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  1. And my contribution this evening. I know I'm too old really, but what the hell - it's great!
  2. Tremendous choice @Chrissy89 - thank you!
  3. I do thanks Sophie 🙂. Lots to enjoy here ❤️
  4. Is there a smile, groan and care emoji rolled into one?
  5. Thanks. I was a little concerned a few months ago and went to the GP to ask for the PSA test (which I know is not particularly reliable but is as good as there is for prostate cancer blood tests) and all was OK. I will definitely go back if things change, or if I can sense that lots of pee is being retained.
  6. That's a good point. I find also that if I have been holding then it certainly doesn't all come out in one go, even if you think it has. There's still a lot left a few minutes later. Almost like there's some reserve tank somewhere like old Jaguars used to have lol
  7. For a recent discussion of this aspect of the kink, there is this thread I know it's not a video, but I though you might be interested.
  8. Well @Chrissy89, getting older is something that happens lol. I might not have bought it when I was younger, but it's been given to me. There are things that aren't good about it, but there are things that are good. For instance, with a few decades' practice, I'm better as a person now than I was when younger. And, strangely perhaps, the sex I have now is more fulfilling than ever 🙂
  9. Almost never all in one go. I can pretty much always squeeze a little more out after I think I have finished, and sometimes it is very stop/start. I've put this down to ageing and probably enlarging prostate because it certainly wasn't like that when I was younger.
  10. You smashed it mate! Don't worry about the running ... I failed on my target of 35 miles (managed 33.4). Here's to February!
  11. Love this song - and it has a special place in my heart because it was once of the first covers that my son's band performed really well, and I realised "yes - they can play!" Hope things aren't *too* mad Chrissy xx
  12. If they try the Crib Goch path I would think many a walker would wet themselves!
  13. Very lovely! Classy 😍
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