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    I'm a 22 year old guitarist/singer, I tend to piss anywhere I feel like without using a toilet. I've been doing this for years, don't care where I am or who's around, if I have to piss I'm pissing where I am.

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    Naughty peeing and Nonchalant pissing, pissing where I want when i want
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    Anytime I'm on a road trip and need to piss I'll pull into the first gas station I can find. I usually walk in and try to find somewhere to piss where i wont be spotted, if there's alot of people in the store I'll walk into the bathroom and piss either in the middle of the room, the walls, the sink, the garbage can, ect. If there's not a lot of people or I'm by myself I'll usually piss in one of the aisles somewhere in the middle of the store.

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  1. Just found this and thought yall might like it. https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPRECNnpR/
  2. I tried all options on both the duckduckgo site and the Spicy Vanilla site and what I've noticed is that, just as @glad1 said, Llama 3 and Mixtral both work just fine with pee and piss kink/fetish related prompts but with very uninteresting stories. Although, GPT-3.5 and Claude 3 do not work for our preferred style of fictional stories. As for Spicy Vanilla, the stories are much more interesting and you have more control on how the stories are structured. Now for what I consider to be the most important factor, pricing. Duckduckgo is free for unlimited prompts whereas Spic
  3. I've pissed around all my friends male and female and none of them ever care about it. We lived in a somewhat rural area so we'd naturally be more chaotic than normal people. Anytime my friends and I get together we'd get some cases of beer and a couple of bottles for shots, unless its raining we'd almost always be chilling outside getting a bonfire going. If it is raining we'd chill in a friends garage. If we were by the fire and had to piss, us guy's would just turn and piss, the ladies there didn't care about doing the same but would walk a few feet away to a tree or bush so they
  4. Some of my favorite saying come from the show The100. These saying are used for death. Some saying are in trigedasleng, the grounder language from the show, but I'll translate them. In peace, may you leave the shore. In love, may you find the next. Safe passage on your travels my friend, until our final journey on the ground. May we meet again. Oso na hit choda up nodataim.(May we meet again. In trigedasleng) Yu gonplei ste odon.(Your fight is over.) Jus drein jus daun. (Blood must have blood.)
  5. I normally start by saying word for word "I don't piss in toilets and always find an alternative place. Whether it be a tree, the wall or just in the middle of the floor, so long as it ain't a toilet." They ask why and I tell them, word for word, "idk(with a nonchalant tone), more convenient? It definitely saves water. You know each flush uses roughly 2 gallons of water?" Then immediately after saying all that I'll start explaining how my fetish plays into sex. Saying that while I do enjoy getting pissed on while fucking, it's not a necessity and it's completely upto them if they w
  6. Both are really nice and equally enjoyable, but it really depends on the situation. If it's while we're currently fucking and I'm the top, then I like when a guy pissing in my face while I'm going down on them or pisses all over me while we fuck. If I'm the bottom I'll do the exact same thing. Although, we could just be cuddling in bed or on their couch and if I need to piss and I know they'd be cool with it I'll sometimes spray them with my piss a bit before redirecting the stream to the floor. Or I'll even just spray them with the full load spraying their chest, crotch, even their
  7. Glad to see your back @Riley. What's the most public place you've peed? And what's a place you most want to pee if given the opportunity?
  8. Well, not necessarily. By definition, exploitation is the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work. So simply paying a homeless girl to pee on you isn't unfair. It actually is quite a fair trade. I'm sure the girls were given a choice with every opportunity to decline the offer proposed by GoldenReceiver. Plus, there are factors we have yet to know. How much were they paid? Did they themselves enjoy it? How many girls was it? All we know, is that GoldenReceiver paid homeless girls to pee on him. We know it's multiple girls becaus
  9. Personally, I prefer pissing sober because I'm 100% aware of what I'm doing and I can more easily look for potential witnesses/cops/security. As for the type of substance, I mostly prefer THC because while I'm high I can still function as if I were sober. When I'm drunk all my cares/worries go away so I'm more likely to piss in a more risky place without any plan of execution or escape. Anytime I piss somewhere, whether sober or high, I have a plan consisting of basic questions to ask myself while planning it out. What spot am I gonna piss? How would the spot change depend
  10. I like pissing on the floor in my living room while chilling on the couch, just whip it out and piss without worrying at all about getting up.
  11. Personally, I prefer to piss of the edge of my bed onto the floor. You could piss in your laundry basket or in a drawer or just on a wall trying to spray as high as you possibly can, or just stand up and piss on the floor in the middle of your room.
  12. Pissing in your bedroom is always an easy place for some casual naughty pissings. You could always piss in your laundry basket, the clothes are gonna get washed anyway so no reason not to piss there. You could be laying in your bed and piss while laying there, either fully clothed or naked, depending on your comfort levels. My personal favorit is to piss off the edge of the bed onto the floor, carpet flooring is perfect for this, but still good even if you don't have carpet in your room. You could piss in a drawer, either with clothes in it or an empty drawer, again upto y
  13. Was at the store the other day and decided to have a bit of fun in the restroom. https://www.erome.com/a/lIfLdlrJ
  14. In my experience, feminine guys tend to have a softer reaction where as masculine guys are more likely to give a negative reaction. Plus, I send that first warning text saying "don't be suprised if I piss on a wall or something while we cuddle, lol". Generally tells me how they'd react to seeing it. Then while fucking I can further hypothesize their possible reactions. Best possible reaction, they don't mind or even do the same. Worst possible reaction, I get kicked out mid piss and don't get a second date.
  15. I love doing this. I'll tell them to be prepared for me to piss somewhere while I'm over cause I never use toilets just to piss. Most guys tell me it's alright if I just piss in the sink, although I've never listened to that. If they're more masculine, I'll go to a wall and piss there. Not aiming directly at the wall just near it enough, pretty much parallel to the wall so it's still in full view for the to see. If they're more feminine, I'll get up and piss on the floor next to their bed with my piss stream still in full view for them to watch. If we're on their couch, I won'
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