I could have but was just too nervous. So, this incident took place while I was in a shirt and my underwear. I was horny, squatted in front of the mirror rubbing myself (part of the dare, lol) and decided this was the time. I was going to leave a little mark on the carpet for the first time. It just felt so right, so I pulled my undies to the side and took aim, but couldn't pee. I dont know what it was, why I could just let go of a few drop, but I couldn't do it. I snapped my panties back into place and got dressed again feeling kinda down, but that was okay. Maybe next time!
  8. I dont know but this is like the 3rd post about Star Wars this month, and as a SW fan I love it lol. I imagine what it would be like to pee in front of Darth Vader or Kylo Ren. I wonder what they would think. I wonder if they would punish me 🤭
  9. Been on here for like two years and I finally got myself a profile picture!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. kalle2020


      Very sexy profile pic! Short tartan skirt and thigh highs is a great combo.

    3. PeeBurach
    4. Sexismygod


      Love the picture ... definitely a sexy image.   I'll happily think about it when I see your name.  😈

  10. I'm not big on peeing outside, but when I pee I know I get warm and fuzzy because it's something that makes me feel good and horny 🥰 will have to test if this still works in the winter!
  11. I don't have coronavirus, but Im still sick off my ass 😞

    Someone come cuddle me now that I know I'm not deathly ill!

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    2. gldenwetgoose


      Feeling any better today?


    3. Bacardi


      @gldenwetgoose A little. I had to go to work yesterday and today since I tested negative. Fever has broken for good but I still have bodyaches and a sore throat. 

    4. Kupar


      I am glad to hear you are feeling better @Bacardi

  12. It got better for me the more I drank. I cant remember if the bladder is considered a muscle or an organ, but I want to say its a muscle that can be trained just like any other muscle. Don't quote me on that one. I failed A&P like three times before I abandoned my nursing major lol.
  13. That was me when I first started. Every half hour I was up and peeing lol.
  14. I used to. Used to have a special waterbottle that communicated with my phone digitally to make sure I got my 60 oz a day. Then I'd have a habit tracker in my journals. But these days I just finish whats in my bottle and call it a day. I think my big bottle is 40 oz.

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