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    Straight Male
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    just retired from retail grocery
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    Mid-Hudson Valley NY, USA
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    I am a divorced and unattached 68 year old straight male. Yes, at 68 I still enjoy long periods of progressively worse desperation. I enjoy watching a female struggle to hold her pee, until she can no longer stop the flow and she wets her pants. I equally enjoy doing the same for an appreciative female.
    I am older than most of you and I own it. I hope that my being older does not put people off. Everything still works.
    I have worked in retail all my adult life.
    I am a nudist, and a member of AANR.

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    long desperation, struggling to hold ,pants wetting
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    This is my life long unfulfilled fantasy. Although parts of this has happened the best part – the fantasy - has occurred only in my mind.
    Mine involves my girlfriend coming home after a long day, during which she was unable to pee, and therefore needs to go badly. She is wearing tight light colored blue jeans and bikini panties and a top. I ask her if she can hold it a bit for me. At first she protests, saying she has to pee so badly it hurts, that she has not gone since getting ready for work that morning, but knowing about my fetish she agrees. . Remembering that I love hearing the details of how it feels to be holding it she tells me that her bladder has been stretched tight for a couple of hours. She has had to pee since noon; it is now 5PM. Her pussy feels full of pee as well. On the ride home partially anticipating relief the pressure at her pee hole increased significantly. She lifts her shirt and lowers her jeans a bit to show me her bulging bladder.
    .We prepares dinner together, which will take about a half hour, during which she needs to cross her legs tightly frequently. About 10 minutes pass and, as we proceed she has to run some water. She has to bend over with her legs tightly crossed and squeezed together, pushing off against the sink with her hands, for leverage. With a sharp intake of breath she says her pee feels like it is going to come out. The wave passes and she somewhat regains control, but her need to pee stays worse than it had been.
    Within another 5 minutes, she begins stopping what she is doing to hold her pussy with her hand every few minutes. At this point I am not a lot of help in our task, as my attention is focused on her. While admiring her bulging bladder, holding a days’ worth of urine, I am watching her crotch for any sign of a leak, and of course her squirming, desperate attempts to keep from wetting her pants. She admonishes me to help, because we need to hurry up, as she can’t hold it much longer.
    I notice she has undone the button of her pants to relieve pressure on her bladder. She tells me the pressure at her pee hole is extremely intense, so strong she may only notice if her pee starts coming out when her panties start getting wet.
    We are almost done, but her progress has slowed because she is working one handed, the other is relentlessly holding herself tightly between her legs, which are tightly crossed. She is doing a continuous pee-pee dance and curtseying, desperately trying to prolong what she knows is turning me on. She keeps telling me how badly she has to pee, and that it is about to come out any second, because she can’t hold it any longer.
    Dinner is ready, and I can tell by the look on her face that she seriously wanted to let go. But her eyes travel down to my crotch and she sees, not for the first time, the huge bulge in my pants caused by the full erection, this activity has created. She smiles appreciatively, saying, “I surely can’t hold it through dinner but I will try for you”. As she sits down her hands moves enough momentarily that I get a quick glimpse of her crotch, which amazingly is still dry. I imagine all the pent up urine in there and how it feels to be holding it.
    We begin eating but she is more focused on not peeing and I am on watching her. She is constantly moving, fanning her legs back and forth, crossing her legs and bouncing them up and down, all the while one hand is buried between her legs. Suddenly, she drops her fork and quickly holds herself with both hands. She squeezes her eyes shut with effort and says, “No, no, no it’s coming out.”
    I watch intently for the accident, but she regains control. She says her panties are wet a little in the crotch, but a check of her jeans show no pee has leaked through yet.
    We are nearly finished eating, but she is thirsty. Believing correctly that any drinking would be her undoing she has put it off. But now she drinks, and after a couple of swallows she quickly puts down the glass and thrusts both hands between her legs. She is pressing so hard against her pee hole, she is groaning with the effort. She feels the wetness against her hand as she begins leaking uncontrollably, and after a few seconds she stands and walks over to me.
    I see a small wet spot in her crotch. Pee dancing like her life depended on it she tells me to move my chair away from the table. I instantly understood that she was about to fulfill my ultimate fantasy.
    Pressed my legs apart and she straddled one of them up near my crotch. She sat down with her pussy against my thigh. She tried holding on for a bit longer, but when the next wave caused a big spurt to escape through her jeans she sighed pleasantly and let go. Only 2 layers of fabric separated my leg and her pee hole. I could feel her pee stream jetting hard and hot, directly through her pants and mine onto my leg and erect penis. Having held it all day she peed for a long time. I was so aroused I literally nearly came in my pants as her hot pee washed over me, onto the chair, and splattered to the floor.
