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    - I will try to post often because people watching me makes me hard.

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    Peeing anywhere that is not the toilet.
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    My parents have a backyard pool, so one day I went out fully nude and laid in one of their loungers and masturbated and after I had finished I laid there and took a long piss all over myself and the lounger.

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  1. I was bold and decided to pee in a parking lot next to a busy road. I was completely nude from waist down and I squatted and took a long pee, cars were passing the entire time. I accidentally dropped my shorts into my pee puddle trying to get them back on; so I had to drive home with only a shirt on.
  2. I held for a couple hours to make it really yellow because it turns me on more if has a good color to it.
  3. This happened a few years ago. I decided I would hold my pee until I leaked, I'm usually bursting to pee when I wake up so holding was a bit of a challenge; but I managed to hold well into the afternoon. Relief came when I took my shower that day. I pee in the shower every time, so holding in the shower was even more difficult, my bladder was aching. Finally when I was soaping my body, my bladder just let go and I just started peeing without end, the longest pee of my life. The feeling of holding so long then just peeing without intending to was so hot.
  4. Thank you! That's my hope too. ☺️
  5. I have recently uploaded 2 videos of me peeing, link in my bio on my page, and collectively the videos have over 100 views. The thought of people watching me pee really makes me horny. I'm so glad I decided to go all in and feed my kinkier sides. 😉
  6. I tried something new today. I decided to piss in the sink while brushing my teeth. I pissed the entire time I brushed, over a minute. I really enjoyed the experience, I felt so free and relaxed just letting go while doing something else. I will definitely start to piss freely during my morning routine from now on.
  7. Male, I pee in shower so much that showering makes me need to go lol. as for the sink I just peed in the sink recently and took pics.
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