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  1. "Hey Mira, isn't that your ex at table 6?" "Ugh, Brian's back? What a creep! He's been doing this for weeks now." "If only there was someway we could make get him outta here." "...Hey Izzy, don't you think his grilled chicken could use some more... homemade sauce?" "Ooo, good thinking! I'll go ask if he wants a refill on his lemonade."
  2. Disclaimer: Story contains watersports, sex, and trans & cis women partaking in naughty peeing. All characters are 18+ As I toss and turn half in a dream about jet-skiing in Honolulu and half awake. I can faintly feel something warm on my ass. As the dream fades from my mind, I feel it creep up towards my back. Eventually I turn so I’m lying on my back and just as I start to open my eyes, I feel a beam of hot water hit my face. No surprise it’s Elise, standing above me on her phone in one hand and her dick pointed at me in the other. Elise is my girlfriend, and in only a c
  3. For me it's never been much of a secret. For a lot of my adolescence I didn't even know my attraction to piss was considered a kink. Additionally my group of friends now is very open when talking about sex (hell a few of my friends are past partners of mine) so kinks aren't much of a taboo topic. Pretty much all my friends know my kink and give me shit for it whenever possible (playfully, of course). I've also been pretty upfront about it with most of my partners. None of them so far have been willing or able to participate in it with me but I'm still holding out hope, lol.
  4. When I was in college I loved going out with my girlfriend at the time, not just because she was fun to be around but because I knew I'd go back to my dorm with some batshit insane story to tell. One night my girlfriend Sarah*, her friend Lola*, and I drove out to a church near campus to smoke in the parking lot. Sarah was pretty unfiltered when talking to me but Lola had her beat in that regard. By this point Sarah had known about my kink for some time (and I suspect Lola might have too considering how close they were). Eventually Lola got up from the curb we were sitting on and announce
  5. I tried to make an edit that was more grammatically consistent, let me know your thoughts. Sorry if I took too many liberties! This story includes nonchalant peeing, naughty pee, golden showers, sex, public peeing, pee drinking, and vulgar language. Everyone in this story is 18+ Part One: I was dreaming as a voice spoke to me “You are now banned from using a toilet ever again. But you are allowed to pee anywhere you desire without anybody stopping you. Anybody who tries to stop you will be reported to the authorities since your peeing is divine and
  6. Chapter 3: Duty Calls As the two watch the sun slowly crawl down the dimming sky Patty notices a distinctive carriage cross the cobblestone streets. “Ugh, aristocrats. Think they’re hot shit with the money they use to gussy themselves up instead of helping the needy.” Celeste hadn’t seen Patty filled with such principled disgust before. “They deny needs from others for their own gain?” Celeste asks, genuinely puzzled. “Pretty much, but their timing’s pretty good right now. Watch this!” Patty clamors onto the windowsill, this time adopting a squat facing towards the str
  7. Chapter 2: The Rising Sun Contains: Sex, public urination, piss vandalism Celestenne woke up the next morning, the night before being foggy in her memory. However, what she did remember sparked immense joy; her mortal form explored the depths of Patricia’s body and she returned the favor. Presently, she rolled over in the feathery queen-sized bed to see Patty herself, lying asleep above the covers due to the heat, with beautiful olive skin, shapely breasts, and an immaculately manicured pussy with dried juices. Celeste wanted nothing more than to make this paragon of mortal-kind her
  8. Well I feel like a dunce! That ellipsis in the middle was a placeholder for a sex scene I was going to write but I accidentally published it as is! I'll have to update that later, apologies on my behalf folks! Lol
  9. Contains: Public urination, Piss vandalism, Watersports, Celestenne did not have much responsibility nor privilege amongst those of the Heavenly Plane and as such her work was often the most menial. Look through the Pool of Extraterrestrial Examination (or PEE as most know it) and make sure mortal harvests are bountiful, get rid of any animals with human parts or humans with animal parts, the basic stuff. But while skimming the farmlands, Celestenne let the pool’s eye wander and she found a commune the likes of which she had never seen. It was named in her honor and had a statue e
  10. Wow, log in after a while to find this gem. Fantastic work! Upper-class suburbia is such a good setting that it's a shame it doesn't get used that much to my knowledge. Keep up the great writing!
  11. Full disclosure, I am addicted to soft drinks. And combined with living in a place where it takes about an hour drive to get anywhere good it can be... a struggle to say the least. I really need to quit but then I wouldn't have these fun stories to tell! On one occasion I was sitting in the third row of my brother's car after having downed a 32 oz. We were on a street that I swear had four or five red lights back to back, it was agonizing. We weren't eve halfway home when I was full to bursting. Luckily my brother had the radio on loud enough that he couldn't hear me in the back ro
  12. Shoulda posted something on here earlier but oh well. Hi, you can call me Nick (usually use "he/him" but I'm not picky)! Been into the "naughty peeing" scene for a while and I've been on & off writing a couple of stories of my own. Bi, by the way
  13. I love me some socialist and LGBT positive content and love me some piss content so you're like my hero, ngl.
  14. The Hamilton Ridge Vandal Part II: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Before leaving the classroom, I made the bold decision to ball up my sticky pair of panties and stash them in my dress shirt. I mean can you believe it? The goodie-goodie, Annie Wilkins leaving school commando after taking a piss in a classroom! God, every part of me was on fire. No way I wasn’t relieving some of this pent-up horniness when I got bac
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