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  1. For a bit of fun and to try and help with trying to increase activity I have decided I want to run a competition, let's call it a Christmas One and there will be a prize which is a free month of Gold membership (donated by me). However if a staff member enters and wins then an alternative prize can be arranged. I am thinking a steam game of the same value of a month of gold (But in this situation I would contact the staff member privately who won and we can chat about what you would like as a prize though). Having spoken to @Admin he has agreed to me both running this competition but also to allowing the prize to be a month of gold (usually one can't just buy a month, but for this competition agreement has been given). To see what perks you get as a gold member please see here. So now on to the competition which is: I want you to come up with and design a PeeFans poster this can be either done on a computer or by hand, but it must be your own work otherwise it spoils the fun. The question to ask yourself to help you with the design, is if you were to advertise PeeFans what would you want to see on a poster that would entice you to find out more about the site, and possibly join. The more creative you can be the better your chances are (However if you are struggling with this then if you design something and along with your design include your thought process then this will be counted). Once you have done this please submit your entry by either submitting your entry as a reply to this post, or if you don't want others to see your entry then submit to me in a private message on here. However as this competition is meant to be a bit of fun any entry submitted in private, if it's chosen as the winning entry then I would very much like to post it in this thread. This is so that proper recognition can be given for the winning entry. The closing date for the competition is 29th December 2020 which will hopefully give you plenty of time. I will then aim to announce the winner on either 30th or 31st December 2020. Finally, if you aren't sure of anything or you aren't clear on anything then please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you and I look forward to seeing what you all come up with. Don't be shy I hope this will be seen as a bit of fun. 🙂
  2. Since you have asked me it's my turn to ask you as well 😝: I have sort of two questions on the same subject if I may. The whole pandemic situation has been a crazy time for many people. During 2020 you may have found yourself reprioritising things in your life. - What is the most significant thing that has moved way up your priority list during 2020? Something which you never really bothered about before, but now hold as precious. - What is the thing that surprisingly has dropped off your personal priorities? Something that you felt you couldn't be without, but now it's gone - actually life goes on.
  3. Another good question they would be: Having reasonable health Spending time with family Knowing that I have helped others in some way (sorry if this seems soppy or a cliché but it honestly does make me feel good knowing this).
  4. Yes she did and it wasn't embarrassing since we weren't in public. As for what she was wearing it was quite a few years ago but I think it was a dress, panties, and some expensive shoes.
  5. Good question. Yes I have my ex had been drinking lots and I kept her from the toilet and eventually she lost control and wet herself.
  6. Thanks for answering it's a lovely story. One more if you don't mind did he ask you to marry or did you ask him?
  7. Sorry if this has been asked before and I will understand if you don't want to answer but how did you meet your husband?
  8. My parents have one in their bathroom and they are actually known as a douche spray. But I love the affectionate name and can understand the practical uses of them.
  9. This wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if it did contain a camera (as there are lots of videos out there of Japanese ladies caught using the toilet and seemingly being unaware they are being filmed). Also high tech toilets have been around for years. I remember on family holidays the hotel we used to stay at had self cleaning toilets. The idea used to scare me though since I was worried about taking too long in there and then drowning. I know this would have been unlikely, since there would have most likely been safety features to prevent the cleaning from starting until it was empty. Also there probably wouldn't have been enough water to drown in (unless of course the drainage system became blocked and cleaning system malfunctioned and continued dispensing water). I was a child at the time and looking back on this fear it was probably most likely irrational but then again as a child one does have irrational fears.
  10. Not sure if I should admit this but i recently discovered this song whilst watching some porn ... Enjoyable music can be found in the strangest places sometimes not sure if porn can be considered a strange place to find music but hey.
  11. Thanks for sharing this story. It was also enjoyable to hearing in the chat yesterday as well. Keep the stories coming. Does anyone you work with know about your pee fetish (I assume not and can understand the reasons for not discussing it but wanted to ask anyway)?
  12. I would personally strongly advise against doing this due to the fact that if one account / site is compromised then all your accounts that use the same login details would also suffer the same fate. When a site is compromised any login details (that maybe gained through the compromise) very often get traded (on the dark web). The better option would be to use a password manager such as LastPass for example and then store all your login details for various sites on there. Also with a password manager you only have to remember the 'master password' to gain access to the stored login details within the manager. By using a password manager such as the above you then wouldn't need to keep a log of your details on your computer. Finally not sure if you have seen my post here which may help you with things to consider to protect your privacy online. Apologies if you think I am trying to tell you what to do that's not my intention I am merely trying to look out for you.
