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    cis male, straight
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    Technology stuff. (I'm not a real medical doctor - Username is from the Robert Palmer song!)
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    Northeastern, USA
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    Middle-aged guy, straight that is accepting of LGBTQ+ and that is very open about peeing (in places that are appropriate or abandoned). I enjoy the feeling of a really full bladder and letting it all out (enjoy that even more with a female observer or co-pee'er of any gender or sexual orientation). Believe that we should all be more open about releasing the excess fluid from our bodies known as urine and it shouldn't be taboo.

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    Holding and releasing. Thick streams and big bladders.
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    Peeing alongside female companions that are squatting (or other positions) and projecting their own strong streams of urine.

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  1. I agree, looked like a very long pee. 12-14 hours of holding can't be healthy, but you have to do what you have to do. If you ever measure or records longer pees, please post about it.
  2. Well, let me explain. I came home with my GF after drinking several (many?) pints at a local bar. We had both "broken the seal" at the bar and my kidneys were pumping out the piss a fast rate It was a long walk (4 km) home and we were both bursting for a piss. My GF insisted I go to the toilet first. After entering the bathroom and closing the door, I undid my pants and belt, unzipped, pulled the front of my boxers down, and then flopped out my cock. I unleashed a strong stream into the toilet and looked up at the wall enjoying the feeling of a great piss. Suddenly, I realized I hadn't he
  3. @Kittykiss Are you going to leave us in suspense of the story and details....?
  4. Hopefully you find a partner where you can get both. (That's my goal).
  5. I think there is nothing wrong with a woman using the term "piss". I associate it with a strong, desperate stream. I think the only time it would be inappropriate is when she would use "piss" but only a gentle trickle is produced.
  6. I am not sure I understand "in the drain down the side of the truck". Is there a drain that runs down the side of the truck? Those first pees of the day can be quite large, I bet those feel great. Same thing happens in the USA too. 😞 Curious what you do at night? Do you get out of the truck or have some sort of urinal in the truck? American truck drivers are famous for the fermenting bottles of pee left along the highways. I always presumed truck (lorry) drivers have occupationally stretched bladders. Do you feel like this is the case in how much you can hold? - Is it the resul
  7. DoctorDoctor


    @puddyls Thank you for sharing! I like this picture of your muffin the best. It looks more prominent in this picture. Beautiful.
  8. Yes, when I hold until painful and my bladder feels like a rock is when it happens to me.
  9. This is both hot and disappointing at the same time! I like the hot naughty peeing aspect, but miss that hiss.
  10. It's not the early age that I enjoy about this post, but the fact it has lead to you posting many outdoor pee adventures as an adult and even some on this site! Are you returning to the lake for more naughty peeing this summer as in the years past?
  11. Similar to @Alygal1331 I had to give a pee sample for a drug test, but it was at a sporting competition that I had just won. After drinking tons of gatorade and water my bladder was pretty full at the end of the competition. They pulled me into a small tent with a male observer and asked me to fill a small cup for the test. I told them I had to pee pretty bad, letting them know I needed more than the small cup. I was told a bathroom was down the hall. I filled the cup easily and clamped off the flow. I zipped up, signed the cup and paperwork and walked to the bathroom down the hall. The base o
  12. Of course. I would enjoy that! Especially, in the morning after spending the night.
  13. Did you unleash the rest back at home? That must have felt great! (TBH, Unless someone was moving toward me, I would have probably finished in your situation.)
  14. ^^^^^^ This makes it all worthwhile, even with a small bladder.
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