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  1. I usually empty it all in one go but there are times when my stream trickles to a stop (ish), only for the dribbles to turn into a proper stream a few seconds after taking me my surprise. This however happens when I really have to go and my bladder is just being uncooperative for absolutely no reason.
  2. I wouldn't pee in a pool (public or private) or a tub but if it's out there in the ocean or sea then I'm for sure going to pee through my swin suit
  3. Or too deep in really which I think might be a problem
  4. I don't see any such thing under settings, no tabs or anything about chats
  5. No I mean the message option that shows up right beside the notifications option on a mobile browser
  6. I can't stand and pee for the life of me, without it getting a tad messy initially 😂
  7. Yeah haha probably, we have peed together in plenty of outdoorsy places for this to be a problem, but you know still
  8. No I mean the DMs, the private chat? I disabled it , and I see no option to switch it back on in the settings or anywhere else
  9. Festivals, alleys next to clubs and parks are the top 3, in my opinion
  10. I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but right after joining this site I deactivated my dms and now I would like to re-activate it or like you get it back. However I don't see any option for it, so I was wondering if I'm missing something or is my dm dead forever and ever?
  11. I would have dug a hole and died in it. ✌🏻 This is the only time I'm envious of men really. 😂 But yeah I'm quite tall as well so it wasn't as hard for me to pee in the sink
  12. Oh well I'm really tall so all I had to do was to stand on my tippy toes and sit back on the sink. I'm sure I would have peed myself if I had to jump and that in that state Pretty much yes ! That and an oversized shirt
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