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  1. Was this film shot in the Downing Street Garden? https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/Paqui-mmmmm ❤️❤️❤️😉😂👍🏼
  2. Ha! Thank you for proof reading! I stand corrected! 😉👍🏼❤️
  3. Sex Bizarre Seventeen A curious issue and worth seeking out the accompanying film; ‘Sexy Piss Story’ to compare the photo story in the magazine. In the film, two women seem to be reminiscing about a liaison in a public lavatory and being to arouse themselves by talking about it. We see none of this in the magazine, but the experience itself. It could be compared to an earlier issue of Sex Bizarre (6) where the notion of the glory hole is to be found in a toilet. As mentioned in my review of Issue six, the glory hole was to be used by gay men for sexual pleasure at a time when it was homos
  4. A...and I have a dog who likes to grab them and chew them up. Fascinating response BTW thanks to all!
  5. 'Up or Under?' That is the question! Also in some Hotels that I have stayed at, the loo roll is kind of tucked and folded...
  6. Oh! I didn't realise that there was this facility, thank you so much...looks like I can complete my collection! Thrilled!👍🏼😉
  7. I've really enjoyed reading this thread, I love an uncut penis...something to 'peel' back to reveal the big purple bulb. One of my favourite shots from Sex Bizarre One, the foreskin is pulled back partly.
  8. Sex Bizarre Sixteen Unable to locate scanned copies of Issues 14 and 15, quite possibly because they contain scatology. However one of the Theander Brothers key models features in a single lesbian story in this magazine. Published in 1976, ‘Pee Partners’ is the title of the story, continuing with the new format of text and image. Although most of the content of these magazines was shot in studios, it’s a change to see the action begin in an outdoor location. In this case we see the popular model, urinating at the side of the car in a wintery scene. There’s a rendezvous with another
  9. You can also find posts of the films on Eroprofile at the moment, including 'Piss Party', the filmed version of Sex Bizarre 10. https://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/IMG_0431-215
  10. Not at all, in fact Imagefap is a great source for Vintage magazines for those that want to follow up on my reviews to see the whole publication. XVideos for the films that accompany the stories in the magazines. https://www.xvideos.com/video18475693/cc_bestsellers_248_-_vintage-_piss_parties
  11. Sex Bizarre Thirteen We move into 1976 with the first publication of that year. As I understand it the UK was bathed in glorious sunshine during the long hot summer, my parents often remarked how the year lifted the political and social gloom of the 1970’s. Whether this aura had spread to Northern European countries your guess is as as good as mine. There is one story in the magazine, ‘The Pee Club’, again we are treated to a large gathering in an apartment adorned with 1970’s ornaments, I’m rather fond of the low accent light over the coffee table. I counted 8 people in all, all y
  12. They seem to fit nice and tight around her thighs and crotch, so of course Kupar, the sight of the pale yellow pee soaking that area would be joyful!
  13. It's been a while since I contributed to this thread. As you may have gathered I'm from the UK and an avid TV viewer. Amidst the awful and tragic events unfolding in the Ukraine over this last month I am always encouraged by the sight of a gorgeous BBC Correspondent like Jenny Hill reporting from Germany but now from Moscow...very brave Jenny! Now, have a nice tinkle for me!
  14. I've never given this issue a second thought, but I've often been surprised at how much toilet paper women use to wipe themselves after a pee. I'm basing my observations on two experiences; listening to the sheets unrolling in the cubicle next door to me in a public loo. Secondly, observing women in candid hidden toilet films and professional pee porn where women are filmed peeing on the loo. I've seen women literally wrap reams of paper around their hands before wiping, Me? I average three to four sheets for a dab...(to dab, or to wipe...?). I've also viewed hidden camera films, where women u
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