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    just retired from retail grocery
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    Mid-Hudson Valley NY, USA
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    I am a divorced and unattached 70 year old straight male. Yes, at 70 I still enjoy long periods of progressively worse desperation. I enjoy watching a female struggle to hold her pee, until she can no longer stop the flow and she wets her pants. I equally enjoy doing the same for an appreciative female.
    I am older than most of you and I own it. I hope that my being older does not put people off. Everything still works.
    I have worked in retail all my adult life.
    I am a nudist, and a member of AANR.

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    long desperation, struggling to hold ,pants wetting
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    This is my life long unfulfilled fantasy. Although parts of this has happened the best part – the fantasy - has occurred only in my mind.
    Mine involves my girlfriend coming home after a long day, during which she was unable to pee, and therefore needs to go badly. She is wearing tight light colored blue jeans and bikini panties and a top. I ask her if she can hold it a bit for me. At first she protests, saying she has to pee so badly it hurts, that she has not gone since getting ready for work that morning, but knowing about my fetish she agrees. . Remembering that I love hearing the details of how it feels to be holding it she tells me that her bladder has been stretched tight for a couple of hours. She has had to pee since noon; it is now 5PM. Her pussy feels full of pee as well. On the ride home partially anticipating relief the pressure at her pee hole increased significantly. She lifts her shirt and lowers her jeans a bit to show me her bulging bladder.
    .We prepares dinner together, which will take about a half hour, during which she needs to cross her legs tightly frequently. About 10 minutes pass and, as we proceed she has to run some water. She has to bend over with her legs tightly crossed and squeezed together, pushing off against the sink with her hands, for leverage. With a sharp intake of breath she says her pee feels like it is going to come out. The wave passes and she somewhat regains control, but her need to pee stays worse than it had been.
    Within another 5 minutes, she begins stopping what she is doing to hold her pussy with her hand every few minutes. At this point I am not a lot of help in our task, as my attention is focused on her. While admiring her bulging bladder, holding a days’ worth of urine, I am watching her crotch for any sign of a leak, and of course her squirming, desperate attempts to keep from wetting her pants. She admonishes me to help, because we need to hurry up, as she can’t hold it much longer.
    I notice she has undone the button of her pants to relieve pressure on her bladder. She tells me the pressure at her pee hole is extremely intense, so strong she may only notice if her pee starts coming out when her panties start getting wet.
    We are almost done, but her progress has slowed because she is working one handed, the other is relentlessly holding herself tightly between her legs, which are tightly crossed. She is doing a continuous pee-pee dance and curtseying, desperately trying to prolong what she knows is turning me on. She keeps telling me how badly she has to pee, and that it is about to come out any second, because she can’t hold it any longer.
    Dinner is ready, and I can tell by the look on her face that she seriously wanted to let go. But her eyes travel down to my crotch and she sees, not for the first time, the huge bulge in my pants caused by the full erection, this activity has created. She smiles appreciatively, saying, “I surely can’t hold it through dinner but I will try for you”. As she sits down her hands moves enough momentarily that I get a quick glimpse of her crotch, which amazingly is still dry. I imagine all the pent up urine in there and how it feels to be holding it.
    We begin eating but she is more focused on not peeing and I am on watching her. She is constantly moving, fanning her legs back and forth, crossing her legs and bouncing them up and down, all the while one hand is buried between her legs. Suddenly, she drops her fork and quickly holds herself with both hands. She squeezes her eyes shut with effort and says, “No, no, no it’s coming out.”
    I watch intently for the accident, but she regains control. She says her panties are wet a little in the crotch, but a check of her jeans show no pee has leaked through yet.
    We are nearly finished eating, but she is thirsty. Believing correctly that any drinking would be her undoing she has put it off. But now she drinks, and after a couple of swallows she quickly puts down the glass and thrusts both hands between her legs. She is pressing so hard against her pee hole, she is groaning with the effort. She feels the wetness against her hand as she begins leaking uncontrollably, and after a few seconds she stands and walks over to me.
    I see a small wet spot in her crotch. Pee dancing like her life depended on it she tells me to move my chair away from the table. I instantly understood that she was about to fulfill my ultimate fantasy.
    Pressed my legs apart and she straddled one of them up near my crotch. She sat down with her pussy against my thigh. She tried holding on for a bit longer, but when the next wave caused a big spurt to escape through her jeans she sighed pleasantly and let go. Only 2 layers of fabric separated my leg and her pee hole. I could feel her pee stream jetting hard and hot, directly through her pants and mine onto my leg and erect penis. Having held it all day she peed for a long time. I was so aroused I literally nearly came in my pants as her hot pee washed over me, onto the chair, and splattered to the floor.
    I sat there ecstatic with both our pants soaked with pee. My life long unfulfilled fantasy fulfilled. The sex that followed was amazing.

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  1. Over time I have seen numerous descriptions and stories of people holding their pee until they can't , and they wet their pants. Their hold time varies, of course, but so does the criteria they use in timing it. Some start from the last time they peed, others when they noticed their need to go, others still when they get desperate. Personally I consider my holding time starting when my need to pee becomes bothersome. By that I mean not at the first twinge in my bladder, but when I would have normally have gone already. What about you?
