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  1. I really don’t have an issue with the word bladder. However now you’ve made me think of the term “bladdered” which means extremely Drunk. Is that related to the bladder in that they’d also have a full bladder due to drinking so much or maybe so drunk they will lose control of their bladder. Or is it totally unrelated?
  2. I don’t recall ever seeing my mum or dad pee, although must have done when really tiny and had to go to public toilets with them. However my kids have seen me pee loads. Not necessarily by choice but started as taking the baby with me to keep him safe and entertained and then they just got used to following me and would bang the door if I locked it. They didn’t want to watch me, they just wanted to be able To keep talking to me or ask my help or things. This stopped as they got older and wanted their own privacy as they then respected mine and would just yell through the door. Haha
  3. I enjoy wetti g myself sometimes, love the feeling of that warmth and just letting go.
  4. How do you stop the smell? I got a small amount in my shoe after wetting a while ago, I immediately put them in the washing machine with a lot of cleaning products but they still smelt. In the end I washed them 5 times and used every detergent and scent buster I could but I could still smell it and had to bin them! I couldn’t even have them in the house as the whole room would smell of it! It wasn’t even that much that got on them!
  5. I personally would never inflict it on anyone else as I feel that’s out of order. I wouldn’t like it if someone came into my house and broke something, or pooped on something and to other people peeing may not be any different. If I knew the other person wouldn’t mind and were into it as well then I might consider it but I’d have to be sure what they were and weren’t happy with.
  6. Could have been a mild UTI or could have been an anxiety thing. Both fairly common. Glad it didn’t last too long for you though.
  7. I doubt there will be an adult sized one as adults would use a toilet, commode, bed pan, chamber pot etc. However you could contact someone with a 3D printer and ask for a custom made one. No idea what it’d cost but you could then get it made to spec.
  8. She might have been constipated and struggled to go but NEEDed to?! I don’t know but I doubt anyone would choose to sit in an airplane toilet for fun! For some reason she needed to be in there. min general the answer is that some girls go to touch up makeup, freshen up, some may choose to pee before leaving somewhere just to make sure they won’t be desperate later if they can’t find a toilet, some just go with friends so they aren’t left alone.
  9. I have given them a go but I am not a huge fan overall. I feel self conscious wearing them as they are huge and bulky and I feel like a baby or old woman 🤣 and I’m not I to that side of things. I definitely wouldn’t wear them outside the house as I think people would notice and I have to say I can smell the pee / diaper after I’ve wet it so others must be able to as well! But it is good for wetting without the clean up. They are much better for ongoing small trickles then a hold and release though as they tend to flood if you do that.
  10. Except I can’t pee while sitting unless it’s a toilet lol
  11. That doesn’t seem too hygienic, a basin in the same room makes sense
  12. A large jug for sure so I can relax and know I won’t overflow it! Lol
  13. I wonder if this is where my capacity came from?! I never used to go to the toilet at school and just held it all day until I got home.
  14. Yeh I’ve had a few fails. I didn’t think I needed to go too much, grabbed my glass from my bedside table to have a lazy pee, but quickly heard the sound of the pee getting high in the glass and knew I was no where near finished. Had to stop and balance the pee in the glass to get to my toilet while still needing to pee. Decided to empty it and fill it again, in the end I filled and emptied it 4 times and then got frustrated and couldn’t stop anymore so peed on the bathroom floor over the drain. Lol
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