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    cis male, straight
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    Technology stuff. (Haha, not a real medical doctor!)
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    Northeastern, USA
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    Middle-aged guy, straight that is accepting of LGBTQ+ and that is very open about peeing (in places that are appropriate or abandonsed). I enjoy the feeling of a really full bladder and letting it all out (enjoy that even more with a female observer or co-pee'er of any gender or sexual orientation). Believe that we should all be more open about releasing the excess fluid from our bodies known as urine and it shouldn't be taboo.

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    Holding and releasing. Thick streams and big bladders.
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    Peeing alongside female companions that are squatting (or other positions) and projecting their own strong streams of urine.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. That was a desperate, big wetting. Enjoyed seeing you massage your bladder before the flood.
  2. Using a bottle in the car sounds like you are a proficient user! Do you find yourself looking at the volume markings with each usage?
  3. I enjoy seeing a woman wearing a thin, over-sized t-shirt, braless of course, as her nightgown.
  4. I hope it brings you many fun peeing experiences. Sounds like you already had one! 😉 Thanks for sharing your experience!
  5. Welcome. It sounds like you have joined the correct place for your interests.
  6. I have never heard of blue urine, but I know there is a drug for bladder infections that turns urine bright orange. And the orange urine stains clothing orange.
  7. I have never tried "watersports" or being the recipient of a naughty stream, but @Bacardi your scenario sounds like something that would make me want to try.
  8. I am in a long-term relationship and not currently looking to date, but I do remember trying a few dating sites, a couple of years ago. I recently had memories (or "flashbacks") of my experiences and wondered if the dating sites had become better or worse lately. I vividly remember wading through so many seemingly fake profiles (postal/zip codes that didn't make sense, same picture under multiple profile names, looked way to go to be real, etc.) only to get no responses from messages that I sent or messages saying that they were overwhelmed by too many messages. Admitedly, I've been
  9. Welcome to the site and I hope to read more about your newly found "activities".
  10. I can clearly see a big pee puddle! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Thank you for sharing that awesome pee experience! I especially enjoyed your detailed description of how you peed in an urgent and naughty way, but with care to not leave noticable signs. You could have just released that urgent pee in any private spot without any care, but you took care to make it secretive.
  12. Privacy while peeing is probably a modern habit since clothing and modern toilets. Outhouses were usually used for #2, but peeing happened in chamber pots in front of, or near, other family members. They probably just moved far enough away from each other so they didn't splatter each other. I can't think of any other animals that care if they pee in front of each other.
  13. I agree. The attraction to a certain sound is real, but hard to place why.
  14. Similar to the thread "Favourite surface to pee on?" What is everyone's favorite pee sound (to make with your own pee) or enjoying listening to? I'll go first. I like a lot of the sounds, but the sound of a strong stream filling up a paper (or plastic container) is my favorite. The splashing when combined with the rising pitch of a rising liquid level is so hot.
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