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  1. Welcome What are you into peewise?
  2. Hope I'm in there peeing when you do come I'll give you a show
  3. Do you encounter dividers a lot? That makes it tough to watch
  4. Lol yah you'd get a better view for sure If that interests you Would you enjoy watching a guy pee in a urinal? I know you like the more public stuff lol
  5. Do you like peeing standing? That bathroom would be handy...if we were both there and bursting to pee, we could share, you could use the toliet and I could use the urinal If you were ok with it 🙈🙈
  6. That's hot! I really love when girls pee in men's urinals Is that something that interests you?
  7. Where's a place you've always wanted to piss but haven't?
  8. Welcome! I'm sure you're going to love it here
  9. Do you get much chance to see guys peeing? Do you have a favorite place to watch a guy pull it out and release?
  10. I know you're more into girls then guys Just wondering if you're into guys peeing at all, or just girls?
  11. Nothing I love more then having my cock out with a stream going for an interested lady to watch
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