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    I am 32, and am glad I found a site so I feel less alone with this kind of kink! I have some experiences I will share, and pics/vids thru DM only if requested.

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    Naughty peeing, golden showers, peeing with someone you feel comfortable with.
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    The few times where someone power peed right onto my cock before sex.

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  1. I will say this as to leaving it to your imagination… her back is bad so she uses a shower chair. That made for a very kinky night!
  2. Part 2: She finishes peeing, wipes, and sees that I’m rock hard. She laughs, walks out of the bathroom, and teases me some more. She gets more water. We go to discover her book collection, which she spends almost an hour plus describing to me in detail. She even has some erotic fiction in her collection, which teases me even more. At one point, she bends down in front of me to reach and get a book, and I walk up behind her and she pushes her ass into me and grinds and does her sexy seductive laugh. I am getting so hard at this point but the anticipation is making it all the bett
  3. Well, it finally happened. I had a weekend off and hit her up asking if I could come out and she agreed I could come for a night. She lives a few hours away but had recently gotten a new place all to herself and her cat. After the drive, of course I had to pee. I stepped into her apartment, she greeted me and invited me in. I put down my stuff, and proceeded to the bathroom which is conveniently located in the bedroom. I left the door somewhat ajar, so she could talk to me and we could catch up while I relieved myself. She said damn, you had to go! Yup I sure did lol. She was talk
  4. A few of my exes did that, but no one recently. I’d have the few that I thought were hot and have super strong streams line up to do the same!
  5. Update- said girl reached back out to me randomly. Lives alone now and her door is always open for me. We shall see what happens...
  6. Nice! Maybe next time she will have to pee, too.
  7. Yeah, my ex for 6 years was the best sex I had and the most open and comfortable around me. Everything since then has been some kind of situationship.. if you know what I mean.
  8. I'm sorry to hear that bud, it always seems that the ones that piss the loudest and hardest, don't seem to stick around!! They also have the best sex, too.
  9. Reading all of this and reflecting on all my experience hearing and/or being with women who consistently piss with the pressure of a thousand firehoses begs the question -- does it ever hurt to pee so hard like that time and time again?? Like, hard on the urinary tract and/or urethra, or has anyone pissed so hard they have done damage to it?? Or, does it ever come out so hard it hits/tickles the clit and feel good? Must be pussies made of iron or steel or something to withstand that pressure!! 🥵🤪
  10. A few years back I took a trip to the west coast for a family wedding. My plan was to fly out to SFO, go to the wedding in Monterey, then rent a car and drive down the Pacific Coast Highway to LA, then take Amtrak back to the east coast. While driving down the PCH, it was hot so I drank alot of water and the comfort stops were frequent. Many of these were beach outhouses with multiple stalls and open structures so more than a few times I could hear other people peeing in the adjacent cubicles. Nobody seemed to care though. When I made it to Burbank, my plan was to
  11. Here goes one shorter story: A few years back, I dated somebody on and off for about a year, and we hooked up briefly last year. She was half Sicilian/Italian and half African American, about my height 6'1 with great curves, thick thighs, big butt and TRIPLE D cups. I can remember those pillows being more comfortable than my own, and we frequently slept naked. When I was big spoon, we filled out the bed well and she would fall asleep when I wrapped my arms around her "snooze buttons". She had a nice meaty, wet pussy with big flaps and a sensitive clit. Her peehole was pretty l
  12. I'll share the shorter ones in the coming posts, for now check out my others, out of state experience, the redhead that got away, and the college setting one!
  13. Quite some years ago, I took a job that put me out of state. I ended up meeting somebody who was recently separated from her ex fiance, and had a 1 year old daughter. She was about 4'11, dark blonde, curvy features with thick thighs and a huge butt that I swear got bigger each time I saw her. We got to know each other, and in time I invited her over to my abode at the time. Surprisingly she peed with the door open, claiming she was desperate and forgot to shut it since after childbirth she had a bit of trouble controlling it down there. She also drank a TON of water all day and a
  14. Shortly after my first ex and I stopped seeing each other, I started hooking up with someone who I knew of through a coworker. She had shoulder length dark red hair, glasses, voluptuous features and a nice, big butt. We dated briefly, and on one occasion, she came from her work to my apartment. She had drank alot of coffee so she wanted to use the bathroom and change before we went out. She went into the bathroom and I fantasized about her stripping in there to change. She opened up the toilet lid, sat down, and I heard a gushing hiss, accompanied by a loud splatter onto the porcelain. She sig
  15. I've been lucky enough over the years to gradually introduce a few of my significant others to my fetish. Some accepted and welcomed it. Some accepted it but didn't want to try it and a few held it over my head like I was mentally ill. I have a few good stories from over the years though, so here goes. My first relationship lasted approximately 6 years, though we remained casual for about another year after. She took my virginity, and she was 25 while I was 19. She dyed her hair a few times but was naturally dirty blonde, 5'2, wide hips, D cups, thick tan thighs, an excellent butt
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