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    cis male, straight
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    Technology stuff. (Haha, not a real medical doctor!)
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    Northeastern, USA
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    Middle-aged guy, straight that is accepting of LGBTQ+ and that is very open about peeing (in places that are appropriate or abandonsed). I enjoy the feeling of a really full bladder and letting it all out (enjoy that even more with a female observer or co-pee'er of any gender or sexual orientation). Believe that we should all be more open about releasing the excess fluid from our bodies known as urine and it shouldn't be taboo.

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    Holding and releasing. Thick streams and big bladders.
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    Peeing alongside female companions that are squatting (or other positions) and projecting their own strong streams of urine.

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  1. Have you ever measured @MidoriLemonade85 either before or after kids?
  2. I think peeing in a bottle with the device would be incredibly useful, especially if you could use it in a car, seated without too much gymnastics to get the posture correct. Not sure if it works.
  3. DoctorDoctor


    Wow! It appears that the folds of her "slit" goes up further than her pubic bone.
  4. That was a great experience. Thanks for sharing. To hear one of those strong/vigorous morning streams against a porcelain bowl would be a treat! It goes to show that not too long ago (~100 years) that couples urinating in front of each other in their bedroom, and peeing in general was much more open than it is today. Strangers didn't pee in front of each other more often, but definitely family members did.
  5. I am sure you have likely gone by now, but it sounds like it is going to be a good one, or, well, a big one at the minimum.
  6. Thanks for sharing. Just a comment. I have seen lactating women on porn sites and it looks hot and like something to fun to take part in. Don't believe I had a fetish, maybe as you called it, a kink.
  7. I live in the NE USA and definitely know of a couple. The key feature is usually there is at least 2 single-user restrooms - one mens and one womens - although it really doesn't matter. The men's will contain the urinal. If there is only one single-user restroom it usually doesn't have a urinal. I have heard some women don't like seeing them in the single-user restooms. Large gas stations that have a convienience store are the most likely places around here.
  8. I'd definitely like a quick "slurp" of @Peewee123's nectar straight from the tap, just to try it. I'd have to be careful not to drown with some of her previous huge pee posts.
  9. I idea of a loose short skirt, that you can pull up the front and the back still covers your ass is hot. Walk up tight to a wall or bush, pull up the front, and let it spray out.
  10. Usually in smaller establishments like gas stations and small restaurants/coffee shops that have 2 single user restrooms, but not just a single, single-user restroom.
  11. I would guess there are multiple times more people into pee in a non-sexual way. I remember (as a male) growing up, including through the end of college, peeing with other guys in a non-sexual manner. Little contests like peeing the highest on a wall, biggest puddle, and even trying to make the biggest hole in mud with our streams. Other guys I've met enjoy public urination way too much and will do it even when toilets are available. Maybe someone else can post about women's experiences with such non-sexual pee activities.
  12. Those are some powerful looking legs and ass. I like the little pee droplets on your thigh.
  13. That must have been incredibly relieving and satisfying to get to use the bucket rather than a regular toilet. The sound of such an urgent and long stream into a bucket must have been loud and proud as the saying goes.
  14. Would have enjoyed witnessing that. The question that comes to mind is . . ."What's below?"
  15. That's a game that I would have to decide if I want to win or lose? 🙂
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