    I sat there ecstatic with both our pants soaked with pee. My life long unfulfilled fantasy fulfilled. The sex that followed was amazing.

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  1. I have long hoped to see a bladder level sensor showing the wearer's level of need, from empty to about to burst. It could indicate how close they are to involentarly peeing, how long they have been in this painfully full state, and if and when they leak. This could be done via a phone app securely linked so just the desired person(s) would know. Yes I would wear one for an appreciative female who reciprocates .
  2. For the most part adults who wear diapers are doing it because of an incontinence problem and not for fun. A female needing to do this because of an actual physical problem controlling her bladder is not itself sexual for me. Desperation and wetting by someone who intentionally just held it too long is. To each his/her own , but I want to see what is happening . The point of a diaper is the only the wearer knows she or he knows they are peeing . to paraphrase a word in another context peeing in a diaper gives you a warm feeling but nobody notices. For me doing that is uninteresting and pointless. But no judgement for those who love it. Would I still date her ? Yes I would, I mean it would not be a deal breaker. If she is doing it for fun I could accept that if she accepts what I prefer. If she is doing it because of true incontinence, I seriously doubt it would come up on a first date. At my age (68) leakage becomes more common anyway, including me, due to an enlarged prostate, so it is part of life. I don't wear diapers yet , hope not to for a long time but I understand it may be preferable to an actual wetting accident on a date.
  3. Oh hell YES, YES ,YES , I most enthusiastically love listening to a female pee. Especially exciting is the hiss produced by a high pressure flow of urine over her labia, in addition to the tinkling into the water in the bowl. I always hope a female enjoys hearing me pee. In my younger days, especially when I was terribly pee shy I would aim my stream onto the porcelain away from the water so nobody could hear what I was doing , even though if anyone cared to notice, it was obvious. Now I always deliberately aim for the water hoping a lady will hear me peeing, especially if I am desperate and my stream is long and forceful.
  4. One nice thing about living alone is technically I can pee when and wherever I choose. However I answered limited to certain areas, because I must clean up, and I don't want to deal with urine soaked furniture or carpets. Therefore, if I am doing a naughty pee or wetting myself, I limit myself to areas with tiled floors, the kitchen and bathroom. Of course the tub means zero cleanups. The exception is if I am peeing into something that will contain it , or out the window. And yes , I have peed in my yard with neighbors very close by both in my pants, and exposed ( after dark).
  5. I feel pressure and fullness gradually increasing in my bladder. In the past the pressure also began in my penis, throughout the shaft but focused at the tip more than the base. My bladder would become painfully distended, and my penis would throb from the pressure . At is't extreme the tip of my penis felt like it could pop off . But as I have gotten older ( I am 68) the pressure behind my pee hole becomes intense much more quickly. Generally my bladder only can become moderately uncomfortable before a leak threatens or occurs. It feels like my dick is full of pee . This is odd because I know my sphincter is located at the base of my penis, not further down. Once urine passes my sphincter and enters the shaft there is no stopping it, it is coming out no matter what. Squeezing the tip to staunch the flow seems to help, but only psychologically . Once the pee actually passes the sphincter a guy squeezing his dick to stop it from coming out is not only guaranteed to be successful it is extremely painful. Excruciatingly Painful enough that you will release your hands grip reflexively at once. .
  6. I don't know about a female's urethra being larger. I think they are about the same in width. However, they are much shorter, just a short direct drop from her bladder.
  7. I just discovered this conversation , so I apologize if you have answered this before. Your pee stream is amazing for a female peeing while standing. How do you keep from getting your pants wet , especially as your flow is weak as it's just starting and ending ?
  8. My longest measured pee was 1:15 of constant forcefull peeing. My bladder was painfully stretched and overfull and the release felt awesome. But due to my bladder being so distended it was not empty when I released all I could at first. About 10 minutes later I need to pee strongly again . I did a "normal" pee of about 15 seconds. I felt more empty but my bladder was still sore. I even had a bit of blood in my urine. That's a total of 1:30 in two close together pees.Total urine 1.35 liters , the most ever. My bladder was sore for the next day. I didn't get much sleep that night, waking up every hour or so to pee. I think that means I pushed my bladder as far as I could.
  9. I have crossed pee streams with a girlfriend as well as my ex-wife. The experience with my ex- wife was particularly enjoyable as it was a result of us both having had to hold it all day, and were both I am about to wet myself desperate. Thank you for the memory greedyneedygirl and looking at your pix I think your experience was even hotter. As a side note although there was nothing even remotely sexual about it, to save time our parents ,when we were young prepubescent boys, made me and my brother pee together. We would play sword fights with our streams.
