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    I love girls being desperate while waiting in line for the bathroom and while they're doing a workout. I also really love bouncing and squirming.

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    Waiting in line for the bathroom
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    I had to pee for most of a walk one afternoon. I alternate between walking and running which is great for your fat burning. The last 40 minutes I was desperate. I knew I shouldn't have drank 2 cups of tea and 2 cups of water to get the toothpaste taste out of my mouth. I would stop every few minutes to bend my knees. When I finally got inside my house I did bounce around for a few minutes to enjoy it. There were two squirts in my navy blue shorts. The pee that I had gave me a hot flash the second it hit the toilet.

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  1. The poll is about what makes your need worse when you get closer to the front of the line.
  2. The lines for the bathrooms at concerts or festivals are by far the longest ever. Dealing with them causes you sometimes to hold it until you get home. This poll goes into you worst experience of having to wait in these lines.
  3. Because of you guys not being allowed to go during class, was there long lines at the bathroom?
  4. When you get off the plane and you've been holding it, you make a mad dash to the restroom but there is a line in front of you. Even though you've held it for many hours, you try not to squirm. I've had a couple of times where there's been a couple guys in front of me and it was so much torture to hear the toilets flushing with my penis throbbing.
  5. As a result of you guys not being allowed to go during class, were the lines always really long?
  6. Maybe you went to a high school where you were not allowed to go to the bathroom during class, and as a result you would have to wait in line. Event if you didn't, waiting in line is stressful. This poll talks about what you did or would do at school when dealing with long lines.
  7. A dream of me is that people work out, but are very desperate because they drank 3 sports drinks or waters to stay hydrated. They either do their whole workout having to go or stop in the middle to head to the bathroom where a long line awaits. The poll looks at lines at gym bathrooms and what would you do?
  8. I have this happen to me a lot at festivals where I have in my hand a 20oz soda or beer every second. Also, my bladder was very rampant because of a UTI back in 7th grade. Some time ago I posted a topic about it: It was embarrassing to stand in front of a urinal during every period and only produce a few drops.
  9. When we have to go very very bad, most of us move around because our bodies go out of control. Some of us, like me, see our discomfort actually as joy. Moving your body constantly makes you have to pee worse, which for those who have the fetish help bring you to climax with an eventual wetting. This poll is about what specific movements are involved in each one's pee dance.
  10. The music from steel drums makes me feel very hot. I bounce, rock, squirm, and jump around to it. I've had this fetish ever since I was a kid too, probably about from 7-9 years old or so.
  11. I've created a poll that describes what parts of pee are you the most interested in. I really love the process of gradual desperation and an increasing pee dance throughout not being able to use the bathroom. I also love rubbing my pee soaked legs together.
  12. I also have a fetish for steel drum music and the sound of steel drums. I like to be desperate while listening to it pretending I'm lying sunbathing in pure desperation. I will copy fiction stories and paste them into text-to-speech readers and have them read it back to me while in another window I'll have YouTube steel drum music playing. Maybe it's because I associate people's body movements in tropical settings as hot.
  13. This is a poll about what situations of having to pee do we simulate the most in our free time. At home we are free to hold it whenever we wish.
  14. I would suggest doing it in the kitchen while trying to organize better.
  15. This poll is about noises we make when we are really desperate.
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