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  1. Maybe she realised that she would end up wetting herself if she waited even a second longer. So peeing by the side of the road seemed like next best option!
  2. The most I can hold is a little over a litre so I think I have an average sized bladder? I get full fairly easily (because ✨️hydration✨️) and at times I can hold for 6 hrs without breaking a sweat but then there are times when I would need to rush to the bathroom 2 hrs haha
  3. My train situation went something like this: I was as desperate as one can be and there wasnt anyone around. I saw the opportunity and grabbed it. Hehe.
  4. If by pants you mean trousers then I havent ever. I'd rather risk 30 seconds of getting caught peeing than wet my clothes.
  5. Today I had the entire house to myself so around midday as I was relaxing in our garden, eyes closed, with my airpods plugged in and enjoying the warm sun; I felt the faintest signs of my growing need to pee. So without a moments thought I pulled my dress away from underneath me and let go. All I could hear were the barely audible sounds of me peeing and the soft pattering of my pee hitting the ground. The calmness of nature combined with the warmth of the sun made me feel that peeing right then was the only thing that could have made the experience more relaxing !
  6. Nah I wasnt even watching her, I was so past my limit that I was more concerned about peeing as fast as I can without having a deer in the headlights kind of a situation haha. It was purely out of desperation than anything else. On a scale of 1 to 10, I was on freaking 15 !!!!
  7. I graduated not to long ago so maybe thats why I still remember most of it haha
  8. Everytime I walk by this HUGE potted plant tub at work, I get the urge to let out a tiny trickle atleast but unfortunately the plant tub is placed at a busy stairwell. The only way I think I can go about it is to break into the building, do the deed and then sneakily shimmy away into the darkness.
  9. If I'm busy, really busy then I tend to hold it subconsciously and I can do so for 9 to 10 hrs atleast but the moment I become even slightly aware of my situation, I'll be fighting a losing battle. Besides me, one of my friends can easily go for 14 to 16 hrs without breaking a sweat, idk how.
  10. I was a typical uni kid behaving like a uni kid living their best life.
  11. Singer - My favourites change all the time but I do catch myself going back to Birdy every now and then. Actor - Cate Blanchett, Emma Thompson and Robert de Niro. And Henry Cavill because he is hot. Hehe. 💀
  12. Some of us are into the similar things and those who arent dont particularly care. Besides I can be sneaky af if needed because I dont want the others there to know.
  13. If the pub or restaurant or whatever has those huge table clothes that almost grazes the floor then you can bet that I'm not getting up to pee. Similarly if we are sat outdoors and I'm squished between the wall and a friend then 5 out of 10 times, I'll choose to pee on the stoney ground instead.
  14. Since I'm more than likely to engage in gardening with someone I'm quite familiar with, I wouldn't mind at all.
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