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  1. Pissobsessed

    Snapchat pissing!

    Cagewarrior add me up ladies would love to swap pissing vids and pics
  2. Pissobsessed


    Hi I’m wondering if any girls would like to add me on snapchat and we can pee for each other?
  3. Pissobsessed

    Miss pee erome

    I noticed on erome I’m miss piss profile that one of her videos she says she took on snapchat, does anyone happen to have her snapchat?
  4. Pissobsessed

    Any ladies in north east UK into pee?

    Ah nice Sophie, I’m from north east looking for someone to have some pee fun with, understand you not wanting to say exactly where you are
  5. I’m reaching out to see if any ladies in here are from UK or even the north east of the UK?
  6. Pissobsessed

    Where would you see me pee?

    I am also really looking forward to these videos
  7. Pissobsessed

    Where would you see me pee?

    Love this thread gave me so many hard ons and your body is beautiful
  8. Pissobsessed

    Group meeting in Northumberland

    It's not I'm afraid it's the surrounding areas of Newcastle upon tyne
  9. Pissobsessed

    Naughty places to pee - the percentage count

    1. Carpet/Rug 2. Sofa/Couch 3. Armchair 5. Sink 6. Shower/Bath 7. Bed 8. Bathroom floor 9. Kitchen floor 1o. Beer, wine, or champagne glass 16. Kitchen counter 19. On clothing My percentage? 55%
  10. Pissobsessed

    Group meeting in Northumberland

    Looking to get a group meeting in Northumberland, both guys and girls (mostly girls) if anyone is up for it I would love to get this going ;)
  11. Pissobsessed


    Hey nice to talk to you :) I'm happy to hear your stories ;)
  12. Pissobsessed


    Hey ramster nice to talk to you, where in north east are you? I'm in Northumberland. You make or female?
  13. Pissobsessed

    Hey Hey from up North, I'm new here :)

    I'm from Northumberland nice to see local people even if you are city's away haha
  14. Looking for any girls in the Newcastle upon Tyne or Carlisle areas and in between for some pee fun
  15. Pissobsessed

    Male from Northumberland UK

    Hi I'm new here I have had a piss fetish for as long as I can remember got into it as a young teen and never looked back, love piss play and anything to do with pissing, I have yet to find any girls anywhere near me that are in to this so if your up for it then let me know ;)