  13. This makes me wonder if when people are placing pins if they are using a VPN if that is changing the time and making the system think it's the correct local time. Or if the local time is based off the local time of the server that is hosting the site. Another thought is the time offset not correct on the server as in timezones with the chaning of the seasons. Only @Admin as far as I am aware could confirm how the member map works.
  14. I appreciate that what I am about to write about some of the members here may already be aware of this, but for those who aren't please continue reading on. I am not posting this with the intention of scaring you or to discourage you from posting or contributing. I am posting this to hopefully to draw your attention to certain things you may not be aware of. When creating content (content can be anything from pictures and videos to text content) and accounts online / on the internet it's worth bearing in mind that there will most likely be a permenant record of it and this sometimes can be accessed by the public. There is an organisation that is known as the Internet Archive and as the name suggests their aim is to archive websites and other ditigal content, a bit like a library contains books, their aim is to create the digital equivalent which like libraries is free. I appreciate that there are steps that sites can take to stop their site from being added to the archive but I think most sites probably won't do this as a matter of course. Whilst the above may sound scary and may put you off interacting online there are things you can do to help preserve your privacy and stay safe at the same time. Please see below some steps you can take to achieve this but bear in mind that this list is by no means exhaustive: When choosing a username for a site such as this don't use one that can identify you for example conatins your name. Be mindful of how much information you give out to people who you don't know. Stop and think can I trust the person or ogranisation that I am going to give information to. If you aren't sure then don't give it, but depending on the organsation or purpose your information is needed for this may limit what servcies they can provide to you. To help you gauge if an organisation can be trusted or not there are things you can do such as undertaking a google search on them, taking a look at their website and reading reviews for example. For a person you could ask others if they have had dealings with them and what their experience was. Remember at the end of the day it's your information and you can choose how much you want to divulge /give out and who to. When signing up for services try not to use the same email address for all, especially if the services gives people access to sensitive information such as banking for example. The risk is that if your email address is compromised then it can be used to gain access. If you use different email addresses then the risk is reduced. Where possible enable 2 factor authentication. By enalbing this it provides an extra layer of security due to you needing two forms of authentication to 'prove' it's you accessing your account. One will usually be your password and the other will be a time limited randomly generated code. This code is either generated using an app such as authy or Google Authenticator for example or by a code being sent your mobile / cellular device. Be mindful of where you upload selfies / pictures that contain your face as this can be used for other purposes that you may not of intended. For example social media sites have been trawled by companies collecting photos for the purpose of adding the picutres to facial recognition software. The software can then be used by law enforecment agencies and intelligence services. This news article makes interesting reading and hilights the point I am trying to make: https://www.forbes.com/sites/thomasbrewster/2018/04/16/huge-facebook-facial-recognition-database-built-by-ex-israeli-spies/ Be careful of clicking on links / opening attachments you weren't expecting. Links can be used to steal your identity (by taking you to a fake site that looks legitimate and trying to trick you to entering personal deatails) or donwnload computer viruses. Regularly review and update privacy settings on social media and other sites. These settings allow you to control what parts and who has access to them. The more information you give out / put online the more one has to build a 'digital picture' of you and can link this together to use this to potentially identify you, so if privacy is a concern for you then I suggest you limit this. Whilst the above list isn't exhaustive hopefully it gives you some things to consider and will hopefully help you to keep safe online whilst maintaining some privacy and hopeully enjoying yourself. Finally for further information on how to stay safe online please see the following site: https://www.getsafeonline.org/
  15. I agree with everything that @gldenwetgoose has posted above. Whilst it is theortically possible to have your account removed and I think there should be the option to leave your posts intact. I also think if your posts are left it will show as from either guest or deleted member or something along those lines (not 100% sure so will leave it for @Admin to confirm). I am not wanting to scare you here and it's not my intention to but if you were to ask for your account to be removed that wouldn't necessarily remove historic postings that you may have made under your current account. When somthing is posted on the internet unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) it's there forever and there are ways to view historic information on the internet. Such an example is the internet archive found here. So the best advice would be going forward would be to possibly use a username that isn't one you have used before and as mentioned by gldenwetgoose avoid posting things that could be used to identify you. Like I have said before I am not wanting to scare you just trying to make you aware if you weren't already that is. I appreciate this may be something you didn't want to hear but I hope the advice that has been given can help you going forward.

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