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    Peeing anywhere that is not the toilet.
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    My parents have a backyard pool, so one day I went out fully nude and laid in one of their loungers and masturbated and after I had finished I laid there and took a long piss all over myself and the lounger.

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  1. I'm going to form the food item fucking research team, for science of course 😉
  2. Fairly easily apparently, juding by the video, lol
  3. I nutted to a transsexual girl fucking a cup of noodles, after I couldnt decide if that was a new kink for me or not 🤣
  4. Another walk but this time I wore a shirt that barely covered my cock. It was raining so I pissed on a house instead of the street.
  5. I took a walk in the early morning, I wore a long shirt and nothing else. I just started walking down my street and when the need came I lifted my shirt to expose my cock and started pissing. I left a long pee trail down the street. When I got home I stripped and did laundry fully nude while stroking my cock.
  6. I peed on some towel while on the toilet, I think next time I'll not put the towels down.
  7. My attempt failed, hope you have suceess. lol.
  8. I have laid down in the bathtub and peed all over myself and in my mouth, it was a lot of fun.
  9. I peed in some cups while I was cleaning them.
  10. I never have to force it out, my problem has always been stoping, I've never been able to let out a little or stop entirely. Once I start I can't stop, lol.
  11. I really enjoy walking around while I pee, and I want to know if other people like it too?
  12. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. Also I'm not renaming anything for purposes of discretion, for those members that need it.
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