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  1. Whatever happened to the lovely UK models of 'Glimpse-It?'
  2. The wonderful world of urolagnia...
  3. Or you can get someone else to pee in your cupped hands!
  4. I must admit to placing my hand beneath me whilst urinating on a toilet. It's the flow of warm pee that I like. I've done this mainly in the privacy of my own home, but also in public conveniences. I've also started to do it on my morning run, when the weather is nice and warm, and I find my usual quiet spot behind a sheltered copse. I have tasted my pee too, licking my hand, smelling it, before wiping it with toilet paper, and washing them of course. Although on my run I take a packet of wet-wipes to clean up afterwards. Would like to hear if anyone else does it or has tried it, if so in what circumstances? The attached photograph is not me, but serves as an illustration of what I mean.
  5. A few years ago I had an interview for an administrative post in an Academy. I wasn't totally enamoured with the set up or the Head who interviewed me. Anyway, I arrived early and was ushered into a strange room, next door to another board room where staff seemed engaged in a meeting. It was quite a narrow room, with a sofa directly opposite a door with a Toilet sign. "Help yourself to Coffee or Tea", the secretary said pointing to a table with a kettle and coffee machine and array of mugs and cups. I sat down and waited for what seemed like an age, scrolling through emails on my phone. Then I heard the drag of chairs in the boardroom, as the meeting in the boardroom came to a close, staff disappeared, but one young woman came into the waiting room, and said 'Hi', before popping into the toilet. She closed the door, but the noise seemed amplified in there, and I heard the removal of clothing, the familiar gentle trickle followed by a more forceful hissing as her pee shot through the urethra. Then the sound of the toilet roll, paper being torn off, and the flush of the toilet. As she came out my eyes were drawn towards her midriff, as she patted down her skirt when she came out. Not long after, I was called in for my interview. I didn't get the post, but will always remember the wait for the interview!
  6. Game of Thrones, (On The Throne!). I became a late adopter of the HBO series, 'Game of Thrones', but now I'm really hooked and so looking forward to the finale in April. So many beautiful and sexy actresses in the series, which I must admit has been rather explicit for a TV series. Here are two who have 'bared' their flesh during the seasons, that I would love to see 'sat on the throne'. Charlotte Hope who played Myranda and Carice Van Houten as Melisandre.
  7. Yes, it does depend on the condition of the loo, with that in mind I like to adopt a position where my bum has no contact with the seat, so a 'hover', knees bent is the norm for me. It also depends on the clothes I'm wearing, jeans are difficult in that position, (a stray stream!), so too tights, which have to pulled down almost to the ankles to 'bend the knee'.
  8. Well, I'm lucky aren't I!? Shopping Malls are nice places, or toilets within stores; John Lewis, Marks and Spencer...here in the UK. Not only am I listening out for the urine being forced into the toilet pan, but it's also the rustle and snap of clothing, skirts, dresses, skinny jeans, tights and panties.
  9. Missed...or how difficult it is for woman to aim her stream directly into a wine glass.
  10. 'If you go down to the woods today...'
  11. One of my earliest memories of being urinated on, wearing denim shorts. It happened quite by accident, but it has stayed with me for years!
  12. Pissing with height and distance.
  13. Shampoo and Rinse. I shall bear these in mind the next time I visit my hairdresser...
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