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  1. For anonymity of those involved I won’t be sharing specifics. So recently this weekend I went to a tailgate at my college for their homecoming. This included normal college things which meant plenty of alcohol and long bathroom lines. The people I decided to tailgate with set up near the edge of the parking lot by some train tracks what were covered by trees. Seeing as the bathrooms were all the way across the lot, all the guys walked next to the tracks a little ways into the forest and just did their business there. I even managed to spot a few girls walking deeper into the forest a
  2. I’m looking for new things to try with pee, I’m mainly into peeing in new areas but I’m open to other ideas as well, so if you have suggestions let me know. Also depending on what I do would people like to see a video?
  3. I’m a big fan of the driveway and neighbors yard options lol. Might just be me but I prefer to have a little thrill with my public pees haha
  4. I live in an apartment with the laundry room almost right outside my door. Tonight, bored as I was, I decided to experiment. I walked to the laundry room and peed in between the machines. I’ve never done anything like this before and it was quite exhilarating, I want to find new ways and places to do this again. If anyone has any ideas be sure to let me know!
  5. I forget where I was coming from, but there was a time on my drive home that I knew I wasn’t gonna make it. It was around 11 at night so it was fairly dark and I was on a country road, so naturally I stopped my car and walked into the middle of the road and peed proudly. Was such a fun experience.
  6. Anyone can pee in their backyard pretty easily, how about peeing somewhere in your front yard or driveway?
  7. This was easily one of my most public pees. So I was out golfing with some friends and had a few drinks and was really trying to hold it in as long as I could so I could have a huge release. So we drive up to the next hole when I announce that I’m going to pee, as is normally at a golf course. Next to the hole was a cement cylinder-type construction piece, which I thought would be fun to pee in. So, I walk over to it and start peeing, when I hear a car drive past and look up to see that the highway was right on the other side of the pipe I was peeing in. I didn’t realize that and thought that
  8. These are all fantastic! I’ll definitely have to do some of these but the one at the top of my list now is to go pee in a public display fountain like at the parks or shopping centers.
  9. So in my time of peeing I always like to see if I can pee somewhere new and interesting, which has led to me having a Peeing “Bucket List” of places I wanted to go. So, I wanted to get everyone else’s opinion and see if there was somewhere they’d want to go, or something they’d want to try?
  10. Hey all, I’m new to the site and thought I’d introduce myself! I’ve never done this kind of thing before so bear with me. I’m very easy going and loving swapping stories and such so if you wanna hear about my experiences send me a message.
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