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    No I don't want to send videos and/or pictures. No I don't have any private stories to share (I post them on the forum for everyone to enjoy 🤗). No I don't want to chat outside of the site. Yes I will clear my inbox out when I can.
    Shy girl who has been into the fetish forever. Since joining I learn more about my own fetish and fantasies every day! I am bisexual and lean more toward watching women pee.
    If you want me to pee on you, just say that ✔️
    I love all things about peeing on the carpet 🤭 Anywhere is good but I enjoy peeing in hallways and in corners the most.
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    Domination (You Dom me! Not the other way around 😗)
    Ask Me Anything 🫂: https://peefans.com/topic/23368-bacardi-ask-me-anything/

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  1. Yessss bestie. You hit it right on the nose here. You cannot simply fly into someone's inbox and say "can we be friends?" And then expect someone to hand over all their info. Before the admins really started cracking down on stuff like that this happened to me every once and a while and it just boggled my mind lol. Just about the same here. This is my first and one and only fetish forum so I came on here just thinking I'd be getting off, and after a year or so I started opening up to others and its been one of the best decisions of my life. Having such close online friends that are in
  2. Not as often as I imagine celebrities peeing!
  3. My husband and kids will leave the door open but I always close it. 9 times out of ten it's cause I'm pee dancing and doing other stuff for my friends on here and I don't want them to know about it 🤣
  4. I feel you. I just recently went through something (not a break up) rough and I still am not feeling 100 percent even tho it's been a month. So, take your time. Take care of yourself and listen to your body. Give it what it needs before giving too much of yourself to others.
  5. Aw I'm so sorry to hear that friend. I've had my fair share of break ups and no matter how you spin them they are all bad. I wish you the best on all fronts.
  6. Peeing in my laundry basket has been among my favorites. Along with my various carpet pees.
  7. Bestie, you already know if I could I'd be flying to the Upside Down to pee with you lol. I adore you too 💞
  8. Traumatized no! Not at all 😄 this isn't the first time I've wet my pants, and it's not even the first time recently that I've wet my pants. I love to laugh so this was a fun way to wet, and I was spending that time with one of my favorite people so the confusion of whether it turned me on or not wasn't really there. Clean up wasn't too hard and no one in the house found out so it was overall a positive experience. Would I do it again? Probably not on my own. Having wet myself against my will three times now I'm getting pretty confident that wetting isn't my thing. However, I really didn'
  9. Don't be getting flirty now, Nikki 👀
  10. My inbox is full (again) and it takes a lot of brain power to figure out how to clear it out, so I'll do it all in one go tomorrow after I shuffle the kids off to school. Do you play Fall Guys? That's free on every console now. We can totally Duo up and kick some bean ass lol.
  11. I don't play on steam, but when I dig out my switch tomorrow I'll send you my friend code. As long as it's not breaking rule 8 🤣
  12. There is no one that has ever made me laugh harder lol. Maybe next time we can do a three way FaceTime call or something and we can laugh and pee on ourselves as he tells the story at the same time 🤣 Pants, socks, and towel went into the washer. I went into the shower to clean up. Wasn't too bad to say the least.
  13. Now I have a sure fire way to make myself disappear and start a new life in the UK with my peefans friends. I'll get right on that!
  14. Yea I suppose there are worse ways to pee in your pants. Overall it was really fun. He is one of my best friends and having that kind of control over me was great. I just have never been into wetting my pants and haven't made up my mind if it turned me on or not! Thanks for your response mama Eli ❤ Where is the eye roll button? 🤣
  15. Hi guys. I'm sitting here naked from the waist down typing this out with my heart racing. Wanna know why? Because @pguy2981 is a fucking clown. That's why. We made a bet. I bet him he couldn't make me laugh so hard that I'd wet myself. In hindsight this was so stupid because 1. This guy is a certified comedian and has been making me laugh since day 1 and 2. Because I was already feeling lazy and holding my pee. But I fell into his trap and agreed. The first few memes were okay. They made me giggle and it was fun, but it didn't make me have to pee. I teased him, told him he was alre
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