  2. This thread reminded me of an actual incident that happened on the original Earth Day, April 22, 1970. I wrote about it long ago, but it seems appropriate to retell it here. , This occurred near the end of my senior year in high school, when I was 18 it was no fun at the time. It was the first Earth Day, in 1970. My then girlfriend and I went to a scheduled gathering at a local park 8AM Saturday morning. I guess the concept had not caught on yet as we were the only ones there. We waited about an hour, but nobody showed up. It was now 9AM and I already really needed to pee. My GF sug
  3. Back in the day when I was pee shy but absolutely had to pee I kept it as quiet as possible. I would aim for the porcelain not the water so no one could here me go. When in public Sometimes i would sit to pee . Even thst didn't aleays work, and I had to suffer. There were times I thought I was going to wet my pants, but didn't. Now that I have discovered the on line pee fetish world I want people to here me pee, especially if I have been holding it. I hope someone notices my loud long and strong stream, and realize I.needed to pee baldy, and had been holding to my limit
  4. I have some life experience here so I am going to use my experience to discuss the positive side , but also the pitfalls of revealing our fetish. Through my life experiences, I suggest you reveal your kink cautiously. Most people view urination as a biologically necessary function, that is done in private. They would, as they were trained as a child, think holding your pee and wetting your pants or whatever turns you on as disgusting and weird. Make sure your relationship is on solid ground a you totally trust this person. If you decide to tell them I would start cautiously, perhaps ask
  5. I always feel a strong need to pee after an orgasim , although I can resist until I feel like getting up. I read somewhere it is natures way of rinsing out any seman remaning in my urethra.
  6. I understand how it works ,but I was hoping for a little demo like the one about making urine. Perhaps they could show how/why we find it so pleasurable, even to the point of sexual arousal.
  7. It would be great if they made one about how a person hold their pee as necessary, and what happens when the bladder is extremely full. How does the bladder and sphincter react.
  8. I sure hope not because that would be really embarrassing, especially if they learn I get myself into I can't hold it situations on purpose. Twice my son who was not living with me walked in at the end of a hold. I was doing a hold with a pee friend on the other side of the country. I held on a long time,and was very desperate. When the inevitable happened, and I started wetting my pants , I stood in an old cat pan to contain the flood. I was full on hard peeing , and my jeans were totally soaked. Pee was splattering into the cat pan. I was in the corner of the kitchen when he walked in
  9. After all these years I learned something about male peeing while seated. You are 100% correct that the issue with my not being able to empty my bladder sitting down because the flow is restricted due to having to bend my penis to keep from peeing on the floor. The scientific proof : On another site I had a request to make a video. I was to hold my pee and sit on a towel naked and go when I couldn't hold it any more. I didn't think of it until after I was done, but sitting legs out straight on the floor there was no restrictions on my flow. I was able to empty my bladder completely. Of c
  10. This is true. It is exactly what I must do. Maybe that is it. If I don't tuck my penis in I pee over the top.
  11. As a male I definitely prefer standing while I pee it just seems natural. I like the sound of my pee splashing in the water. Of course it is the only way to use urinal. Also for some reason I cannot compleatly empty my bladder sitting dowm. If I need to sit to do the other thing, I always must stand to finish. I still feel the need to go after I released what I can sitting down . There is probably a third of my bladder left . It has been that way as long as I can remember. The only time I voluntarily sat to pee is when I was pee shy and could not pee around others. When I wa
  12. I actually did this a few years ago. I found an old abandoned non running truck in the woods. After I peed several times all over the seat, I decided to try something else. I wanted to fill the gas tank with my pee. Easy enough I could just pee in the tank filler neck. I used a funnel to do this. At first I held my pee and headed up there, when I had to go , but that was a pain in the ass. And since that was not always practical progress was too slow. A decided to save up each time I peed in whatever bottles I had around. I stayed well hydrated and discovered my output was over a ga
  13. This house is large and luxurious. It has a big open foyer with long twin sprial stairs leading to the second floor balcony. I would love to hold my pee until desperate, then stand at the second floor balcony railing and pee over the edge to the floor below. I love peeing from high places causing a big splatter below. In the basement there is an Olympic size pool with a diving board. I would really enjoy peeing off the diving board into the pool below. Or better yet spring board off the diving board doing a back flip, all while peeing a overfull bladder of pee. So hall balcony.
  14. Unfortunately I cannot go to sleep unless my bladder is 100% totally empty immediately before I lay down. If I don't I feel an annoying urge to pee that keeps we awake. I have never wet the bed, even as a kid , so it is not because of that. However, when I was growing up my strict parents made my siblings and I do "our finales"just before bed. We got punished if we got up again to go because they believed we were just procrastinating going to sleep. Crazy right ? Would they rather we wet the bed. I remember my sister had a problem with doing just that. I know this is silly and ridi
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