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  1. greedyneedygirl

    Ever held back?

    I'd like to think that I have no taboos, but would also welcome more analysis on the nature of 'art' and 'porn'. Urolagnia is clearly a fetish, held and practiced by those contributing to this forum. The moderators have set there own boundaries, yet we do have a section where we can discuss issues outside the main topic. It's late, and I've just opened a thread called the 'Art of Pee', so I hope my comments and contributions on here are useful.
  2. greedyneedygirl

    Art of Pee

    I'm sure there has been a thread with many examples of how urolagnia and art 'meet'. But let's mark out some definitions, perhaps we need to identify and separate the 'erotic' from the 'porn' Is the example I give art or porn? I would argue that it is both, look at the lighting for instance, that is a decision the photographer has made, how the light 'sculpts' along the sensuous line of the female body. The way the pubic area is lit, a natural blonde? Then there's the vessel, glass, it also alludes to some kind of chemistry equipment, or even medical. If it is pornography, then it is in the very act of pissing, itself private, personal, the last taboo. Yet we do not identify the model, we do not see her face, we are drawn to the body, and as such the objectification of the body. Was there consent? Was she paid? We take the image out of context, but we also feed our own lusts. The urine is golden, it streams in two directions, I try to imagine the sound, both of the liquid gathering in the vessel, and the soft hiss of the stream forced through the urethra. Our retinal gaze is satisfied, the rest is up to our imagination.
  3. greedyneedygirl

    Chamber Pots

    When I was young, I remember my Mother having to stay in hospital for a long term illness, and the birth of my brother. During that time I stayed with my Grandparents and Father. My Grandparents bedroom was 'out of bounds', but once I saw my Grandmother carrying an antique porcelain chamber pot into the bathroom, it was obvious she was emptying it, as I heard the splash of water, and the flushing of the toilet. I think that the experience may have started a fetish for the 'piss-pot!'
  4. greedyneedygirl

    peeing on tv

    I've just read a review of the new BBCTV series, Picnic at Hanging Rock, based upon the original film by the Australian Director, Peter Wier. Allegedly, in the first episode there's an incident involving a Chamber Pot, I will catch up with the series, but just wondered whether anyone had seen it on this forum?
  5. greedyneedygirl

    A Field In England

    I was thinking of that film...shot in black and white, but the Director's name evades me at the moment, did he direct Hi-Rise?
  6. greedyneedygirl

    Erectile Function

    Guys...tell me, can you pee with a hard-on? In pee porn I see a mix of the two scenarios, hard and soft...what is easier? Do you think male porn models who pee with an erection take viagra?
  7. greedyneedygirl

    A Field In England

    This was taken on a walk from Henley-In-Arden to Preston Baggot in Warwickshire, England last weekend. We are enjoying a fine heatwave at the moment, but when you are caught short with no loos around, well, why not!? My question; Does heat increase the libido or not? For me, I get more hornier in the Summer, perhaps it's because there is so much to see, as clothes become more 'skimpy' and 'revealing.
  8. greedyneedygirl

    Backyard peeing

    Oh gosh, about 10/11 years old, and no with nothing available to wipe myself, I simply pulled my knickers up.
  9. Where are the guys? Ok, my actors are Johnny Depp and Ray Liotta, both 'mean motherfuckers!!'
  10. Actress? Charlotte Rampling please!
  11. greedyneedygirl


    Legal or not, sometimes serendipity rules, like the fortuitous glimpse at a festival I went to last weekend.
  12. I do love threads like this, so for my first choice, I'm going off piste, (excuse pun!) and I'm going to select 'Lucy' of the ill-fated 'Swallow-My-Cum' website. Not 'strictly' a porn star as such, but she certainly was dedicated to her 'craft'. She went a little further than pissing, but that's another subject not for this forum. Have to say also that I was on the verge of meeting her for some fun in Devon, one phone call away, but unfortunately it fell through.
  13. greedyneedygirl

    Fitting Rooms?

    No, but I used to work in a High Street Fashion Store back in my student days, and I can bear witness to it happening, as we had to clear it up when we closed at the end of the day. I can only think that the person who did it may have had a grudge against the store!
  14. greedyneedygirl

    Watching the Water Turn Yellow

    Some from me, taken yesterday.