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  1. I was out at this small little pub with two of my friends, Kate and Claire. Many drinks were had, therefore plenty of bathroom breaks, but this pub was very old and only had small, single use bathrooms, and with everyone drinking, the wait would get longer to pee. At one point I excused myself to go relieve my bladder, when I came to find out the bathroom was occupied. I came back to our table sitting back next to Kate. She was a tall brunette with very beautiful eyes and a nice ass. She had been wearing a low cut tank top with her boobs showing quite nice cleavage the whole night. Across from
  2. That's nice! Did she watch you pee next to the car or anything like that? Would love to hear the details.
  3. I was out at a bar with some work friends, just having a good time drinking. As the night ended, one of my female co-workers and I were both headed in the same direction back home as we walked throughout the town during the night. I hadn't used the bathroom in a while, as the bar was quite busy full of lines, and at that point I was bursting from all the drinks. I blurted it "Damn, I really need to take a piss." She looks over at me and says "Just whip your dick out and piss in that alley. You're a guy after all." I was surprised by her boldness, but she was known for not having muc
  4. I just watched a movie with a peeing scene in it (I won't say which in case of spoilers), but it got me to thinking, before you realized you had a pee fetish, did you ever get turned on or in any way interested in seeing people pee in movies? It's more common to see men peeing in movies, shows, etc. rather than movies, so if you're a woman (or man) who likes to see men pee, what did you think of this when you first noticed it when watching these movies/shows? And men (or women), what did you think when you saw women peeing in the same example above? One of the women who's watch
  5. These are all awesome. I’ve always had the boldness to pee anywhere when alcohol kicks in, but not too many opportunities like yours. Only time I really recall is taking a huge bursting piss outside of my apartment while the bathroom was in use, and a woman walking by on the street saw me standing there, dick in hand and all and giggled at me but went on her way. I’ve had plenty of conversations with women who tell me about their outdoor pissing experiences, and how guys would be surprised how often girls piss outside bars, clubs, etc. but have yet to see that yet.
  6. When I was younger, I used to go to local concerts in my city for things such as the 4th of July, and other activities during the summer, sometimes at smaller towns just outside of ours. Since these were outdoor events with not many in door public bathrooms near by, there would be porta potties setup, and sometimes even outdoor urinals (which isn't common in North America, at least not from what I've seen). The line's for the porta potties would grow large with many women waiting to use them, and often times us guys would just pee else where such as behind the porta potties, on trees, at the u
  7. That's really hot! I've noticed that in myself as well. At home our toilets have a higher water level, so I can aim at the edge of the water for a more quite piss, but when I'm at my friends house who's toilet has a much lower water level, when I aim straight into the water I notice my piss is very loud, and I'd rather not aim on the porcelain because then it splashes back.
  8. I rarely ever do either, but this one time I guess I did, especially since my jeans were light blue.
  9. As most men, we usually shake our penis off after we're done peeing, and most of us know of that dreaded, inevitable dribble that ends up in our pants. Have any of you ever had a woman notice pee drops on your pants, and ladies have you ever seen this on a man's pants and made a comment? I'll share my quick experience. I went out for drinks with some old friends a few months back. Just some casual food on the side and catching up. I was sitting next to an old friend of mine. Really cute girl, smart with a nice bubbly personality, and a really nice butt. I ordered myself some alcoholi
  10. Are they aware of your behavior, or are they usually surprised when you do so?
  11. Obviously, most of us pee with the door open when we're home alone, but what about being around others who do it? When and where have you seen others pee with the door open? Could be a bar, party, apartment, etc. How early into a relationship will you you do it, if at all? Have you ever been caught peeing with the door open? Share your experiences!
  12. Have you ever seen some really strong streams from any of the guys? Would love to hear more about your concert and event experiences.
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