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  1. Hey everyone, I am visiting Manchester next week and have been before, my question is, where are some good spots to see some sightings? Or to find people interested in this topic? It has been quite some time (years) since I last indulged in piss play and saw a woman piss in front of me rather than porn, just want to experience some of those thrills again and thought what better way to do it then in a city nobody knows me and will afterwards haha.
  2. The first time I realised was in my teens and was watching my girlfriend at the time (only girlfriend who has been into it) it all started one day when we drove back to hers, she didn’t say she needed to pee or anything but as I was getting something out of the drivers seat in the car I just suddenly heard this hissing sound then a flow of liquid running past my feet, this was on our drive which was quite big and on a hill, never knew I was into it before that but got turned on by the sound and thought it was just the sound that excited me. go a couple days later and we pull up on
  3. Hey all, been a while since iv been on this site due to being rather busy, unfortunately I have not participated in any pee activities with any female for over 5 years now and could really do with watching some nice female piss anywhere but a toilet in person, but doubt that will happen anytime soon haha. Hope you are all well and getting plenty of pee activities going.
  4. Spending a night in a hotel room where she just freely pisses everywhere in the room while I watch
  5. Haha is that you offering Alice? 😏🤣
  6. Hey all, im staying in a hotel in hull on Saturday, got me thinking a lot, I would love there to be a bottomless female in the room all day and just casually pissing all over the room where and when she wants but no use of the toilet is allowed for pee, would be an amazing fantasy of mine but it will only stay that way haha
  7. How about going in your car? Something like the glove compartment or over your dashboard?
  8. Some great answers there everyone :) I love hearing about everyone’s pee experiences
  9. Wow some great answers there :) I love when women pee on the floor my favourite place to watch them go :) you should try post pics and vids on here (whenever your comfortable of course) this is the one place you won’t be judged on it at least. But I’m sure you have a great body and that :)
  10. Ideally start in a bar get a few drinks and get to know each other, then just see where the day/night takes us
  11. Hey everyone, got a few questions for you all both men and ladies which I’m sure you’ll enjoy answering. 1. Do you ever feel like when you need to pee you don’t want to have to get up and go to the toilet so you just go where you are situated? 2. Do you ever have days where you just never want to piss in the toilet? 3. Do you have a certain spot where you pee when your most horny? 4. Where is your favourite place to pee? 5. Do you ever feel like life would be better just peeing anywhere but the toilet? 6. Do
  12. Yeah Caligula is an amazing film I love it, just wish there was a movie out there similar situation where there are no toilets so there would be more piss scenes haha
  13. What other movies of tinto brass have female piss scenes in?
  14. Hi, has any seen the movie Caligula? Love that movie and was thinking I would of loved to have a modern remake where there is more piss scenes as back then they didn’t have toilets, shaven pussys and more piss scenes would be a great movie in my opinion haha
  15. I have a dog who persistently requires to be out, we have an outhouse on the back of our house which leads to a big garden, if required when letting the dog out there is a drain right beside the outback to garden door so if needs be (daily) I just piss against the wall down onto the drain
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