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  1. Wow your pussy is gorgeous and I love watching you pee
  2. Never done it but would love to share the experience with someone, woman can watch me do it then I can watch the woman do it, sexy as hell haha would love to witness it face to face a opposed to just videos haha
  3. Spending a night in a hotel room where she just freely pisses everywhere in the room while I watch
  4. Haha is that you offering Alice? 😏🤣
  5. Hey all, im staying in a hotel in hull on Saturday, got me thinking a lot, I would love there to be a bottomless female in the room all day and just casually pissing all over the room where and when she wants but no use of the toilet is allowed for pee, would be an amazing fantasy of mine but it will only stay that way haha
  6. Wow loved this one 🙂 would love to find where I could see more of this.
  7. How about going in your car? Something like the glove compartment or over your dashboard?
  8. Hi, not sure if it’s an actual thing, but are there any explicit comic books or graphic novels so to speak that have women peeing and show it explicitly? I doubt there is but thought it would be pretty cool
  9. Some great answers there everyone :) I love hearing about everyone’s pee experiences
  10. Wow some great answers there :) I love when women pee on the floor my favourite place to watch them go :) you should try post pics and vids on here (whenever your comfortable of course) this is the one place you won’t be judged on it at least. But I’m sure you have a great body and that :)
  11. I’m loving the comic themed ones 😏
  12. Ideally start in a bar get a few drinks and get to know each other, then just see where the day/night takes us
  13. Nope been a lonnngggggg time for me 😔 around 6 years roughly, would love nothing more than to watch a woman pee infront of me right now

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