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    I'm an old gay guy who loves to piss in naughty places and see other guys piss wherever they want to. The best place to piss is on carpet.

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    I love the sound it makes hitting a wall and carpet. I also love the smell it leaves.
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    I use to piss all over my carpeted house in the middle of the night. I would like to share that with another gay/bi guy who is into it.

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  1. These are all great stratigies. Hotel rooms great for pissing. My favorite is the urinal corner with carpet. After an hour of two you will not notice the wet.
  2. I think it is the hottest thing that you piss in an unprotected bed. My husband is not into piss at all but I would love to sleep with someone who would use our unprotected the bed as his urinal without any care for stains of the smell. It would be such a turn on for me and I hope for him (at least in my fantisy.)
  3. Pissing like this is so hot. Please keep it up and share with us!
  4. I would love a video about a beer drinking Super Bowl party at someone's home. I'd like it to be mostly guys (I'm a gay man). The host designates the very limited bathroom capacity for women, so the guys have to fend for themselves. With limited outdoor space, the men have implied permission to do what they have to while find relief when they get desperate.
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