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  1. Another great story! Really like to see your writing style come into its own 😊
  2. Oh? Does this mean you plan to do more with this story/character? I know you don't tend to do "series" or sequels to your stories but I wouldn't be opposed to seeing more of Rowena. I don't mean to pressure you of course, Lord knows I can't maintain momentum with a series to save my life 😖 I do love this one tho, great work as always!
  3. AHHH, OMG! I know you told me this story but I still can't get over how cool it is! I'm so happy for you, B! Keep on being a badass But remember to invite me next time 😘
  4. Yeah, I feel the same way. I'd love to cuddle my friends, tend to their needs, and sleep with em' if they want (literally sleep with them, not sexually)
  5. Aww, this was a cute chapter! Thanks for sharing @morty98
  6. Great job for your first time! I'd recommend splitting things up into smaller paragraphs to make it easier to digest. Also maybe add a little bit more description to the peeing and masturbation scenes. Not always needed necessarily, but a sentence or two of detail can go a long way. As for ideas, most of the prime places for vandalism have been well trodden but I'd love to hear your take on them. House parties, beaches, airports/airplanes, hotel rooms, etc. If you have any more extreme or interesting ideas, I'd love to see em' but whatever you decide to do next I'm sure you'll do gre
  7. As a gift to my PFF @Bacardi I decided to do a tribute to her piss art by doing my own. Working with a different brush, my piece is a bit more impressionist than B's but I think it turned out quite nice ☺️. When I was stripping out of my clothes for the day and about to put on my pajamas I still had Bacardi's art on my mind and a large soda in my bladder so that was when I had a thought and picked a spot close to the corner of my bedroom (didn't wanna walk over the wet spot in the middle of the night) At first when I let go I tried to keep it small, squatted low to the ground and o
  8. Oh, you flatter me B 🥰 But right back atcha, I'd gladly pee with you! Only had an IRL friend look out for me while I peed or vice versa about once or twice.
  9. Ah I see! I didn't know that, actually, nice!
  10. How so? Now you're gonna have to explain the joke to me, lol
  11. Yup! It's a button of the transgender pride flag
  12. Wow, a lot more 20s than I thought! Nothing wrong with that of course, I've only ever slept in the nude once or twice after sex and it was alright. Also realized I lied when I said I'd worn all of em' to bed though. As someone whose worn bras during the day I can't imagine having to sleep in one, ugh
  13. Sorry I missed this B, hope you always know you're a valued and respected member of the community 😘❤️ I can still see the heart even if it looks more like a mushroom cloud now, lol. Great work! Hope you get more shots at practicing 😊
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