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    Hi I'm Chris. I have been turned on for the longest time by guys pissing in public. I'm 21, white, bi-male. 5'10", 165 lbs, brown hair, green eyes. I love watching guys piss outside. I have done it a few times, and am always trying to do it more often.

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  1. Yeah man. I probably gotta stop sooner than later. Some parts of the office smell more than other parts. Dude and I must have done it now like atleast 20 times over the past few weeks. Lol, also it really hurts stopping your pee mid stream, so that's the other reason.
  2. I've seen my friends full frontal a few times. One friend actually in particular. Overall we all piss around each other, usually though it's side by side or one of us steps aside and pisses, still within sight and ear shot of the rest of us. More specific to myself, yeah I have taken a piss a bunch of times around my friends, stepping aside and lots of times one or two join. I am too afraid I would get hard if I intentionally did full frontal. I say intentional because one time I sort of did a short full frontal. Me and my friend left a bar, we walked over to this tree and had a pi
  3. Past few weeks, I have been consumed with leaving my mark around my work. Before, I had only pissed once, and I think I wrote about it, where i pissed in the conference room. But recently, I have been finding various places around the office where there are no cameras to have a quick piss (it helps that I am IT and I set up the surveillance system so I know the best spots). Lots of unused storage rooms, I sneak into and I piss in the corner, or spray over some storage. There are some corridors that have no cameras at or leading to it and I will walk, quickly pull it out and spray a wall re
  4. That's awesome. I think I actually kind of like the smell. Or I guess I should say that I don't mind it. I hope one day my building will smell as good as yours though.
  5. Dude you should do a no peeing in a toilet for a day, piss in a bunch of places. I've done it twice now, its a lot of fun, and you can tell us all about it.
  6. I had another day of avoiding pissing in the toilet. It was still rather nerve-racking but I think it was easier this time than my first time, -Started my morning piss off by pissing out the window of my apartment. I was very careful to be sure there wasn't anybody below me. God I had to go so bad. It was very yellow and smelled real bad (ya know, typical morning piss), watched it puddle down below. First piss of the day and somebody managed to pass by and stared up at me. It was a neighbor of mine who has seen me on a few occasions already having a piss. I desperately fought the
  7. Fuck I love the idea of him getting pissed on too. Do that one man!
  8. Nice dude. Like I said its exhilarating and nerve-racking. Lol. I will do another one soon. Actually starting to realize how much of a turn on it is to be caught by other people. And I mean, all they see is the backside of me (usually that's all they see 🤣)
  9. Awww yeah, there's a part 4! Even his best roommate too, oh the betrayal! I love it bro. They all seem to be getting more bold about it. Can't wait to see what happens next
  10. Yeah lots of people have been saying similar things to me about cameras. Lol definitely won't be pissing near the police station
  11. Yesterday was the first day I avoided pissing in the toilet all day long. I have had plenty of single excursions but today I was determined to give it a try for the whole day. Here's a list of places I managed, in order: -morning piss in the parking lot by the trash area. I actually tried to make it a double whammy by trying to piss and walk my way to the trash area, but of course ended up pissing on my leg again, 🤣so I stopped and waited till I got there to keep going. -went shopping for groceries but not before I pissed on the side of the building. It was pretty out of the way
  12. Dude that's awesome. Interesting way to handle solicitors. Has anyone ever joined you when you have done this before? And actually its funny because I have seen these salesmen before in my apartment building and seen them pissing outside by the side of the building. Guarantee he will do it eventually
  13. Lol. I've never pissed on anyone but I definitely have been pissed on. My friend who became aware or my proclivities he sometimes will hit me quick with a few seconds of piss. He's straight BTW, he just likes doing it. And yeah it's pretty nice. I love the attitude and posturing of a guy when he starts to piss and to see him standing right before you is pretty hot.
  14. Fuck man, that is awesome. I think I'd be to afraid if the owner came back and saw what I was doing.
  15. Sounds amazing man, Anyone ever throw a fit or get mad at you? I wouldn't mind it, that's for sure.
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