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  1. Recently I went for a walk at my local metro park. At some point I needed to pee, and the closest restrooms was a half mile back where I came from. So, I scanned up and down the trail I was walking on for a minute to make sure no one was coming, and finally when I took it out to start peeing , a guy on his bike comes right around the corner. I was so embarrassed the only thing I could do was nod and smile and hope he understood my predicament. He round by and just nodded back. I’ve never been caught like this before and it was quite embarrassing and thrilling at the same time.
  2. When I was in college I found a staircase with no cameras I used once or twice. Peeing on the floor in public bathrooms is good and if you go for a walk late at night I’m sure you can find a dark corner no one would see you
  3. I had a similar experience to this! Some friends and I went to play basketball at a local park and the bathrooms were like a half mile away, so instead of walking that whole way I just pulled my shorts to the side and peed right where I was sitting. My friends were none the wiser lol
  4. This story is pure speculation but I think it’s not entirely unlikely. In the past years I’ve helped friends and family move into multiple houses and they’ve always done a bit of remodeling. In 2 particular houses, they’ve torn up the carpet in the bedroom and found that the carpet padding was really stained or destroyed from repeated liquid damage. Everyone else always chalked it up to pets being left alone but I’m not so sure. The stains have always been in corners(which I’ve had pets and they just go right in the middle of the floor mostly), which makes me think that maybe the previous owne
  5. This week I’m house sitting for a friend of mine and was wondering if you guys had any ideas where I should go? They also don’t have to be limited to inside, they have a fenced in back yard. I could also be convinced to go in the front yard…
  6. This was my first time trying this and I think I’ll definitely be doing it again
  7. After loading up my laundry into my hamper I figured id give it a little prewash to help clean it https://www.erome.com/a/UECQtMXd
  8. Thanks! This was my first time trying this so I now know what to fix in the future. Now that it’s getting warmer I will start doing more stuff like this
  9. Been planning this for a while and just finally got the time/right location. Hope you enjoy! https://www.erome.com/a/nJZLiIHR Edit: I’m sorry to focus is off but believe me I am peeing lol
  10. I lived across the street from a girl who I knew from school and on occasion would sneak over there to use their pool at night. While they didn’t know I was there I would have to pee on their back porch multiple times if I had to go.
  11. Found this old sink in our communal laundry room and decided that it would make for a good toilet https://www.erome.com/a/kno5TttP
  12. I definitely could I’m trying to think of something to soak that isn’t mine bc I don’t wanna have to clean anything or risk a stain
  13. I wanna start making more videos so does anyone have any requests for stuff they wanna see?
  14. I was just letting it go wherever, it’s more relaxing that way
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