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    Just another sex positive freak who loves how naughty piss play can be!

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    Naughty peeing; piss marking; golden showers; wetting; nonchalant pees; drunk pees; power play/degradation/peeing on others; free use pissing; CNC human toilets
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    When I asked my partner to piss all over me after he tied me up with rope, naked, handcuffed my hands behind my back and made me lay on his floor!

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  1. Ugh never stop posting please! Reread this thread today and got off this morning haha
  2. I fucking love this so much. On Thisvid it says you’re taking female applicants to help out 😏😉 where you located? Haha
  3. Omg I love this so much! You sound JUST like me! About 2 years ago is when I started experimenting in almost the exact same way! Would make sure I was hydrated as to not leave a smell or much of a stain (if I was marking inside my own place). And just like you, I picked a corner spot against my wall and carpet and used that frequently. But I also loved my bathroom wall as well! Soooo hot to stand and piss against a wall and see the huge puddle! Sometimes I’d just arch into my bathtub as well as leave it and only piss in there all day long. I miss it! My current place is too much of a mess for
  4. I love this!! I’ve only had a few guys open and willing to piss while I give them head! I’m female but the men’s pissing thread is my favorite to read lol also that’s a really cool gif you made!
  5. I NEED to know more about this and about this piss wall!!! That’s so fucking hot!!!
  6. Oh alleys and building walls galore lol I just figured that was pretty common
  7. Without going into too much detail and writing a novel (though I love to do so and to read them! Just don’t have the time at the moment), I’ll list mine: 1. Vacant apartment units in my old complex with the door unlocked and sometimes open 2. All over my old apartment complex’s - just out in the hallway on my floor (with the possibility of up to 40-50 ppl seeing me at any point), in the stairwell, hallways on other floors, the laundry room, etc. 3. Parking lots all the time 4. Hotel/motel rooms where the cleaners came in immediately afterwards 😬 5. My school library
  8. I’ve done this too! Well in my own car - once on an 8 hr road-trip (I was alone; and have a post about it on here somewhere with pics). Brought multiple towels and sheets to sit on and whenever I felt like it I just decided to let it go! It felt so amazing it led to me driving naked and masturbating on the highway - both squirting and pissing 🤭 it was unfortunate my seats were material and I soaked the car so I got the interior detailed afterwards and it helped. Haven’t done it since but damn it’s hot!
  9. Super hot! And definitely a fantasy of mine! Making sure there are no cameras as listed above, I’d also recommend hydrating a ton so if you do pee inside it would be clear and odorless and less likely to stain or smell!!! 🙂 please keep us updated!!! *maybe if they have a basement go down there?? Or carpet under some furniture?? Or a plant? Lol
  10. I’m sooo glad you finally have a dedicated website for your pissing videos!!! Oh how I’m going to cum to these today 😉
  11. It’s funny I recently just did! And just posted an answer on a forum about someone liking the smell of their own urine… I got a teddy bear from an online friend who shares my piss kink and he pissed on it first then mailed it to me so I could piss on it too 😍😍
  12. That’s super hot! I love how much you both love it!!!
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