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  1. Sure you don't, lol. But really, i love to show my videos to like minded friends (wich reminds me i have a to post here) and i love to receive dares from them! You can msg me if like anytime!
  2. That is awesome! Maybe you can add to that list! I would be very happy to exchange audio and pics too! I am trying to expand the list of friends who enjoy the fetish!
  3. So just want to share this one. I recently got into camgirls, and i am enjoying my experience so far, but i got extremely lucky! I am in contact with one that absolutely looooves peeing content! The site forbids to show these in live feeds, but we exchange videos privately of us peeing! Wondering if any got similar experiences to share!
  4. Can't go wrong with the nice strong hissing as it leaves the vulva! The one where it meets the water is my second one!
  5. By accident I was on a studio to take part of a tv show recording. I was bursting to pee, almost leaking, i asked where the bathroom was and rushed there, only when i looked under the space below the door i saw a high heel, then i realized i entered the female bathroom, desperate as i was, i relieved myself right there, but i waited the lady to leave before i exited the bathroom
  6. Such a good feeling! https://www.erome.com/a/D5Gx4LTh
  7. Another holding! Fell short of my record, but the aftermath felt good anyway! https://www.erome.com/a/BWnRrxaT
  8. Good luck, have fun holding! I know i did
  9. I gave up 😁😁 Released during my lunch break, hard to hold when you dont have the work to keep your focus elsewhere Aftermath will be uploaded soon! The holding this time was 7:30hrs
  10. Not sure if i can make home holding, i have a measure cup there, but the urge is getting stronger by the hour
  11. Ok, got a taste for holding, so i will try something crazy: my last pee break was 4:30am, and now is almost 9am. Now i will see how long it takes for me to burst, because i will be at work until 9pm. I won't post hourly updates because i think it will get boring at some point, but i will be regular with the updates. Wish me luck! Ps: i will be drinking my regular 1.5l of Water intake troughout the day, got to stay hydrated, right?
  12. Sure was, definetly doing it again sometime
  13. @LoveToHold Video is up! You can also see my other ones 😉
  14. Aftermath of a pee holding i posted on the live action thread here! https://www.erome.com/a/JdHfNaZ6
  15. Not as big as yours and your 1-2min streams 😂😂 I could have holded for longer, but i am out of time, need to sleep to wake up early tomorrow. Btw, the stream was about 20sec long, i will post the video soon Ty, you are welcome, hope to see you holding out soon as well! Now all eyes are on @pee01 😁
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