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    Just another sex positive freak who loves how naughty piss play can be!

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    Naughty peeing; piss marking; golden showers; wetting; nonchalant pees; drunk pees; power play/degradation/peeing on others; free use pissing; CNC human toilets
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    When I asked my partner to piss all over me after he tied me up with rope, naked, handcuffed my hands behind my back and made me lay on his floor!

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  1. Super hot! And definitely a fantasy of mine! Making sure there are no cameras as listed above, I’d also recommend hydrating a ton so if you do pee inside it would be clear and odorless and less likely to stain or smell!!! 🙂 please keep us updated!!! *maybe if they have a basement go down there?? Or carpet under some furniture?? Or a plant? Lol
  2. I’m sooo glad you finally have a dedicated website for your pissing videos!!! Oh how I’m going to cum to these today 😉
  3. It’s funny I recently just did! And just posted an answer on a forum about someone liking the smell of their own urine… I got a teddy bear from an online friend who shares my piss kink and he pissed on it first then mailed it to me so I could piss on it too 😍😍
  4. That’s super hot! I love how much you both love it!!!
  5. So I have to say I go back and forth on the smell! More so the stale, dried smell. In part it turns me on very much because I remember when I pissed in the tub the night before after edging…having not washed it out and let it dry like that. So sometimes I purposefully would piss in my tub as opposed to my toilet all day, for a day or two just letting it dry and stain. And it would get so smelly. And initially it turns me on! But after a couple days I can’t handle it anymore lol it’s like ALL I smell! And maybe that’s because I live in a small apartment. Who knows. But quick story - I
  6. I love these stories! I can’t wait to hear more 🥵😍
  7. Very hot 🥵 especially that second video!!!
  8. For the OP - I’d LOVE to hear more of your stories about where you’ve peed and if you get off afterwards 👀
  9. I find this super hot and have always wanted to try it! 🥵😍
  10. Love this! Happy you got to experience that! places to pee as a couple in a hotel during your getaway you mean? I’d definitely recommend the carpet, the curtains, the bed (if you don’t want to risk sleeping in a wet bed, piss on the sides of the mattress first); wherever your hearts desire 😉 make it a “no-toilet” weekend!
  11. I’m honestly obsessed with your stories! And would LOVE thread dedicated to them! 🥰
  12. So this is for pguy and Kylie but I’m actually from the Northeast (PA) but I live in Chicago now! Actually my school is right on the river - definitely MANY places to do some naughty pissing!!
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