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  1. Anya Taylor-Joy...star of Peaky Blinders, The Queens Gambit, The Witch and many more TV shows and films.
  2. In restrospect the woman in 'Thirsty Lady' does look uncomfortable, not least having to taste urine. It is her second appearance in Sex Bizarre, her 'debut' is in Issue 31, where, again she looks reticent when the gardener pees on her. I'm guessing that she initially consented to the acts depicted in both stories, but may have been lulled into a false sense of security. In the magazines and films, I have observed the facial expressions on men and women when being pissed on and over, it's a good way of assessing the taste and smell of the experience, we are only engaged by sight.
  3. It would be interesting to guage the global reach of the magazine, how they were distributed and sold, it would also be a measure of how widespread the fetish is. In UK cities adult shops were granted a license from the local authorities on the understanding that they sold 'soft-core' publications and products. Hard core pornography was to be found 'under-the-counter', the owners took a risk in selling it and the shops were often raided. Supplies were provided again, and the whole procedure was repeated until the authorities gave in, and the magazines began to be openly displayed on the shelve
  4. Sex Bizarre Thirty Five Sex Bizarre was still being published as a quarterly magazine along with the other trail blazing titles like, Color Climax, Anal Sex and New Cunts. It was clear that the fetish of ‘water sports’ was a sustainable and viable subject for a pornographic magazine of quality. We’re so used to subscribing to media now, I do wonder whether fans of the magazine had the ability to ‘subscribe’. HM Customs were still doing checks at Border Control, so those living in countries like the UK took a risk in buying the magazine from countries like Germany, Holland and of co
  5. Ah, yes...a familiar face! Thank you for the interest and information. ❤️ I've yet to find the issue in question, as I'm currently working on those published in the 1980's.
  6. Yes,the woman in the blue dress is like an amiable 'Aunt!'
  7. I absolutely agree with what you have said about then and now...of course morbidly thinking, how many of them are alive? The notion that they retired or simply gave up after earning enough money, did they marry, have children, have 'respectable' careers. The only 'model' that you can actively trace career wise, is someone like Catherine Ringer, (Sex Bizarre 29). Their (The CC Corps) roster of models must have included those from across the globe and (maybe) some UK models...it's hard to guage. We're talking 40-50 odd years ago now, so it's highly likely that some of them are not around. The ot
  8. Sex Bizarre Thirty Four Published in 1983, the magazine continues with high value production, design and photography, there is no rival. Other producers, Milton’s Private magazine, for instance produced magazines of a similar quality, but focused on vanilla sex in exotic locations. At the beginning of Sex Bizarre there was a ‘Wanted’ ad, asking for models, so clearly there was some kind of recruiting drive going on. We do not know how many women sent their photos in the hope of ‘starring’ in their magazines, particularly one specialising in pissing. Could the model posi
  9. Currently watching 'Planet Sex with Cara Delevingne....' Would so love to see her Delevingne Minge peeing!
  10. S.Devon UK, I'm sure I've answered this one before?
  11. I've done it if there are no public conveniences nearby...on the beach, that it is! In a cool sea, the sensation can be quite thrilling! 😉
  12. Endlessly fascinated by the both the 'off-camera'- activity and the initial direction at the start of the shoot...you're right we shall never know. The viewer/consumer is led to believe that the thread is seamless. Sometimes, in mainstream televised and filmed action we are often treated to the cutting room floor outtakes. The CCC films were over-dubbed, often in German with muzak playing in the background. You would think that the players in these scenarios would sometimes ask for a towel, or be saying things like; "Please...not in my eyes!"
  13. Absolutely! But I also find the scene in Wild at Heart between Laura Dern and Willem Dafoe in the motel room, deeply troubling but incredibly erotic. Do you remember that she clicks her heels at the end of the assault, I always thought that it signified orgasm, but some critics now believe that it is a ref. to Dorothy in Wizard of Oz...
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