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    cis male, straight
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    Technology stuff. (Haha, not a real medical doctor!)
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    Northeastern, USA
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    Middle-aged guy, straight that is accepting of LGBTQ+ and that is very open about peeing (in places that are appropriate or abandoned). I enjoy the feeling of a really full bladder and letting it all out (enjoy that even more with a female observer or co-pee'er of any gender or sexual orientation). Believe that we should all be more open about releasing the excess fluid from our bodies known as urine and it shouldn't be taboo.

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    Holding and releasing. Thick streams and big bladders.
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    Peeing alongside female companions that are squatting (or other positions) and projecting their own strong streams of urine.

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  1. I'd rather hold some of the time until my bladder was swollen and aching, so I could let loose a relieving stream.
  2. I have jammed my cock into a washcloth to allow me to keep peeing quietly while on a call. It would probably have a similar effect if you jammed it into your crotch.
  3. A few times while masturbating, I accidentally spurted up the back of the couch and onto the wall above the counch. Oooops.
  4. I had a similar experience in college. Mid class I felt my cock a little chubby and suddenly desperate to pee, although I had peed only an hour before. I excused myself from class, quickly went to the bathroom pulled my cock out to pee and immediately a continuous, huge load of semen involuntarily pumped out into urinal, but not in spurts. I wasn't even hard, just a little chubby. After it finished, I peed a little and quickly flushed repeatedly scared someone would come in and see the cum in the urinal. I blame it on not masturbating often and not getting much sex for long stretches of
  5. @puddyls After viewing your gif with that great technique, it is more of a NEED to, not just a like to. 🥰 I am guessing that there was some nice sounds associated while filming this gif.
  6. Definitely prefer to see the stream all the way from the exit to splash-down, including the puddle or container. Watching dribbling or someone marking different places with spurts is somewhat boring to watch, but probably fun for them.
  7. I definitely prefer watching a natural stream, whatever that means for the pee'er. Not intentionally slowed or dribbled and also not forced (unless going for a distance contest or something of that sort).
  8. Welcome. The more you share/post, the more interactions with like-minded people on this site.
  9. Thanks for posting. It is a great first post and I hope you post more experiences! A lot of the members on this site enjoy the sounds of peeing in different places, not just toilets.
  10. I am not sure if that makes them last shorter or longer. 😜
  11. Very nice! That is a big desperate bladder. Thank you for posting.
  12. From my experience, full bladders seem to really speed up orgasms during sex or masturbation. How many others have had that experience?
  13. It would feel uncomfortably close at that corner urinal.
  14. Oh, my. If it was clumping litter, I bet that clump was a shocker for whomever was cleaning the litter box. 😂
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