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  1. Interesting thread, and telling about the generation using new technology. I have friends who are 60+, from other forums who cite the Danish publication Sex Bizarre as their first glimpse of women and men peeing in sexual contexts. They said that the magazines were illegal to buy in the UK and were generally sold 'under-the-counter', some took the risk of using mail order companies, others bought them whilst on business visits to European Countries that had more relaxed censorship laws. I have since become fascinated with the 1970's era and the pornography produced at the time. I do not posses
  2. In my rather salubrious past, I had the good fortune of advertising my used undies for men who were willing to purchase them...I used to call it 'Knickers in a Jiffy'. One dear chap asked me not to wipe myself for a day, pop them on a radiator to dry out, then place them in a polythene zipper sandwich bag, and finally in the 'Jiffy' envelope. On receipt of my panties, he would boil a kettle and hold them in the steam as the water boiled...he said the fragrance of my dried pee was intoxicating to his olfactory senses and he would immediately become erect.
  3. ThisVid is operating as normal again. No idea what was happening, just a glitch?
  4. Just watched a film called 'Crawl', a horror/thriller film starring Kaya Scodelario. She was also in a TV Series called 'Skins'...(Some images of her found on the Internet)
  5. Gorgeous...I do appreciate an uncut cock...'easy peeler', next time get a nice head foamy head on your pint...I love bubbles! 👍🏼❤️😂
  6. Can we (Pretty Please!) see some guys having a wee...! ❤️ https://thisvid.com/videos/long-carpet-pee/
  7. Watching BBC Breakfast show this morning, rather taken with the Sports Presenter, Sally Nugent. Although she has been promoted on to the red sofa today. Love to see her sat on the toilet, dress hiked up, panties and tights rolled up around her knees: Here's a few 'teasers'. Facial expression looks like she is so relieved after a long hot pee!
  8. Thank you for these comprehensive replies. Data, I guess is important, but the level of accuracy is dependent upon pornographic sites and forums that have hits and members. The Czech Republic and Hungary are interesting, so too, Russia. Much has been said about the liberalisation of former Eastern Bloc countries after the demise of Communist ideology. I would have to differentiate between including urolagnia in pornographic films and photographs and the fetish as practiced without the support of pornography. Some countries, including the UK legislate against the depiction of the fetish, thus i
  9. It was often said that Germany were a nation of pee fetishists, judging by the history of porn in that country it certainly holds true. But what of other nations? Are Brazil new players on this fetish scene? What of the French? Japan certainly, Northern Europe in the 1970's? What of my home country, the UK? Hungary, Australia and the US? Can we honestly describe a Nation of pee fetishists? If so how do we gather the evidence? Perhaps there is no such thing, given that to develop a pee fetish is dependent upon social and cultural contexts. Thoughts and comments appreciated.
  10. That's it! Thank you for finding and sharing qwerty! ❤️
  11. Is a film that is broadcast on TV fair game or this forum? If so I can recommend watching a film called 'Raw' Directed by Julia Ducournau, (2016). Be warned, it's a very gruesome horror film, but there is a scene between the two sisters in the film, in which the eldest initiates a pee contest, she stands and says to the youngest to push her pelvis out, she demonstrates it from the rear view and we see the pee stream, but the other sister is unable to do it and falls to the floor laughing, saying that she is still pissing herself.
  12. Annie Erin Clarke AKA St.Vincent...'Go ahead pee in your Daddy Panties...Annie'
  13. I once sent a pair of my soiled panties to an old boyfriend. He liked to dangle them in the steam of a boiling kettle, he claimed that it brought about the musky odour of my pussy and pee.
  14. Jane Birkin...some of you might remember her banned hit Je t'aime moi non plus with Serge Gainsbourg in the 1970's. Bet her pee had a delightful 'French Tang' to it!
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