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    It's me. Hi πŸ‘‹πŸΌ I'm the problem it's me!
    Ask before messaging please; I don't share pictures/videos, I don't have any private stories (as I share them with the forum for every one to enjoy), and I won't share any of my offline contacts if I don't know you.
    Shy and introverted girl who has been into the fetish forever. Since joining I learn more about my own fetish and fantasies every day! I am bisexual and lean more toward watching women pee.
    If you want me to pee on you, just say that βœ”οΈ
    I love all things about peeing on the carpet 🀭 Anywhere is good but I enjoy peeing in hallways and in corners the most.
    Naughty peeing πŸ’ž Holding/desperation πŸ’˜ Golden showers (from the neck down) πŸ’› and just a little bit of wetting πŸ˜™
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    Domination (You Dom me! Not the other way around πŸ˜—)
    Voice/language kink
    When I'm not peeing, I like to play video games, cook, and draw.
    Ask Me Anything πŸ«‚: https://peefans.com/topic/23368-bacardi-ask-me-anything/

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    I don't hate the toilet, I just prefer peeing on the carpet instead.

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  1. I am always in incognito mode, and I disabled a whole bunch of stuff on Google that would have given any indication of what I do on my phone (where I browse porn and this site most of the time). I also have an app that I use to talk to people here that is locked with a pass code I don't use often and even if my husband guesses my pee chats are hidden and locked away in an additional folder. I have a husband and kids and desperately do not want them knowing about what I do on here!
  2. @Carthoris It sounds plausible but I'm really not a skirt person lol. Even with shorts or leggings underneath I don't think I'd be comfortable in a skirt.
  3. I def don't care that this is a remix. I have been jamming out to it all day long.
  4. If I had to see it then so do you.
  5. Okay but Goose really do be honking after these silly geese that jump onto the site looking to hook up with us 😭😭 so I'd say this is pretty accurate!
  6. Kinda up in the air for me. Most of the time it's in one go but if I've been drinking and drinking and holding I can need to make multiple trips to pee in quick succession. Like my longest pee: we're I peed for 50 + seconds, went to cook dinner for ten minutes, and then had another like 11 second pee or something. It came up to like a minute and four second pee all together! Also if I am sitting on the toilet for an extended amount of time (sometimes to get away from my family for a few extra moments lol) my bladder will fill and empty a few dribbles. So, for the most part its all in one
  7. Last time I watched a video and masturbated was yesterday evening before dinner. But last time I masturbated was late last night as I was imagining a threesome between me and two of my friends. I came and peed on my hand at the same time. The experience kinda combined all my favorite things into one, and I am slowly learning that i am becoming a voyer lol.
  8. If I'm swimming of course I'm gonna pee in my swim suit lol. I've never been shy about peeing in pools.
  9. You can find discord groups for anything. Any game, any hobby, any person, etc. In my experience there are a lot of young people who use it but I find they usually crowd the popular discord servers. I prefer servers that are on the smaller side because a least then the chat is not flying by at 200 lines per second. I think if you can find a smaller discord server you enjoy with respectful people, even if they are younger you will probably have a good time no matter what the discord is about. This, and I like the idea of rooms in general. You can have a room for people who like w
  10. For $168 I could probably buy myself like 10 pairs of jeans and leggings all together and sew zippers into the crotches of them and make my own. God damn.
  11. Weekend funnies that I've found!
  12. https://fb.watch/imRkJBU00o/ Facebook never disappoints. Although the site of that woman trying to pee on that Itty bitty square of fake grass was really hot, even if it wasn't real. Still don't think these would work for me tho 🀣
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