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  1. Welcome shypee! I'm sure you'll love it here. What parts of the pee fetish do you enjoy most?
  2. Beautiful image Will be tough to get out of my head 🙈
  3. I can think of a few places for you to go 😏😈
  4. What do you enjoy most about piss? Are you into watching?
  5. This was today The pee itself is mostly self explanatory I'm really enjoying trying to hit or pee into things from a distance. I did ok, but my stream actually over shot the sink a bit oops 🙈🙈
  6. I'm going try to start posting pics regularly and I'll try to give some back story. This one I filmed the other week. I had met my friend at a sushi place for lunch...I for go'd my morning pee as I knew I was going out and hoped for a chance to film at urinal (my favorite place to film). After meeting with my friend and eating for a bit I excused myself to the men's room. Luck was with as it was empty. I stood up to one if two avaliable urinals and pulled it out. I began a strong stream which gave me great relief. As I peed I noticed the urinal had water in the bottom that I was ab
  7. Do you mind when people send you personal messages or does it big you?
  8. Not at all It's a personal love of my to pee for women who enjoy watching Maybe I can "whip it out" for you sometime 😉 🙈
  9. Out of curiosity chrissy Do you enjoy men peeing?
  10. Haha no worries Hmm...I'm very about desperation and I've always enjoyed what alcohol does to a women's bladder 😈😏
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