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  1. I love this confession lol. Esp when she came back and said she's just continue peeing on the carpet even though people were dragging her in the comments. I wish I had that freedom for sure.
  2. I remember when I was a kid I used to wear a dress and squat and pee in my basement. It would normally never get discovered because our basement was concrete, and if one of my family members discovered it they'd normally blame the cats. It was so much fun. Never got caught either!! I wish I was free to pee like that again.
  3. I pee on my own carpet for fun. I'd let anyone pee on my carpet for fun too!
  4. I'm not really planning on it, but I wish I could. Ive had so many good chats with so many good people on here, and it's really my only outlet to express my fetish. I've had people offer to fly me out to meet them before and have some wet fun lol. But you know what they tell the kids these days. Never meet strangers online! We're (hopefully) all adults here and can make our own educated decisions on the matter. If I had the wiggle room I'd meet, hug, and pee with a few people on here 🥰🥰
  5. Why can't I just pee on the carpet? It's my favorite place to go! 😄 Okay, how about I pee on the carpet in the corner of my room, and then later on pee on the carpet outside in the hallway of my apartment building? Does that work lol.
  6. In a pile of laundry my husband left next to the laundry basket 🙄🙄
  7. I would prefer clear, mostly unscented streams. Probably because I'm a water snob and my pee is always odorless and colorless.
  8. Not really a movie, but I'm in the middle of watching The Walking Dead again.
  9. Sounds like a good time to me! I still do my regular piss by the dumpster at work. Nothing naughty indoors and everyone is home and can catch me peeing.
  10. This is like my ultimate fantasy lol. I wish I could pee wherever I wanted to. Carpets would be my go to.
  11. You mean the Xbox Alexa? Lmao. We're big gamers in my house and are planning on picking up the PS5 at launch if we can. We'll probably end up getting the new Xbox too at some point as we have a console from every generation on each side of the industry, as well as a gaming PC. Im definitely a Sony girl to the very end.
  12. I'll be the girl of anyone's dreams I love pissing on the carpet!
  13. Again, you sound like my kind of dude lol.

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