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    I'm a bi sexual married woman who has had a fascination with pee for most of my life. I spent most of my early twenties exploring by myself with the odd luck of finding someone to share my interest with. After being with my partner for a couple of years we discovered this was a shared interest and now I'm so lucky to share one of my favourite fetishes with someone forever.

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    Naughty peeing. Pee drinking. Golden showers. Wetting

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  1. Being lucked after peeing is the best. I'm sorry your partner isn't feeling it. It's an absolute dream of mine to find a girl who would let me lick her after she peed. Such a waste lol
  2. It's a shame you had such a horrible experience, but I'm at least happy you've found a place and a way to get what you need
  3. Bath mats are brilliant for this aren't they! That is my exact plan tonight
  4. My ex used to be a huge fan of drinking my piss as I sat on his face. Had to let it out slowly so he didn't drown though 😂
  5. Haha i feel the same way. Funny because I find being dirty such a turn on, but I'm very particular about being really clean otherwise. Peculiar little creatures huh
  6. This genuinely isn't a bad shout... I will sometimes choose a perfect opportunity like there needing to be a load of towels to wash, letting go on one and then popping it straight in the wash. Maybe just mention that you've got a bunch of stuff to wash. I do most of the washing so it's not an odd thing for me to do 😂
  7. I've always wondered how people opened up about their own interest in pee. From 18 to 22 I was single and only had a couple of 'friends' who knew and joined me and I think they all admitted it to me first. One time I was having a ONS with someone whilst pretty drunk and I didn't actually ask him, I just peed all over his chest and face, luckily he enjoyed it. However, when I met my now husband, it took a few years to open up about my love for pee. I almost thought I'd be doomed to secretly peeing my pants forever... But one day we were having a little joke about on the sofa and he
  8. Besides peeing in a cup I kept in my bedroom, I had a best friend who dared me to pee my knickers. I sat on the toilet with my knickers on and she watched me. Then we just got in a bath together. I don't even think we realised at the time that we were regularly masturbating next to each other. We just thought we were playing fun games that felt good, but that was always my favourite game
  9. I would love it if my partner did this. I've told him he's always very welcome to pee in my shower but I didn't think he's ever considered my bath too. I'll ask him next time. I always shower after a bath regardless so it wouldn't make any real difference except making my my bath more fun
  10. This is a little favourite of ours too. Sometimes it leads to more but usually it's just a nice helpful little gesture to hold his dick for him so he can pee in the shower while he washes his hair
  11. Only accidentally, twice, before telling my partner that I enjoyed pee. So I was actually really scared and had to do my best to cover it up (if he noticed he never said) But now we are open about it I think I'd wake him up and just enjoy the moment. Peeing the bed is a huge turn on for me though so hopefully it's something I can do on purpose soon.
  12. I can't hold my pee for very long, so I usually run off to the toilet quite quickly, but sometimes my husband makes me stay just to tease me. He will put a little pressure on my bladder as he cuddles me and rubs himself against me. I think he's secretely hoping I can't hold it and I dream of being able to stay in bed and get messy and wet with him but I haven't had the confidence to test a waterproof sheet yet.
  13. I love naughty pee but I'm incredibly house proud and so worried about ruining anything so a few things I've found fun is peeing onto the bathroom floor and bathmat whilst sat on the toilet. Sitting on a rolled up towel straddling it and peeing (if it's rolled plenty it doesn't go through the bottom so I can do this anywhere. I like the sofa most) Scrunching up some panties (big ones, or any other types of clothes I guess) and then letting out little trickles of pee into them as I masturbate, which is extra fun because the more I pee, the wetter they get and then I'm masturbating w
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