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    Hi I'm Chris. I have been turned on for the longest time by guys pissing in public. I'm 21, white, bi-male. 5'10", 165 lbs, brown hair, green eyes. I love watching guys piss outside. I have done it a few times, and am always trying to do it more often.

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  1. Can't blame the man for wanting a better view. Lol
  2. I love to see it too man. I'm bi so I do have interest in men but there is something special about watching them piss in public, or on different things. I love the way guys when taking a piss outside together they start joking with each other, like it's a form of comradery.
  3. Fuck! I love the sight of it all. A bunch of dudes taking a piss, not giving a fuck about it, standing side by side. Its what we do.
  4. So I thought I'd share the continuation of the Justin saga. I actually have a few stories but I will just share one, keep the others for a later time. So us friends went out drinking at a bar one night. Justin actually parked at my place and we rode together to meet the rest. We drink, have fun, good times all around. We come back to my place, decide to hang out some more, have a few more drinks. We're pretty buzzed at this point already. We're hanging out, and like last time, he gets up and pisses on the kitchen floor, still carrying on our conversation, acting like it was no big deal
  5. Me too dude. I always kind of try and make it seem nonchalant and stand closer.
  6. I wanted to know everyone's thoughts about, say if you are with your friend and he's taking a piss outside. You're standing close by, talking or whatever and his stream /puddle starts coming towards you. Do you get out of the way? Do you just ignore it, act like its no big deal and keep talking? I sort of don't mind standing in it. It's happened a lot of times with my friends. I'm sure a lot of you have some strong opinions on the matter, lol. For me, it's sort of like part of the male bonding experience. Don't know why. What about you?
  7. It was awesome for me. Besides the sight of it, his attitude was so nonchalant. I'm sure the being drunk helped, but God damn it was hot.
  8. Makes sense. Lol, as you manage to keep most of your dick inside your pants. Yo I tried walking and pissing the other night behind my building. Damn fucked it up, pissed all over my leg. Lol
  9. I should mention that I saw the guy again today. Apparently he is one of my neighbors. And he actually recognized me too. I was leaving my building and I saw him outside smoking and his eyes light up and he says "whats up man?" We talked a little. I brought up how he had gotten piss all over the door, but you know, laughing about it. He laughs with me, saying how he was real drunk and had to go bad. He said sorry about it, but I said its cool. That I did that a few times before too with other people's door. He thought that was funny too.
  10. I sort of knew that when the toilet got fixed David would still piss in his room. Thomas will now have to get used to fact that his room and his belongings are just target practice. He slowly accepts it as his new reality. Fuck I'm so hard thinking about it. Thank you dude. I love this!!!
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