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  1. Any particular reason why you chose the stairs today? 😊
  2. Well here we go again. All I want to do right now is eat, get off, and then eat some more 😩 at least i can accomplish one of these things at the mo.

    1. Kupar


      I hope you managed to satisfy yourself Bacardi 🙂 Take care x

    2. Bacardi


      @Kupar with what? Food or an orgasm 🤣

    3. Kupar


      Both 🙂 

  3. I've only been able to have my naughty pees at home alone. Usually it has to be during house clean day so I can hit it with my carpet shampooer right away. I have a spray meant for animal messes that I spray on right before shampooing. If I had the house to myself more often I'd make it a weekly occurrence lol.
  4. So your profile says lots of hobbies.  What would some of these hobbies be?

    1. Bacardi


      Video games, reading, family time, etc.

  5. This is exactly why I try not to use public bathrooms too often lol.
  6. This sounds like so much fun! Charming idea really. Would you advertise that this fake door way is for peeing or would you just sit back and enjoy the sightings?
  7. Family bathrooms and gender neutral bathrooms don't really bother me. Ive never had any negative experiences, but you're right in thinking if I found cameras and spy holes all over the place and creepy men I'd avoid them. Thankfully, I'm inclined to believe that the majority of the male population isn't like that, and if they are then they have their own problems.
  8. Okay, who wants to help me buy a plane ticket to the UK 😁 I'm ready to pee with everyone!
  9. I've really been putting off posting in this thread because, honestly, I'm embarrassed to admit that I'm into ruining things with my pee too and reading about others doing it as well. I feel like my feelings on this subject pass back and forth, as sometimes I say its upsetting to know someone would have to clean up after me, but other times it gets my panties wet thinking I could piss up against the wall of someone's apartment without them knowing. It's not so much "things" I'm into peeing on, like beds or books or clothes, but I like the idea of stumbling upon an open hotel door and waltzing
  10. Guess who peed in a fitting room today?

    Not me, but I had a changing fest in one today and really really wanted to. That has to count for something 😆

    One day i hope to have the right company so I won't be so scared, but I dont think that will ever happen 😔

    1. PissBoner


      Bring me! I'll keep you safe so you can piss away. ♥️

    2. Remi
  11. I have a few, but at the moment it's a tie between a woman who takes a nice long piss under a bench in a fitting room, a woman who takes a long puss on the floor of a fitting room, and a woman who pees behind a Pilar on the floor of a library. Sneaky, naughty pees. Gotta love em!
  12. I dont have a separate email because id be worried I would be discovered using it. To sign up for this site I used a ten minute email lol. Don't mean to hijack the thread, but can I create an email just for this and access/manage it only in incognito? Or would I have to go RL or get an app?
  13. Yep this sounds like me lol. On other sites I have a number of username that are all generally the same, but "Bacardi" is my Peefans username and nothing else. There are some (not a lot) details I post about on here that are changed to throw people off of my trail, but its all still generally factual to my life so I dont consider it lying. I'd say if any of my friends of family surveyed all of my posts they'd never be able to guess it was me, and I'd like to keep it that way for my own safety. I'm just a paranoid person. Thats all 😐 I feel like I have to enjoy the site this way becau
  14. I'm a woman into pee and I would love to post content on here. I'm honestly too shy and too paranoid to do so, though. For now I enjoy talking about my experiences with others. A lot of the people on here are kind and entertaining. Sometimes, when I'm more active, ill get intrusive messages, but its easy enough to just ignore them and move onto the people i enjoy talking to. Over all I really like this forum! My only regret was I did not join sooner 🥰

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