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  1. Going back to the originator's question concerning the decrease of pee porn, you could put forward an argument to say that the opposite has taken place. My question would be; Has there been a decrease in the quality of pee porn out there? As you know I have been reviewing the Sex Bizarre magazine on this forum. The earliest edition being published in about 1972/73, over half a century ago! Of course, the act was regarded as Taboo, even though the human race has participated in the practice since the cavemen! Forums like this have helped enormously in the dissemination of information around pee
  2. 'Gleeful' is how I might describe the bubbly blonde..."gleefully spraying her urine everywhere", is how I might describe some of her scenes.
  3. Sex Bizarre Fifty 1990, The year in which Deee-Lite was topping the charts with ‘Groove Is In The Heart’, The Happy Monday’s were breaking through and Madonna was ‘Vogueing’. Also, of course the year in which Sex Bizarre reached its fiftieth celebratory issue. Only it was business as usual for the Danish/German conglomerate with no attempt to mark the milestone. If it was me on the Editorial Team I might have dedicated a few pages to past glories, perhaps reflecting on the models who have appeared on the pages, and looking at past designs. Oh, well, perhaps I shall one day try do
  4. As I said, when the publishing moved to Germany the models became more 'professional', so you are right to observe a lack of interest, or a sense of 'going through the motions'. Having said that these later issues were worth having, because you just might find an inkling of genuine engagement.
  5. I have seen the 'massage parlour' film, I think I downloaded it on XHamster, but it was one film in a series or Programme. After the demise of the 8mm film stock, they (CCC) transferred the original films to VHS tapes and later DVD's. Like all moving image technology pornography kept up with the changes.
  6. Sex Bizarre Forty Nine The first issue of 1990, a new decade that will see a significant change in the UK government. Whether this signifies a shift in legislation regarding pornography is hard to say, I have anecdotal evidence that Adult Shops in the UK were openly selling hard-core porn from continental Europe, providing they were discreet, many of the shops did not display anything in the windows and were licensed by the local authorities. One user writes: 'I continued to visit at least three shops on the periphery of the City where I lived, you took your chances, ho
  7. Hope to keep this thread alive, the last post was April 23rd! I've been reading mixed reviews of Francis Ford Coppola's new film 'Megalopolis'. Premiered at the Cannes Festival the film stars the delightful 'Aubrey Plaza', I saw her in the second season of The White Lotus playing a very sexy lady. So, without further ado, I'd simply like to be in the stall next door to her as she relieved herself hard and noisy...Here's a few choice pics.
  8. The scanned versions of SB are often incomplete in terms of the spermy dénouement, which is invariably disappointing because I do like to see a good ejaculation occurring after the pissing action.
  9. The film is 'Piss Service' Here's a link on XHamster. https://xhamster.com/videos/tiny-tove-piss-service-13874916
  10. Sex Bizarre Forty-Eight. The first photo from the opening story, ‘Paying for Piss’ has a road sign in the distance that says Guildford and Portsmouth, A3. Obvious reference too the fact that it was shot in the UK, with a strong possibility that the models were also British. Not the for the first time either, and the chap in the story seems to be English too. It all points to the fact that the ‘Corporation’ was daring to have a presence in other countries and recruiting from Denmark, Spain, Germany, Holland and the UK. ‘Paying for Piss’ is a straight-forward exchange between a punte
  11. I like the way he opens her up, so we see right inside her delightful pussy...
  12. Sex Bizarre Forty Seven The front page on this issue is worth deconstructing, albeit simply and obviously. The magazines in the 1980’s really do reflect the cultural changes globally, particularly in popular music. So with that in mind, Madonna and early Kylie Minogue come to mind when I see the young blonde with her tongue out looking directly at the camera and telling us what she is capable of, to her left a semi-hard penis is releasing a steady stream of urine that caresses her tongue. Her hair is tousled, blonde and held in check with a gold head band. The ear-rings are large,
  13. Yes, my research suggests that it was difficult to acquire these magazines. Other's I have spoken to, used the postal system, either ordering direct by using the video/film indexes that CCC published in these magazines, or by risking ordering through small ads in Men's Magazines like 'Escort' and 'Razzle'. Some used Accommodation Addresses, so that the magazine wasn't delivered direct to their homes and could use an anonymous name, I have a nice anecdote on that method when I review SB.47. BTW so glad to have a kindred spirit on this forum! X
  14. Sex Bizarre Forty Six As in the previous issue, it’s hard to discern the publication date of this magazine, but we can speculate that it was sometime during 1988/89. Initial browsing suggests that it was a classic for the time, there’s the odd caveat on the cover; ‘Wet Sex Special’, as if drawing in new readers for the contents inside. If you have followed this thread you will know that I am always interested in how the magazine was distributed and it’s destination, particularly here in the UK. Here is one anecdote that I have managed to pick up during my on-line communications. It
  15. 'The Last Dinner Party' have received critical acclaim for their new album...each and every band member I'd like to see pissing, but especially the lead singer, Abigail Morris!
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