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  1. I have never done this and don’t really pee on things. However if I did this I’d want to hold it close against me as I peed straight into it and then grind against it until I orgasm.
  2. Ooooops sorry, didn’t even think it could be seen as humiliating. No, it was on purpose and a huge turn on. I had been paddle boarding and fell in unexpectedly and ended up having to come home with no underwear on as didn’t take spare. So I was wearing jogging bottoms and crocs and quickly stopped in to pick up a prescription and some lunch. The commando free feeling was turning me on a bit and I was stood in the pharmacy waiting for my prescription. I caught sight of the adult diapers and it made me think of pee, I already had a fairly full bladder and my mind was now thinking about being hor
  3. If wetting counts then I’ve done it in a pharmacy and a supermarket.
  4. I bought a pack to try once. The first time I used one I ended up falling asleep and having the best nap after as the warmth was very comforting. I’m not into anything baby though, it was just a way to wet without the mess!
  5. I have quite a few sex toys and enjoy them! I prefer clit ones rather than anything that inserts
  6. I’m straight but the thought of this turns me on and I think it’d make me cum too!
  7. Bathroom door shut and locked by everyone in the house here. Kids usually bash the door open when I’m in there and just walk in to show me something. But no one interrupts anyone else lol
  8. Not the answer you want but I’ve just waited until I’ve got home and used the toilet. You don’t have to instantly pee to avoid a uti so never felt the need to pee anywhere else in that situation
  9. Depends what you count. Peeing nude it would have to be the woods during the day with people walking near by then I masterbated as I was horny. If you count wetting then I’ve done it in spurts walking round a busy supermarket with people stood right by me. And a full wetting would be in the dark on a railway bridge as people were walking over or once in a dark car park with a car nearby. I peed and was so drenched I stripped off bottom naked, peed the remainder of my bladder stood naked then got in my car, masterbated and left.
  10. I’m glad she was ok with you peeing and not kink shaming you, but I think you need to be careful here. There is a difference between doing a bodily function you can’t control in front of her and talking about your kink and working through that side of things with her, and using your sessions to experiment with your kink and getting sexual pleasure from it. If you cross over into the using it for experimenting and sexual pleasure I think she will ask you to either stop or at worst might stop seeing you. Therapists aren’t there for that, but they are there to talk through the feelings openly abo
  11. @Bacardi yup if I sit a while then I can always get another trickle or spurt out!
  12. I’m female and I have always done this. I pee and then when I stop I push a few times just to check my bladder is empty. When pregnant I’d also lean forward and try pushing again as that sometimes released a bit more (assume baby was pushing on bladder). Not emptying your bladder fully can lead to infections so it’s probably a good habit anyway.
  13. We definitely need to hear about more play dates!!
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