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    cis male, straight
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    Technology stuff. (Haha, not a real medical doctor!)
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    Northeastern, USA
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    Middle-aged guy, straight that is accepting of LGBTQ+ and that is very open about peeing (in places that are appropriate or abandoned). I enjoy the feeling of a really full bladder and letting it all out (enjoy that even more with a female observer or co-pee'er of any gender or sexual orientation). Believe that we should all be more open about releasing the excess fluid from our bodies known as urine and it shouldn't be taboo.

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    Holding and releasing. Thick streams and big bladders.
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    Peeing alongside female companions that are squatting (or other positions) and projecting their own strong streams of urine.

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  1. I am not a fan of personally peeing through underwear, but I do enjoy stills and videos of people enjoying peeing through their own. There are so many types of fabrics and styles. Boxers, briefs, thongs, "boyshorts", cotton, satin, silk, lace, sheer pantyhose, etc. So, those of you who enjoy this activity, do you have a favorite fabric, style, etc. and why? (Maybe I am just "doing it wrong" and would enjoy it more with the right underwear.)
  2. Peed a big foamy puddle out on the hiking trail this afternoon.
  3. I am fascinated by the lactation (not nursing, but leaking and spraying milk) videos - Not sure it is a true fetish, but it is something so rare for a guy to see.
  4. @sumrexus Hot weather, yes, but this garage is mostly used by office workers in the area. I could barely see her face and she hid it when I got close.
  5. As I was walking back to my car through my usual parking garage, I saw a car far ahead in the distance with both the front and back doors open, but no visible driver. Still a ways off, I kept walking down the aisle and could see the front and rear doors close. I kept walking down the aisle now approaching the car as the brake lights came on and engine started. I could see a young blonde woman driving. She was looking at me nervously wanting to start backing out. She could have started backing, but I would have been in the way of her turn to leave, so she ended up waiting and immediately l
  6. Beautiful muffin.
  7. I get similar ones, but they seem to feature only the busty women, not the upskirts. Are there multiple categories of "drift" vids?
  8. Million Dollar Baby by Ava Max This video shows off her great set of tits.
  9. If you feel like sharing your pissing experience - I'd enjoy reading about it.
  10. Sorry, @Emilaze and @tulipslane I didn't mean to disccount the volume of your pee stream sounds as I've haven't heard them, but from my experience there is more to giving away you are peeing (the stream, the puddle, posture) than just the sound.
  11. Hi Lilly, Do you have any experience of peeing while gaming (or anywhere for that matter) you would like to share? I would enjoy hearing them! 🙂
  12. Every once in a while at my job or at a friend's house, I'll need to pee badly and I'll try to pee compeletly secretly (no noise, no mess, no obvious puddle and not being discovered) and get away with it completely. Today, I was at a remote job location in a large warehouse. I knew where all of the cameras were, but not where the restrooms were located. I hadn't peed in 5 hours so my need was pressing. I saw a row of air compressors in an alcove with oil soaking mats* under them that weren't under the view of a camera and had a 5 gallon (20 L) bucket collecting dirty, rusty water comin
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