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  1. Usually walk up to it Undo my button and zipper if it's sweats just pull down the waist band, then pull down the waist band of my boxers Once my cock is out it takes a second or two for me to relax and start, unless I'm desperate...then I let fly right away. Usually a nice arc that Flys and hits the wall of the urinal and runs down, either gurgling down the drain, or tinkling in the water as it turns yellow. As I finish I squeeze my muscles to push out the last spurts, then zip up. Don't usually flush
  2. I read on here you're only 5ft 3...must make reaching the urinals a challenge
  3. I'd love to hear more stories about your peeing exploits.. if you're up for sharing!
  4. I'm sorry for all the questions, but I've always been fascinated by girls peeing standing up like guys...and found it really hot too 😈😈😏
  5. What's your technique like? Do you have to use a device or no?
  6. This sounds super hot, I've always loved the idea of girls peeing together The image of them all peeing standing around 1 toliet is such a turn on
  7. You have been in similar situations? Would love to hear about them, if you are inclined to share
  8. Mmm...coral...this a fantasy of mine, girls being desperate to piss and needing to use the urinal but being to short to reach! I imagine them needing to use the short urinal...but maybe having to struggle to wait as it's already in use by another girl!😈😈
  9. You should! I've always found it super hot when a girl can pee standing facing a urinal like a guy Although backwards is cute too 😏
  10. Really hot! Wish I could have been there to see it. Do you pee standing up a lot?
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