  10. Actually I already posted this two years ago. a+) * Edit How could I forget this it was epic. It was at work. I peed both in my pants and naked. Brief synopsis of story: I was on overnight shift alone. I wanted to hold my pee until desperate then pee off a high place -off top of walk in cooler to a drain trench below, which I opened. I was enjoying the hold so much I kept holding past when I should have gone ,when I couldn't hold it anymore. I started leaking in my pants but kept holding........ Eventually with my jeans getting really wet I climbed onto the cooler and peed a very long and hard pee... I hoped my pants would dry by morning.Could post story in its own thread if interested
  11. I think it is awesome that you want to learn about your husbands pee fetish and want to indulge him, and perhaps find you enjoy pee play yourself. As you probably by now from previous comments, why he enjoys this is not the right question. It is difficult to answer. Not many can answer that. There have many discussions on line about that topic, both here and other pee sites. I now realize that my first interest in female desperation came at the pre-sex age of six, seeing a girl desperate. I talked her into holding it a bit longer; she soon wet her pants .It grew exponentially when I reached puberty, and even more when I discovered the internet. I am now sixty-eight , still enjoy it, and I accept that. I can say it seems to stem from the fact that my own desperation, and feeling I am about to pee is similar to the pressure I feel when I am about to cum . Of course ejaculating if hot and tingly too rather than bladder and penis pressure. Why am I wired this way? I don't know, so I just embrace it. The correct question what specifically turns him on. You could get some insight by the things discussed in the chats you discovered. There is a wide range of what we enjoy about peeing. Some things I find gross but I accept the preferences of others that accept mine. You could ask him if he wants you to hold your pee for him, and what would arouse him when you finally peed. Personally, as my screen name suggests I LOVE female desperation and pants wetting, when she can no longer hold it in anymore. I also enjoy her to like watching me do the same. It is extra special if we can both be desperate and wet our pants together ( to keep it real not necessarily simultaneously). A true she almost made it with just wet underwear is also fun. If wanting to avoid wet pants a second choice is naked peeing somewhere other than the bathroom after her being desperate and about to wet her pants . I have just one rule, don't leave a mess for others to clean up or damage their property. My now ex-wife said pee play did nothing for her, but she was willing to indulge me. It helped me to open up to her when I realized , she often held her pee until the last minute. We were a couple since we were seventeen. She also enjoyed sex with a full bladder. So after a evening at a club and drinking without peeing we would get busy as soon as we got home. It drove me nuts when I asked her how she felt and she replied , her pee feels like it is going to come out, but it feels to good to stop. She said if it did start coming out she would not stop the sex, so the bed would get wet. For the record I only remember once feeling one quick spurt on my dick .
  12. That is so hot, I would have given you a big tip if I had the pleasure of seeing this !!!
  13. 1 )For the most part I pee with my dick out , so that part is naked. For fun I much prefer to be clothed. As my screen name implies I enjoy getting desperate and wetting my pants. Sometimes I do enjoy getting desperate and peeing while showering though, ( last night). 2) I have peed in a pool while swimming naked with people around. 3) I have peed in my pants , while intentionally holding it, walking to the mailbox ( it was raining) . 3a+) * Edit How could I forget this it was epic. It was at work. I peed both in my pants and naked. Brief synopsis of story: I was on overnight shift alone. I wanted to hold my pee until desperate then pee off a high place -off top of walk in cooler to a drain trench below, which I opened. I was enjoying the hold so much I kept holding past when I should have gone ,when I couldn't hold it anymore. I started leaking in my pants but kept holding........ Eventually with my jeans getting really wet I climbed onto the cooler and peed a very long and hard pee... I hoped my pants would dry by morning.Could post story in its own thread if interested 4) I peed into a small tea cup. Like whenever I pee for fun , my pee has to come out because I can't stop it . So, I had a lot of pee left and it overflowed onto the floor, creating a big puddle. 5) I don't see myself selling my pee, because that violates numerous health laws. Also, they may want it for some nefarious reason . If I knew the person well however, I would let them have some. 6) ?? I am assuming you mean best , not beast ( a wild animal). I enjoy to warm wetness and the light smell of fresh pee.
  14. I frequently pee behind a bush or tree when out in nature I also love peeing into a stream or pond, preferably from a high point. I will not damage other peoples property or deliberately make a mess for somebody to clean up. I fell this is just plain wrong. Nor do I want to offend anybody or risk arrest. So, I try to hold it until I find an appropriate place to go, or hold it and hope to make it home. In the latter, I often make it to my door and start peeing, involentarly. Sometimes it just a few leaks, in my briefs ,but occasionally I can't stop and just wet my pants.
  15. I love the pix of your " naughty peeing pussy with pubic hair as a bonus. I always want to see the exact spot your pee comes out .Smoking hot.

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