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  1. Doors help, indeed, but only if they go to the bottom. I also didn’t care this time 🤷‍♂️ Most important was the carpet and the music that predominated my hissing. Haha. And no nerve racking over ambitious clerks nearby…
  2. Agree. It’s super fun. I love it. Peeing on the carpet, behind curtains, the closet… and no worries about cleaning or the lasting scent 😇. Always go for two queen beds in the room. Be sneaky and make the bed you play in look unused before you leave. Avoids attention and additional work for the poor maid. The good hotels usually have decent quality mattresses that easily absorb the aftermath of some joyful piss play.
  3. I wish I had some clips from the early days… But the fact that there was less surveillance in public, had its price… Recently I most of the time film myself, especially the naughty adventures. Looking forward to watch them when I am old and gray🙈
  4. Haha. Very good. I feel flattered if I brought back some good memories. Seems you have done it before. What hinders you from doing it again? I recently also got naughtier again. This site here has a good influence 🤭
  5. Had to go badly during shopping and just used the fitting room. Hehe.
  6. My ideal partner loves sneaky territory marking as much as I. Playing and trying various positions and targets, preferred when not at home 😉 After a night out with many drinks we „forget“ to go to the bathroom before getting comfortable on the bed or couch. Anyway, no need for a boring break at all. The better choice is some naughty carefree piss fun on the spot. We position ourselves opposite of each other, trying to pee in parallel and hit our streams. Derailing is allowed of course. After having released the biggest pressure, we start fucking doggy in our cozy puddle, which
  7. I had to give the poor mattress a break…
  8. In public phone boxes. I started with that when I was 13 or 14. Back in the early 90ies these booths have been literally at every corner, which was super nice. I always pissed outside as a kid, but this was different, as it was taboo and there was a chance of getting caught. The smell in these places was always a mix of cold smoke and urine. The fact that others must have done the same, made me feel less weird every time I contributed my fair share.
  9. Good question. My parents never made a deal of it when I was a kid. I grew up in a village and peeing in the woods or yard was just normal, so no special encouragement needed. The only thing I actively remember was that my mom told me to pee in the hotel pool, when I was 8 or so. Hindsight I am sure she did it herself all the time. Simply out of convenience. But she also taught me not to talk about it. Lol. Of course the sexual arousal only emerged when I was 13 or 14. Let’s put it like this: my childhood experiences didn’t prevent me from truly enjoying the naughty fun later.
  10. Proper usage of a lonely chair in a museum 😈😂
  11. Time to finally add some content to this thread 😇 I just pissed in the corner of my hotel room before adequately treating the formerly plain white mattress 😂
  12. Sounds like good fun. I’m happy for you that you took the opportunity. Was it a car of yours? Or any rental? Don’t worry about the seat. It dries fast. Talking from experience. Lol. When I use car sharing I usually enjoy peeing on the back seats. Once I need a bigger relief I continue on the floor mats, not making it too obvious at first glance 😇
  13. That’s what hotel beds are made for 😝Great story. So happy for both of you. I feel the same way. I am usually not into anonymous sex. At the same time it is so much more fun and rewarding experiencing these wet adventures together. And it has been way too long since I pissed in a hotel room together with a woman… Did you just piss in the bed and left it? My gf and I always removed any sheets and protection and played on the bare mattress. No need for a towel, just some exercising flipping the mattress before leaving. Lol. And, hey, I had also made you use the leather chair as well 😂
  14. I was super nervous, so I made sure that I really had to go 😇 I was wearing a coat, just to cover enough not making it too obvious (in case of cameras, which I usually don’t mind that much). There were not many people around in the building anymore. And yeah, it felt fantastic and was really worth taking the risk 🙈😈
  15. I like both, giving and receiving. During the one relationship I had with a like minded girl we experimented a lot. But peeing inside her was always the best. She loved to quickly remove my dick from time to time just to release a nice stream, before continuing fucking. We both did not care about the smell. We licked and tasted a lot but never really drank. It was really the naughtiness that both turned us on. At home we usually cleaned up soon after we were done. So, even bigger the fun was in various hotels and vacation rentals. lol. But trust is the most important precondition
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