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    I'm really into being able to share this fetish and talk about it. This site is incredible and I'm hoping I'll learn to enjoy the go more

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    All of it! Naughty pissing and drinking especially
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    While home alone I covered my carpet in piss! The cleanup was not easy, but the feeling was liberating

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  1. I know I've yet to post anything, I'm a natural lurker usually. But a few months ago I was drinking a lot of water and decided to run some chores. Filled up my 1.2 liter bottle and brought it with. On the way home I kept hydrated BUT I decided I had to let out one spurt of pee every time I stopped at a red light. It was really incredible, and since I had on black shorts and quick dry underwear there was no way to tell. I honestly might have been able to go into a store like that.
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