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    just retired from retail grocery
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    Mid-Hudson Valley NY, USA
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    I am a divorced and unattached 70 year old straight male. Yes, at 70 I still enjoy long periods of progressively worse desperation. I enjoy watching a female struggle to hold her pee, until she can no longer stop the flow and she wets her pants. I equally enjoy doing the same for an appreciative female.
    I am older than most of you and I own it. I hope that my being older does not put people off. Everything still works.
    I have worked in retail all my adult life.
    I am a nudist, and a member of AANR.

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    long desperation, struggling to hold ,pants wetting
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    This is my life long unfulfilled fantasy. Although parts of this has happened the best part – the fantasy - has occurred only in my mind.
    Mine involves my girlfriend coming home after a long day, during which she was unable to pee, and therefore needs to go badly. She is wearing tight light colored blue jeans and bikini panties and a top. I ask her if she can hold it a bit for me. At first she protests, saying she has to pee so badly it hurts, that she has not gone since getting ready for work that morning, but knowing about my fetish she agrees. . Remembering that I love hearing the details of how it feels to be holding it she tells me that her bladder has been stretched tight for a couple of hours. She has had to pee since noon; it is now 5PM. Her pussy feels full of pee as well. On the ride home partially anticipating relief the pressure at her pee hole increased significantly. She lifts her shirt and lowers her jeans a bit to show me her bulging bladder.
    .We prepares dinner together, which will take about a half hour, during which she needs to cross her legs tightly frequently. About 10 minutes pass and, as we proceed she has to run some water. She has to bend over with her legs tightly crossed and squeezed together, pushing off against the sink with her hands, for leverage. With a sharp intake of breath she says her pee feels like it is going to come out. The wave passes and she somewhat regains control, but her need to pee stays worse than it had been.
    Within another 5 minutes, she begins stopping what she is doing to hold her pussy with her hand every few minutes. At this point I am not a lot of help in our task, as my attention is focused on her. While admiring her bulging bladder, holding a days’ worth of urine, I am watching her crotch for any sign of a leak, and of course her squirming, desperate attempts to keep from wetting her pants. She admonishes me to help, because we need to hurry up, as she can’t hold it much longer.
    I notice she has undone the button of her pants to relieve pressure on her bladder. She tells me the pressure at her pee hole is extremely intense, so strong she may only notice if her pee starts coming out when her panties start getting wet.
    We are almost done, but her progress has slowed because she is working one handed, the other is relentlessly holding herself tightly between her legs, which are tightly crossed. She is doing a continuous pee-pee dance and curtseying, desperately trying to prolong what she knows is turning me on. She keeps telling me how badly she has to pee, and that it is about to come out any second, because she can’t hold it any longer.
    Dinner is ready, and I can tell by the look on her face that she seriously wanted to let go. But her eyes travel down to my crotch and she sees, not for the first time, the huge bulge in my pants caused by the full erection, this activity has created. She smiles appreciatively, saying, “I surely can’t hold it through dinner but I will try for you”. As she sits down her hands moves enough momentarily that I get a quick glimpse of her crotch, which amazingly is still dry. I imagine all the pent up urine in there and how it feels to be holding it.
    We begin eating but she is more focused on not peeing and I am on watching her. She is constantly moving, fanning her legs back and forth, crossing her legs and bouncing them up and down, all the while one hand is buried between her legs. Suddenly, she drops her fork and quickly holds herself with both hands. She squeezes her eyes shut with effort and says, “No, no, no it’s coming out.”
    I watch intently for the accident, but she regains control. She says her panties are wet a little in the crotch, but a check of her jeans show no pee has leaked through yet.
    We are nearly finished eating, but she is thirsty. Believing correctly that any drinking would be her undoing she has put it off. But now she drinks, and after a couple of swallows she quickly puts down the glass and thrusts both hands between her legs. She is pressing so hard against her pee hole, she is groaning with the effort. She feels the wetness against her hand as she begins leaking uncontrollably, and after a few seconds she stands and walks over to me.
    I see a small wet spot in her crotch. Pee dancing like her life depended on it she tells me to move my chair away from the table. I instantly understood that she was about to fulfill my ultimate fantasy.
    Pressed my legs apart and she straddled one of them up near my crotch. She sat down with her pussy against my thigh. She tried holding on for a bit longer, but when the next wave caused a big spurt to escape through her jeans she sighed pleasantly and let go. Only 2 layers of fabric separated my leg and her pee hole. I could feel her pee stream jetting hard and hot, directly through her pants and mine onto my leg and erect penis. Having held it all day she peed for a long time. I was so aroused I literally nearly came in my pants as her hot pee washed over me, onto the chair, and splattered to the floor.
