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    Watch peeing woman ( love closeup shots where you can see every detail) outdoor peeing and pretty much every form of watersports
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  1. Found a nice spot to pee! I was told a lot of ladies use this spot too, but i have yet to see one https://www.erome.com/a/boArEgn9
  2. AWN_84

    Penis size

    Never bothered me, i have just around 6.5 inches when erect. Thank god i was never body shamed by my size and my sexual partners never complained also, so i am good on that front
  3. I would continue pratice karate and kung-fu, i would be a Master by now, and get to my nursing college sooner
  4. The bar in question have irregular working hours, that was indeed a lucky sight, since i arrived at their closing time that day, but there is another one on my path and i will take your advice to keep a close watch, as for waking up early, i am as early as i can get, i wake up 2am 😁
  5. So, today like everyday i was waiting for the bus the company sends to catch us early morning, it was around 2:40am. Next to the meeting point there is a bar that was just closing, among the people leaving there was a woman, wasted beyond belief, she could not walk straight even if her life dependended on it. I kept watching as she stumble around the street, she walked about 3-4 meters when she leaned against the wall pulled her pants down and started to pee. Sadly some shrubs blocked my view of the stream but she stood there for about 1min peeing. After she finished she just pulled her pants
  6. Bumping the thread, feels like we need some more labia here
  7. early morning walk to my work, the breeze was so good i had to left my little one hanging to catch some breeze too, with a watery surprise at the end 😁 https://www.erome.com/a/zU6WSs0l
  8. Right? Like the @Peevert said, it is lovely, specially when they are natural and their pubic hair matches the hair, trying to find some natural blondes to put here too
  9. This one in particular don't show her face sadly, but a lot others on this sub does
  10. Love dark skinned woman, so here is one from the sub i follow
  11. Ty, i heard about this one on other forums, will download to try
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