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    Just another sex positive freak who loves how naughty piss play can be!

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    Naughty peeing; piss marking; golden showers; wetting; nonchalant pees; drunk pees; power play/degradation/peeing on others; free use pissing; CNC human toilets
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    When I asked my partner to piss all over me after he tied me up with rope, naked, handcuffed my hands behind my back and made me lay on his floor!

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  1. Same! Or they can choose - pissing on each other, in their own pants, on the furniture, floor, anywhere but toilet 😍
  2. I wasn’t sure if there was a general thread for hotel pissing in real experiences (to be honest, I didn’t look hard because I’m driving and using speech to text), and I just had such an exhilarating experience about 15 minutes ago I had to share right away! So I had to stay at a pet friendly motel last night with my pup and I’ve been increasingly more interested in pissing in a bed and in a hotel room. Long story short (I’ll add a follow up post with details and clips later today!), I had just pissed on the bed and all over the place, got so turned on I was cumming and boldly decided
  3. I actually had my first (and only, so far!) car pissing experience about two months ago. I was making an eight hour road trip alone and with all the water and energy drinks, I have to pee a lot! And I hate stopping so much. Plus, I’ve always been turned on by it and wanted to try it. So, I covered my seat in a sheet, and like three towels. At first, I tried to just let a little out at a time…but I’m never real good at that lol After only about five minutes, I was driving with my tits out, no panties, and power pissing alllll over my steering wheel, floor, seat, and door. Honestly - the be
  4. I won’t lie, I THOROUGHLY enjoyed that story 🥵 thank you for sharing!!!
  5. I missed it too! So sad! But sounds absolutely delicious and hot as hell!
  6. Wow I loved that! So hot thank you for sharing!! I loved hearing that sigh of relief too 😍
  7. Yes! Love it! Please feel free to share more! 😍
  8. This is what I do as well!!! I like to drink, hold, and masturbate! Then once I let myself piss it’s an explosion and mixed with cum 🤤
  9. I can’t see the photo for some reason ☹️ But thanks for the story! Loved it
  10. Wish there was a video but it sounds and looks very hot in my imagination 😍
  11. I love all options! But being a female who’s recently pissed in her own car for the first time - that’s my favorite 😍 it’s like beyond naughty in my mind for some reason! Maybe it’s bc my car is a lease 😏
  12. This is the best thing I’ve ever read. Hands down. Total fantasy of mine as well. I actually have been talking to a fellow pee lover about pee parties and how over here in the US they seem a bit more rare. And he mentioned wanting to attend one specifically where no one is allowed to use the toilet - you either wet yourself or piss onto anything you’d like 🤷🏻‍♀️ He’s more into the wetting where as I am more into the naughty pissing! I also love holding a cock that’s blasting with piss 😈 I got so turned on reading all of that 🥵 I love that you got to experience this and am so gratefu
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