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  1. I peed outside the other weekend at my gf's cabin Watered a tree She filmed it too
  2. I also have a little hand held urinal I like to use sometimes Not as fun as the real thing but it is fun listening to my pee hit the plastic and seeing it fill up with my pee
  3. Urinals are my favorite place to piss and my favorite place to be watched pissing Nothing like sliding up to the porcelain unit, wiping out my cock and letting er fly 😈😈 Wish I could be watched more, especially by girls who enjoy watching
  4. A fresh one today Sorry I forget to hold my cock with the opposite hand so you can see it better
  5. Shot today Bladder was nice and full Was able to get a good arc
  6. Most likely a man had pissed there To bad you missed the show 😈😏
  7. Why do think you feel bad about yourself? If it's something you enjoy, you should just learn to embrace it Most men don't mind being watched, that's why we pee so openly, don't feel bad about enjoying the show You're in the right place to build confidence that what you're into is nothing to be ashamed of
  8. That's pretty hot Love when girls do that Would you let me use the sink while you were on the toilet?
  9. I love pissing in sinks So much more convenient then using the toliet when you have a cock
  10. Very hot weequeen, I've always enjoyed when girls use urinals Is it something you enjoy doing?
  11. Would have died to see that Might have joined you 😏
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