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  1. Oner evening I was laying in my bed watching tv when I noticed that I really needed to go. I was to lazy to get up and make it to the toilet. Next to my bed there was a bunch of old stuff I wanted to give away - some old plushies on top of it. I could not get the thought out of my head to use one of the plushies as a toilet and so I did. It was pure naughty fun to pee my whole bladder into it and I succeeded without making any mess. A few month later I was drinking with a girlfriend. As she needed to go and told that she is a little bit drunk and the way to the toilet is not easy for her I tol
  2. Peeing fantasies are coming to me from one moment to another. Sometimes, when it's possible I just let my ideas com true. Sometimes it's just a little thing without making a big mess, such as peeing in a plant when I do not want to use the toilet. There were really a lot of things I already tried and there is nothing I think I shouldn't have done now. I like it to pee on or in things when there is no toilet around or I'm to lazy to get there. Camping trips with nights in the tent were always a good start of peeing-ideas.... Dirty shirts, (nearly) empty food-boxes, I found a lot of good places
  3. I‘m pretty sure that there would be a lot of people who would love to eat your special spiced food… but maybe you could let your idea come true when something in your fridge got to old or is not eatable anymore? I like your ideas about where you would love to pee…. Are there any more thoughts where you would do it?
  4. I peed in a box with some food that has not been eaten up the evening before on a camping trip. It was raining badly and I did'nt want to leave my tent. I set there with my flashlight and thaught about where I coud pee without making a mess and decided to use the box with the left out food. It felt really nasty. The next morning, I threw the food away and cleaned the box well.
  5. If you want to do it, it‘s not a big thing. I think the fun starts already when thinking about how I will do it. It’s so amazing then with the full bladder and the target in place. Why did you never had the chance to do it? … Don’t panik, you can wash the teddy afterwards. Just enjoy it, we all love only once. Do you already have a plan hoe you will do it? I would be happy to read about your experience or maybe to see some pictures. have fun!
  6. Whish I could have seen it.... You story is hat as hell - wish I had such friends, too 🙂
  7. I just wanted to bring this topic up again, as I think it's a pitty if it falls asleep 🙂 Who else loves peeing on things and for example plushies? I would love to read about more experiences, ideas and storys. Here comes one of my last experiences: I was working in home office, sitting on my desk and doing borning stuff on the computer. There were a lot of cups with coffee that if've been drinking during the day and so I really had to pee. Somehow I felt like doing something more exiting than using the toilet - it has also to be mentioned, that the toilet was some rooms away an
  8. Why did you never do it? I would love to read about your story when you tried it out 🙂 Send me a message if you want to, we could talk about it if you want to...
  9. Would you pee on a plushie again? The last pics from your action are so damn cool 🙂
  10. Here are some pictures when I used occasionally some plushies for peeing on them. Some of the pictures are from this one evening when I was watching TV and drinking beer but I was to lazy to go to the toilett. is there someone else who likes to share some pictures and experiences?
  11. I handwash mine afterwards. This can be done a lot of times until it's the next one's turn. I always have the idea of letting them dry out and do it again but so far I never tried this. Mostly it's only the plushie(s) that get wet and it is not too much work afterwards. Sometimes I use two plushies at once. When I really need to go one plushie is not enough to soak everything up. Hmmmmm, I'm really getting excited while writing this...
  12. I'm happy to read, that there are other people who love to do this, too. The idea of peeing on stuffies startet for me when I was a child. I was to lazy or maybe a little afraid at night to get to the toilet, so I had the idea of peeing on my stuffed animals. It took a long time until I really did it. First it was more my imagination and I peed only a few little drops because I didn't want to lose my stuffies - but then, when I grew older I noticed that it brings fun to me doing this. I started to film it and watched it in slow motion how my stream soaks and yellows the stuffies. Today I
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