    I sat there ecstatic with both our pants soaked with pee. My life long unfulfilled fantasy fulfilled. The sex that followed was amazing.

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  1. From a few years ago, I held my pee until I was very desperate , then recorded the last 8+ minutes. I struggle by leg crossing and lots of dick holding, even after I can't stop the leaks and the wet spot in my jeans grows. Eventually, the leaks become spurts, and a steady stream try as I might I am unable to stop. I let go go soaking my jeans. Here is the link. Desperate Pee Holding Until I Wet My Jeans
  2. Another desperate video I hold my morning pee. Not dressed yet. At first I squeeze my pee filled dick, even shook it to keep my pee inside. but then decided to let my sphincter do the holding. . My penis moves slightly whenever I tighten my sphincter when my pee feels like it was about to come out. Despite this I eventually leak a little bit. I just couldnt hold it. https://www.erome.com/a/e70w2Z3u Later before. bed feeling naughty Although I was not desperate,I decided to pee out the window. It was dark outside .wish you could see better https://www.erome.co
  3. I love hearing about female desperation as it gets more difficult to hold. How did this end. Were you completely dry or soaked?
  4. WARNING : CONTAINS MALE NUDEITY https://www.erome.com/a/m3h91KGq I held my pee from mid afternoon keeping hydrated. Here I struggle to hold it in wearing briefs. I leak a bit then stand to walk to bathroom tub. I can't help dribbling on the floor. I reach my destination and I can't hold it anymore. I first pee through my briefs, then pull them down and pee nude into tub. Close up on penis. Although I have been peeing and posting for many years this is my first attempt at using my phone editor and linking to outside site
  5. I have arrived home extremely desperate, barely holding on. As always opening the door to my house made things worse, and I started peeing in my pants. I did not want to get wet that day and I struggled mightily to stop the spurts, but could not. I was in the kitchen and i spotted the trash bin. I just whipped out my peeing dick and peed into it.
  6. Let me start with I would LOVE to experience this with like minded people . I don't have words to describe how much I wish this could happen. To date I have only had one person that even indulge my fetish, my ex-wife. However I have noticed these real world issues . I don't want to be a killjoy a downer, I really wish this could happen , but for a pee party to actually occur these things must be considered. From time to time this topic has come up on this and other pee sites over the decades. But to my knowledge ,it never progressed beyond vague general, but hopeful talk. Real
  7. I never even thought of asking my parents about my potty training. Talking about body functions like that was strictly taboo. I don't remember my own potty training . However, I am the oldest of three ; my younger siblings are three and four years younger than me so I remember some bit and pieces. My parents as well as the nuns in Catholic school were very strict . Basic potty training aside, I clearly remember that we were expected to be able to control ourselves. Any sign of desperation or much worse an accident was strictly forbidden, leading to punishment. We were told we were weak
  8. Listening to females pee is not just for kids. I fondly recall listening to girls pee in my youngest childhood memories. I especially recall hearing prolonged forceful , and a special treat a hissy piss. Through the years, I have heard good female friends who never seemed to have to go, peeing. I even heard a female dr. Urinating while I sat in the waiting room. I am just weeks away from my 72nd birthday and I still enjoy the sound of a woman peeing. I have been on the phone with a female friend who just this week said she really had to pee. I asked her to bring the phone in the bath
  9. I prefer moderate yellow in color to clearly indicate it is pee not water. I also enjoy the smell of fresh urine.
  10. I have held my pee until I couldn't, got naked and layed down in thhe tub. I have laid there until my pee starts coming out on its own. I then let go, and take advantage of having a penis to create a pee fountain . I aim it around in all directions to pee on as much of my body as possible. I start aiming upward towards my head. If I have a good strong stream I briefly hit my face. I aim down towards my feet as well. Next , the bulk of my pee gets my legs, chest and belly . I do that later when high pressure isn't as important.
  11. This was my first experience I can recall . I was interested in girls needing to pee from about 5-6 years old. My first memory was playing in the sandbox with the girl around my age and she became very desperate. She was squirming and holding herself. I became keenly interested and was enjoying watching her struggle, but at the time I didn't know why I felt excited, I knew nothing about sex. Feeling like she couldn't hold it any longer she said she had to go in the house, but I didn't want the fun to end. It was just 15 minutes until lunch, so I tried to convince her to wait, and she reluctan
  12. I love planned desperation and wetting because you can't hold it any more.
  13. Sometimes when I hold my pee until I can't and I wet my pants I step into the tub , as hot pee is running down my legs ,and let go. I enjoy all the fun of holding my pee until I can't stop it from coming out ,uncontrollably, without having to mop up a big puddle on the floor.
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