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    Please don't message me just to ask for pictures/videos. The answer will always be no.
    Shy girl who has been into the fetish forever. Since joining I learn more about my own fetish and fantasies every day!
    Married 💍 Mama 🚼 College Student 📝
    I like playing video games and daydreaming. Animal lover 🦁🦒🐍 Always up to making new friends.

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    I don't hate the toilet, I just prefer peeing on the carpet instead.

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  1. Same. Don't want people in public to get the wrong idea lol. However to play up the desperation I have let out a few moans in the audio clips I've sent to my friend while letting out the pee he asked me to hold.
  2. Look I love crocs and always will (judge me all you want--I don't care!), but I will never understand those who wear them without socks. My feeties get so sweaty 😭
  3. I dont know. That sounds like something you should discuss with your partner. Idk about my husband but for me personally sex has never been of high importance in my relationships so missing out on the pee aspect is no big deal for me. My husband and I are solid.
  4. Yes. My husband does not know or engage in my pee fetish but I am still happily married. I don't mind keeping my pee fun to myself and to my friends on here.
  5. I see pee bottles on the side of the road all the time. A lot of the time they are laying on the ground on the on and off ramps where I would assume people are driving slow enough that they can pee in them and toss them easily. And they aren't just clear liquid too. They are deep yellow like apple juice lol. Definitely pee bottles.
  6. Okay now I know for a fact that you are stalking me on here. Because my god. I love watching men pee on mirrors 😭😭😭
  7. It's a medical setting. Nurses and nursing aids are trained to deal with much worse so I am sure you'll be okay 🙂. I even think hospital beds are outfitted with waterproof sheets for that exact reason. Imagine all the other liquids that could leak into a mattress when you're staying in a hospital!
  8. Well the good news is you look nothing like my little brother from the waist down so I think we can avoid counseling for now 🤣 maybe I need to clear out my inbox and send you a picture just to be sure!
  9. Every single white man I've ever met: Wow, you look so ~exotic~ where are you from? Me:........*names one of the United States of America* Everything about me is so light. My eyes, my hair, and definitely my skin. I am certain I am the definition of white passing lol. Also @Eliminature I did not know we had so much in common! Thank you @pguy2981 for bringing us together lol.
  10. Truthfully I am more into women peeing than men, but Italian men hit different. Maybe it's just the language for me 😆
  11. Not really when I'm hungover but when I drink my sex drive tends to increase a lot.
  12. You know I love me some Italian men peeing 😍😍
  13. Hmmmm. My fetish tells me soft because carpet peeing is my go to. Gets me wet every time. I don't have too much experience peeing anywhere else, but if I were presented with the situation of peeing outside I'd probably prefer to pee in the grass to not inconvenience anyone. But....fetish mind tells me pee on the concrete in a shop entry way because that's naughty 😝
  14. Yeah I have a parent who is black and one that is white! Although looking at me you would not be able to tell 😝
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