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  1. 'The Last Dinner Party' have received critical acclaim for their new album...each and every band member I'd like to see pissing, but especially the lead singer, Abigail Morris!
  2. I thought it was pretty obvious. Before the arrival of the internet this publication was the best and probably only magazine to focus on the fetish of urolagnia, the theme of this forum. That was reason enough to re-visit the issues and review them.
  3. Hi everyone! and belated New Year Greetings. I haven't posted a review for a while, so this one is the first of the New Year. If and when I have the time, I should like to continue working my way through the issues released in the late 1980's and into the 'Naughty Nineties'. I am still thrilled by discovering each issue as I work on it and enjoy writing my own narratives to each scenario in the magazines. So, without further ado here's the latest! Do feel free to comment as before! Sex Bizarre Forty Five There’s no date or contents page from the scan that I downloaded for this issue,
  4. I have been listening to Caroline Polachek's album, 'Desire, I Want To Turn Into You' this week...she could urinate in my mouth any day!
  5. A friend sent me a link to a series of images of Miley Cyrus pissing in a public space, I love her music and she exudes a slutty persona...who know whether they are fake or not, but I wouldn't put it past her!
  6. It's true that she looks removed and nonchalant in these shots. I think that she may well be a 'glamour' model, possibly UK, it's interesting that the rendezvous starts in a British telephone box. I also like the depiction of an older gent in the scenario.
  7. Sex Bizarre Forty Four During my visits to London in the 1980’s I noticed that the ancient red telephone boxes were festooned with prostitute calling cards. In the days before mobile phones and the internet, it was the punter’s method of connecting with women who sold sex. In the first story, ‘Pervert’s Thirst’, the first shot depicts a man using such a method, cut to a charming, natural redhead, in a relaxed pose flicking through a high-end fashion magazine taking the call. The man resembles a politician, not too far removed from the Tory minister Grant Schapps! It is a rare event
  8. Splendid, I shall dig a little to see if I can find those films...!
  9. Ah yes, Champagne Secret, it's ok, I decided to erase the title on my re-formatting, likewise 'Golden Girl', quite delightful isn't she...? so natural looking.
  10. Sex Bizarre Forty Three Mobile phones as big as bricks, shoulder pads, big hair, Princess Diana, Duran Duran, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, The Sony Walkman, Big Hair, Wham, these are just a handful of things that were signifiers of the 1980’s. At the start of the decade, (I was only five years old!) I noticed that the film, American Gigolo was released starring Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton. I have since watched the film on TV numerous times and have to say that I developed a bit of a crush on Gere! When looking at the first story in Issue 43, ‘Wet Orgasms’, the m
  11. This film might give you an insight into the history of pornography in Denmark. https://xhamster.com/videos/the-first-porn-cinema-in-denmark-xhmkuP7
  12. Have to say that I am considering compiling a series of photographs of women's facial expressions as they take a 'copious' stream of piss in their faces and indeed, mouths!
  13. Not that I'm aware but I do have a contact in Norway who has carried out fairly extensive research on the Color Climax Corporation, however it is clear that there was a sea-change in the publications during the 1980's in terms of the design, print, layout and of course locations and models.
  14. Sex Bizarre Forty Two Published in May 1987, the opening story, ‘Golden Games’ is set in a Spanish resort and features one of the most attractive female models from that period. My research has revealed that Peter Theander had fallen out with his brother over the direction of the corporation, as far as I am aware it was Peter that was pushing the publications into more exotic locations and embracing the German publishers and models. Golden Games is a typical Peter Theander production, as the girl is picked up at the airport by two men who take her to a Villa for sex that results in
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