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    Heya! I'm a transmasc nonbinary pup who loves pee so I'm here to chat with others about pee stuff and hear about their experiences :) I'm pansexual and friendly to all as long as you're respectful.

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    peeing in naughty places, peeing in front of others, urinals, watching others pee, peeing into towels/laundry, having my pussy/belly peed on to “mark territory”
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    for my birthday a bunch of my cute friends laid me down in my bathtub and took turns peeing on me

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  1. I let my girlfriend know secretly, but other than that i kept it secret The minute our friend headed out for the night i asked my gf to take her clothes off and get in the shower, then i stood over her and immediately started pissing a strong stream all over her cock and belly. She started going too but even after she finished I just kept pissing and it felt like i was in a daze of relief
  2. He has no idea, I think I'm gonna get to pee soon but I wish i could just go right now so bad i tried really hard to release a tiny amount in my underwear but was hardly able to get any relief
  3. I'm still holding! I'm sitting on the couch holding a plushie in my lap
  4. ngl i'm in the bathroom right now and was about to give in but i'm gonna keep trying, but fuck I really have to piss
  5. I'm drinking with a friend at my place and i have to pee really bad, but I'm trying to hold it until he heads home
  6. My balcony had become the apartment toilet for my girlfriend and I. It's convenient because there's no cleanup (rain takes care of it) and we're high enough off the ground that it feels private enough to just crack the door and go. We pee on the floor, off the side, or on the table and chairs out there. besides that my other go-to pee spots are the bathroom sink, the laundry bin, and the bathtub
  7. Welcome! Excellent username, peeing on carpet fucking rules.
  8. omg I love this so much!! Did you just go through your underwear? I want to try something like this so bad but I'm not really somebody who wears skirts so I'm not sure how I would go about trying it
  9. Love to hear that you took an opportunity like that! Definitely be careful but even if you just stick to letting out some pee in safer spots I'd like to keep hearing about it
  10. Holy shit, this is so hot! I've been wanting to try something super risky like this but haven't had the courage to yet. It sounds like it felt good to fully release in such a bold spot. And I like how pent up you were the first time and that you just gave and and made yourself cum this time
  11. This is the first time I've ever peed accidentally that wasn't part of any kink/holding play. Just now, I was just walking naked down the hall in my house when I suddenly had to sneeze, and as it happened I involuntarily peed a tiny puddle onto the floor! (took a pic to remember the occasion) I didn't even have to go very much, so it really felt like I just peed out of nowhere. Nothing like this has ever happened to me before since I typically have a strong bladder, but I honestly found it cute/funny that I just lost control like that so casually.
  12. I emptied almost my entire bladder on the bathroom floor
  13. She checked to see how had I had to go by pressing on my bladder and I ended up peeing myself a little... then I couldn't stop
  14. Well I told my girlfriend that I have to pee right now and she said I have to hold it! I don't know when she's going to let me go......
  15. I like this idea, i think that would he doable for me! I'm not the sort of person who wears skirts so I'd have to pull my pants down to get my pussy out, but I like the idea of quickly pulling them down to just squat and go.
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