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  1. Ty, lets hope for more participants!
  2. Ty for bumping the thread, hoping more ppl participate!
  3. Only when the "sexual tension" is high enough. Usually once a week or two
  4. Hello all! I saw a post where we can see diferent shapes and sizes of the female vulva, and even some members contributed by showing the shape they are rocking down there, i feel this needs a balance, so in this thread i hope us guys get to show their penises so the ladies can get a treat on different shapes and sizes. I will start, i have pictures of my penis both flacid and aroused, i think mine fits on the small size ADM: if the thread is in the wrong place feel free to move without warning please.
  5. I can say for certain that my country (Brazil) is quite young on this fetish, there are not many videos of brazilian girls or guys, neither professional nor amateur
  6. Great video, i personally find these kind of videos (amateur) to be the best kind, i share my vídeos on Onedrive as well
  7. Great video, but there was poor light under the table, almost can't see it, just a heads up for future videos, keep it up
  8. Following tips, i decided to put all my videos on this post, since i will (hopefully) post more, and will add new ones here as well, so here we go Peeing before taking a shower https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlYiXW5uktAwi3QzGCJ9B_UwsNi_ Washing myself with pee https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlYiXW5uktAwjB4LwXUjAFVeAQMD Public bathroom peeing https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlYiXW5uktAwjCGn2pAn51iiUnMA Measuring my pee volume https://1drv.ms/v/s!AlYiXW5uktAwjCL_9PQLaIoWeJEc More videos to follow, ty so much for the reactions and the comments, and also the adm for the tip!
  9. Ok the game is pretty good so far, i need to share a few more images!
  10. ok, i have a few images for the game i posted, enjoy
  11. found another nice game centered around fetishes, so there is watersports on it, dont have screenshots for it yet since i just started, but its a visual novel game with a bit of animations during the sex scenes, the link is for the first part, but it has a seconfd part already and its the steam link, so if you guys want to "try" the game, im sure you find out without much effort on google https://store.steampowered.com/app/1360980/Fetish_Locator_Week_One/
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