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  1. Tought the thread could use a bump!
  2. AWN_84


    That bite is fierce lol
  3. 7, me and my friend would just pee anywhere, one memory that sticks is doing it on the backside of her house, we did not even bother running to the toilet.
  4. Well, hope this is not a ladies only thread, if it is you can delete it, but i want to share a masturbation session i had 2 days ago! https://www.erome.com/a/gGhErvsW
  5. Everytime i see this thread, i wonder why we wear clothes at all lol
  6. Comments are optional but highly appreciated
  7. Fresh bath, fresh shave! So good when you touch it and feels smooth like silk!!
  8. AWN_84


    Never fail to entice us @puddyls!
  9. Ok follow up question: you squatting is more like this? Or like that, spreading the legs?
  10. Hello Sarah! Any favourite position to pee? Or just the plain old sitting?
  11. Great job! Keep it up! Btw @gldenwetgoose this should be moved to the male section
  12. Best suit ever! The birthday suit lol
  13. I think someone is trying to escape lol
  14. 2:40AM Finally home after an exhausting day of work, ready to sleep, just need one last stop at the bathroom, and since this is the last of my day, i different angle there https://www.erome.com/a/nYkNC2eX/edit and there it is! An entire day's worth of bathroom breaks, please let me know what you think, if this should continue or not and advice to make it better
  15. Wednesday, 24th of January, 1:10AM Finally, work is done, now just emptying the bladder for the commute home https://www.erome.com/a/EX8ykRKs/edit
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