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  1. Thank you!! I think I may have another story or two on here. I'm big on writing outside of the peefans website, and thus don't have a lot of time to write for here 😔 but I have some ideas and I'm hoping I'll get some time to make them a reality!
  2. Cunt. I hate the word pussy for some reason lol.
  3. I dont have any, but a friend of mine told me a friend of his peed into one of the music teacher's guitars because apparently that teacher was a total bitch.
  4. I'm more into the casual character that pees on their own floor for fun, but can do a few of the others. I'm not as fond of the extreme pee'er because then it starts to feel less realistic for me, but I do enjoy a good story about a person who pees on a shop floor for the convenience! Also love reading about desperate characters that have sneaky pees, but don't know if I could do the crying lol.
  5. Probably since I was a teen or so. Once I hit my teenage years I was able to recognize that I had been masterbating to thoughts about myself and other people peeing on the floors since I was about 4 or 5 years old. It started with my little brother being mean and peeing on my wall and floor. Now it's what you'd expect. I love watching women squat and have a nice long pee on the carpet 🤭
  6. The first one I can remember watching and enjoying was on X tube or x hamster. It was a video of a man standing and peeing hands free on his living room floor 🤭
  7. I mean, to be completely honest it wasn't that hot because it wasn't planned and I was doing it more out of desperation. And I felt real stupid hovering over the toilet when the drain had been a valid option the whole time lol. It was a single small bathroom and the drain took my pee pretty well. After thinking all night I'm wondering if I can do it again. @gldenwetgoose @p1ssputz Thank you guys 😭 I still do feel really bad because whoever has to *eventually* clean that bathroom is gonna have to clean up piss and piss soaked paper towels. But, as you say, it was fun and it's another
  8. So I found myself full tonight out in public. I hate using public restrooms but tonight was an exception. I don't want to go into details about where I was, because I made the biggest mess of the public bathroom thar was on site 😖 Before I even got to pee, the bathroom was trashed. There were paper towels everywhere, including in the toilet and sink, no toilet paper, what looked to be blood in the sink, and it smelled really awful. This was the only bathroom available, so I'd have to make do. Now, I've never hovered over a toilet to pee before. Again, I'm more content with holding m
  9. Yessssssssir. Honestly I've done this for almost my whole life and didn't admit it was because I'm attracted to women until I was in my 20s lol.
  10. There would be no way I'd show up to that and not be tempted to take a sneaky pee in one lol. Seems like an open enough invitation to me!
  11. Hydrate yourself as much as you can, spray and scrub with animal urine remover, and then hit it with a carpet shampooer right after. Never let it sit for more than an hour and I've always been able to get it out with no smells or stains.
  12. That's really what I enjoy too. Watching people pee wherever they want and being able to pee wherever I want. I always prefer moving clothes out of the way and peeing on carpets 😁 but yeah. Super naughty to just get up and decide to pee there in the corner instead of using the bathroom! It's so much fun!
  13. My Hero 💕💋 love hearing about peeing in fitting rooms!
  14. There was a thread about this not too long ago. I don't personally find farts attractive (but they do make me laugh hysterically most of the time!) But I was surprised to see so many other members do. I decided to track my pee farts and found that almost every time I sat down to pee I let out at least a tiny fart! Much more common than I originally thought so I assumed most people would have a lot of fun with me lol.
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