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    Average guy, joined this site to explore my kinks that I'd been suppressing. Kinda new to pee and open to experiencing as much as possible.

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    Peeing anywhere that is not the toilet.
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    My parents have a backyard pool, so one day I went out fully nude and laid in one of their loungers and masturbated and after I had finished I laid there and took a long piss all over myself and the lounger.

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  1. I had another accident on the bathroom rug, waiting for shower to warm up and just couldn't wait anymore. I let loose all over the rug even though the sink and shower were easily in reach, lol. Seems holding it for my usual pee places isn't an option anymore 😆😉
  2. Recently I met a girl online, I took a chance and sent her a video of me peeing. She liked it and now I'm sending her weekly videos, which has fueled me not using the toilet. So now I use the sink without even thinking, lol.
  3. Thats what I usually do, but I couldnt even hold it long it enough to do that.
  4. Apparently I can no longer hold my pee in the bathroom, today when I turned the water on to take a shower I peed all over the bathroom floor. Usually the urge doesn't hit until I'm in the shower, but not anymore I guess. Maybe I'll get to the point where I can't even make it to the toilet, then I guess the bathroom floor will be my toilet.
  5. I had 2 desperate pee accidents recently. I've been in the habit of not going pee immediately when I wake up, but holding it as long as I can to try to have accidents. The first accident happened when I was outside bringing the trash cans back up beside the house, I had not peed since I woke up and was very desperate. I had started leaking when getting the first can but no full stream yet. After I had retrieved the second can I was on my way back inside when I just started peeing myself, I stood in the driveway wetting myself for a couple of minutes. I checked to see if anyone was around, no o
  6. Morning work out I decided to do nude, because home gym no one can stop me. During my work out I felt the need to pee, but I was nude so I just pissed during and after my sets, on the floor cause there is no reason not to. The whole experience was amazing. I was hard most for most of my work out. Definitely something I will continue to do.
  7. Last night I peed all over my couch, it's the first time I intentionally peed on a peice of furniture. I decided i wanted to be nude all day and hold as long as i could. I got to the point that I was letting out tiny trickles occasionally while I was lounging nude in bed watching tv. I got up to get some water and as I was walking to the fridge I relaxed some and that resulted in more pee trickles. I was getting turned on by this so my horny brain took over and I walked over to the couch and pissed all over it, my cock was hard at this point and I only became harder as I let go of my bladder o
  8. Finally able to do some pee fun again, after being crazy busy, but I'm indecisive on where to pee. 😮‍💨
  9. If its laundry day it doesnt matter cause im going to wash everything anyway, so I tend to go a little pee happy. Soak as many things as I can, lol
  10. In an effort to start spontaneously relieving myself. I was doing laundry full nude and as I was loading the washer the urge hit, so without stopping I just pissed against the washer. I also recently had an "accident" on the bathroom rug, while waiting for the shower to warm up. I normally pee in the shower, so I get really desperate when the shower is on. Usually I can hold it, but this time I could feel the pee dribbling out of my penis so I gave up trying to hold and just let go and soaked the rug, lol. I'm hoping I can get to the point where I just start peeing without inhib
  11. I'm sadly too tall for baths 😢 I would if I could though 😁
  12. I usually can only pee before or after masturbating, I've not been successful during.
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