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  1. lovestoseepee

    Pissing while hard

    haha good chart. I find the Frog works for me.
  2. lovestoseepee

    Ever drank urine?

    I once drank mine for a dare but I didn't enjoy it probably more for the fact of my diet at the time. I also sampled my ex'es once after we had both been out drinking, from what I remember it didn't taste unpleasant. But this could have been for the fact that copious amounts of liquids had been consumed so it was like drinking water. Would I do it again? Given the right circumstances I would consider it but I wouldn't want to commit to it.
  3. lovestoseepee

    Clubs you'd like to see...

    Also for anyone interested I have created a Mental Health Support club this club is still under development but feel free to join and create topics to get the discussion started.
  4. lovestoseepee

    Clubs you'd like to see...

    @Peevert whilst I am not sure if this will answer your question but once you have created a club on the far right hand side (roughly in the middle of the page) click on the 'manage club' (Please see below screenshot). Alternatively another suggestion could be (if you already have a club) is to have a forum then create a topic for what you are trying to achieve. In regards to the local club (I made a mistake when creating this club by making it public instead of open and now I can't change it despite going into 'Manage Club' @Admin please can you change this?) and the pee swallowing club if you join both of them (once the issues with the local club are sorted out) I will make you a owner (if a club can have more than one but I think this should be possible).
  5. lovestoseepee

    How long is too long, or does it matter?

    @Anita Bidet Thanks for asking this question I was in the same boat until I found this post. I am glad that if I find a post I want to 'revive' I can without fear of breaking some unwritten rule.
  6. lovestoseepee

    Favourite Quote, Poem or Saying

    I have just edited this thread to include favourite sayings since I have a few I want to include. First being: You only live once or YOLO for short Reason I like the above is I like to do things that some would consider risky but I would consider making the most of life and enjoying yourself. I will include more sayings, quotes and poems as time goes on but please feel free to also include sayings if you want to.
  7. Since I couldn't see a post with this I thought I would create one. Feel free to post your favourite quote or poem. So I will start: My favourite quote is: What's yours?
  8. I actually heard this song before Peaky Blinders had been created I originally heard this on an episode of the X-Files the episode where Scully was abducted by Duane Barry for anyone who used to be a fan of the X-Files and remembers the episode.
  9. Hello and welcome @Shewee it's good to have you join the family. I am glad you have found a place where you don't feel strange for your likes. I hope you find your time here enjoyable and I look forward to seeing your contributions (no matter how small).
  10. lovestoseepee

    What happened to clubs?

    @Admin and @steve25805 thanks for the updates they are appreciated I am sure @likesToLick and @fannywatcher will also appreciate the information and updates.
  11. lovestoseepee

    What happened to clubs?

    Perhaps @Admin @steve25805 or one of the moderators @Sophie @Scot_Lover @wetmanjf can provide some info on what happened.
  12. lovestoseepee

    Who is lovestoseepee?

    Feel free to ask me stuff I may or may not answer depending on the question. But there is no harm in asking and I won't bite
  13. Happy Birthday
  14. lovestoseepee

    Recognise anyone

    Not related to peeing as such but someone I know was once contacted by a member on Xtube, who was their university lecturer. The lecturer didn't know who it was because they didn't have a face shot up. Slightly awkward I would say. But unfortunately (maybe fortunately in some cases) I have never recognised anyone. Maybe one day....
  15. lovestoseepee

    My thoughts on pee chat with the female members

    Be glad you missed it. It wasn't pretty, pistols at dawn, grenades etc haha but the captain uh I should say admin took care of it by anilaiting (banning this person) haha. But now peace has been restored, and we can all go back to enjoying this place. :)