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  1. Recently I've been really enjoying this queer erotica series I found on Twitter! It's called Soft Drop and by an artist who goes by Welcome_to_Heaven. The series is mostly novelized with some images and interactive elements to break things up (a Homestuck-like if you will. If you won't, that's probably for the best) It follows a handful of characters, bouncing between them each chapter and they're mostly episodic so you can just read about the pairings you wanna see if you prefer. Despite some of its bleaker story elements I still find it to be a feel-good series because it's all a
  2. Aww, likewise B! 😘 It has been a while, hasn't it?
  3. I take it with me to the nearest trash
  4. I have a pack just like those in the picture in my purse at all times. They're multipurpose but so far I've only used them for wiping
  5. Didn't feel like walking all the way downstairs to go last night. Luckily I still have my laundry basket up here so I decided to break new ground with Nikki's very first laundry pee! It's a tall basket so I tried to sit atop it like a regular toilet, although the plastic rim hurt my butt, so I opted to try and hover above it instead. I had laid my towels on the top layer to absorb most of it and swayed my hips as I pissed to avoid soaking one spot too much. This did also cause me to misfire and hit the carpet a few times... a lot of times, tho luckily it wasn't concentrated enough to make a bi
  6. "We should probably get out of the bath soon, I'm turning into a prune and the water's getting cold." "If I heat up the water do you promise to cuddle me just a liiittle bit longer?" "How are you supposed to reach the faucet if I'm cuddling you?" "Faucet?"
  7. I think the funniest case of this I've seen is someone finding a car that was already plastered in far right political bumper stickers and adding a "Student Driver" sticker on it.
  8. Hello, I'm genderfluid! Welcome to the community. I know of a couple other trans community members here but I'll wait for them to introduce themselves if they wish. Rest assured you're not alone, wishing you the best! ❤️
  9. Love the descriptive imagery in this one! Great work ❤️
  10. Yes! I was hoping this story would come back soon! I don't know if you plan to make more parts but you've done a wonderful job yet again ☺️
  11. Hey B! I'm doing great, no worries! Yesterday I just landed in Germany so I could visit my relatives for the holidays. It's my first time traveling internationally!!! Wish u were here 🫤 Nonetheless I've been having a great time so far! Thanks for asking, hun😘
  12. Another great story! Really like to see your writing style come into its own 😊
  13. Oh? Does this mean you plan to do more with this story/character? I know you don't tend to do "series" or sequels to your stories but I wouldn't be opposed to seeing more of Rowena. I don't mean to pressure you of course, Lord knows I can't maintain momentum with a series to save my life 😖 I do love this one tho, great work as always!
  14. AHHH, OMG! I know you told me this story but I still can't get over how cool it is! I'm so happy for you, B! Keep on being a badass But remember to invite me next time 😘
  15. Aww, this was a cute chapter! Thanks for sharing @morty98
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