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  1. Hey everyone I really like urban exploration. Going to derelict places and exploring has a certain appeal I won't deny. More so going in together with others. I find it particularly thrilling since it has a certain atmosphere of bending the rules of what is legal and the risk due to the lack of safety lurking everywhere. Also you never know whether you meet someone who made the place their home or base of operations. However, what excites me the most is pissing inside those places, even more so when others join. Pissing down old elevator shafts or staircases together with other guys
  2. It really helps in aiming when pulled back. So whenever I feel lazy in public restrooms or when pissig outside I don't bother and just let it spray. Most times after the initial blast the steady stream is easily targeted onto the designated area.
  3. Have you ever pissed somewhere naughty at a party? If so, tell me about it! Many times. At a flat Party in Berlin I once used the balcony to relieve myself from 7 stories high onto the bicycles in the patio. Other time other party I pissed in and behind the washing machine. Even made a video of it. How about in a public parking lot? Did anyone see? Certainly. Don't really care if anyone sees me. At a college-party a few guys went around the parking lot to find an unlocked car to piss in. But we didn't find any. So we pissed between cars an on the cars. Do you piss in front of f
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