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    love to wet and watch people wet there pants
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    a weekend at the beach when my ex and i spent the hole time peeing our shorts and panties

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  1. i have peed in bottles for years on road trips . there has been a couple times when i thought my passenger was asleep but after the fact found out they werent . if on my way home i will just pee my pants .
  2. they both would go behind the truck and pee
  3. So the night continued. Beers were flowing and of course my bladder continued leaking. Well I thought I was being pretty inconspicuous but I guess I gradually started releasing more and more pee into my shorts. Third round fourth round and not thinking much of it until I dropped my phone and had to bend over and pick it up. That's when I realized that the front of the seat and the back of my shorts were completely soaked. Well as long as I didn't have to get up I should be okay. Close to the end of the night she asked if I wanted one last beer and I said sure. As she walked over to hand it to
  4. No they are nylon running shorts.
  5. A quick pic i got when no one was looking .
  6. It's 8:30 Friday night sitting at the lake with a friend and his girlfriend drinking some beers. The sun is already past the mountain so everything is covered in a shadow. As I come back to my seat with a fresh beer the need to pee hits me. I'm currently wearing black nylon running shorts. So I leaned back in my chair and let a few dribbles Escape into my underwear and shorts. I can now feel the cool breeze blowing across the front of my shorts as I still carry on that conversation with my Camp meets. A few more dribbles escape as I continue to drink my beer . They get up and walk to their car
  7. I found numerous pee stained panties from my ex-wife. I also used to clean parking lots and one of my locations was out front of a nightclub. Part of my duties were to empty the trash cans which I have found wet panties that had been thrown away.
  8. Hearing stories has always been a big turn on for me. I think that was one of the main reasons I stayed with my ex-wife. It started out talking about how bad she had to pee at work and sometimes talking about her sneezing and leaving a wet spot on her panties. Close to the end of our relationship it was full on conversations about her peeing her pants as she did house work or dropping the kids off at school. After she told me about her day I would have to go find her dirty panties and relieve myself.
  9. was doing some yard work and didnt feel like stopping so i let it flow
  10. I would have to say in my pants in a semi-public location where I may get caught if I'm not careful.
  11. So i drive for a living and work the night shift and sometimes you see the most amazing things. So my night was going as usual nothing too exciting so far. I stopped at a gas station halfway through my shift to grab a bite to eat. As I was trying to decide what to grab this attractive brunette wearing a sweater over a pair of blue yoga pants caught my attention. As I was watching her she was kind of dancing around and kept talking to the other lady(older may have been mom who was wearing a dress that went to her knees ) she was with. Even though the bathrooms were only feet away she kept
  12. I love wearing and wetting in panties and leggings
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