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  1. Tried the „pee car race“! On a lonely evening I had the feeling of doing something naughty and so my thoughts came to this post. I took two smaller plastic toy cars and put them on the kitchen table. In this room there is no carpet on the floor, so I can clean everything up easily. It has been some time, that haven‘t been to the toilet, but to be sure there is enough load to play this game I emptied a big bottle of water as quickly as I could. While my bladder reported an increasing preassure I planned how the game should be played. To make it not too easy, I planned to stand about 2 ste
  2. During one of our first holiday-trips without parents - we where teens - I went to the toilet after a long party evening at the beach. I really had to go and I remember that it took a loooooonnnngggg time until my bladder was empty. Someone from outside was asking if I‘m havin a shower in there - that can‘t be true that this is one pee out of one person. I answerd that this is just a real neccessary pee…. But it was a strange feeling, knowing that someone listens to your pee-stream….
  3. Another naughty party-game: Only men are allowed to use the toilet. Women have to find a thirsty man who „can bring everything to the toilet“ later 🙂 Maybe there is a game challange between men - who loses (or wins?) is next to be the gentleman and help a lady out.
  4. When I read this I get the idea of making breakfast together. It‘s morning and nobody has been to the toilet since the night. The coffee is to hot yet, so some pee could bring it to a comfortable drinking temperature 🙂 … The muesli is to dry, it‘s time to add some pee! Ham and eggs are completely withou spices until now - so I hold my plate between the womans legs and she lets out some hard shots of pee onto the food to give a good taste. I would prefer this „position“ whenever possible - this way I can see how she pees - in the cup, on the plate, over some bread or maybe in the watertank from
  5. Hi everyone! I‘m just surfing this forum with a more and more full bladder. I want to do something naughty again, but I have no idea what it could be…. What are your favourite things to play with pee….. alone or with frinds or with your partner? Did someone ever have had a pee party? - One of my dreams needs more people: One person is laying on the floor, blindfolded and someone else lets this person drink some drops of pee…. The person on the floor has to guess whose pee it was. - Another idea would be the pee - car race. You need some lightweight toy-cars and put them on a table i
  6. 🙂 most plushies I peed into had to struggle to absorb one load out of my bladder - I think the second ones piss would just leak through…. This would need a really really big plushie to soak everything up!
  7. It's been quite a while since I last indulged in my perhaps somewhat strange hobby. It was almost a coincidence that it happened some time ago and I rediscovered my enjoyment of peeing. It was this lazy evening in front of the TV when suddenly, out of nowhere, the idea came to me not to satisfy my urgent need on the toilet, but to abuse my old teddy as a kind of diaper. I can't say why, but I simply needed the greatest fun and tingling excitement to piss on the bear. I kept this story completely to myself, the bear was washed after a few more similar missions and got its place in the cell
  8. Since I used an old plushie to pee on while I was to lazy to get to the toilet while watching a movie I found out that it's very exciting to me to pee on and into plushies. Sometimes they are really useful toilets for me while playing video games or watching tv. It is also fun to me holding my pee as long as I can and than piss it all out on a plushie while watching it's colour changing.
  9. I still use them - but they are washed after use to avoid smell...
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