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    Married. Wife likes giving but not receiving. I love self-pissing.

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    Love the idea of M and F pissing where they shouldn't, and also of pee games with others, especially in groups so there is lots of lovely pee to go around and everyone can get very wet!
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    My wife standing over me in the kitchen and letting it go with a full bladder. I joined in, pissing over myself at the same time. It was extemely wet - everywhere!

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  1. That is so hot! My first experience of having someone else pee on me was a few years ago now. I'd been married to my wife for probably 15 years, and we'd got to the stage of wanting to spice up our physical relationship. I don't really know why but I sugegsted that we try peeing on each other. She was *not* happy with the idea of me peeing on her, but was happy, if uncertain, about giving - as long as it was in a controlled situation. So we agreed that I'd lie in the bath tub and she'd stand over me and let go. And wow! It felt amazing to watch her peeing over me and feel it splashing down everywhere. She had drunk a lot beforehand (her idea) so there was plenty, and I enjoyed the shower for a minute, I guess. She found it very funny - she was laughing and giggling all the time, and that was a big turn-on for me too. We haven't looked back and while we don't do it very often, it has been a great thing to have in the repertoire of sexy things that we can both sugegst. We've tried different places too - in the kitchen and outside - and I've peed on myself while she's peeing on me. She'll shower my face, hair, body, cock, mouth - all over. I love it - and I know how lucky I am, even if she still doesn't like the idea of me peeing on her 😞
  2. I agree. All the things you suggest are great fun. From my experience, peeing on yourself can be hugely pleasurable - the naughtiness of it is tough to beat, but I don't know how many others agree. There are physical and mental pleasures to be had from peeing, and different things give you those pleasures in varying combinations. For some, the naughtiness of trashing a hotel room is a big thing - for others, desperation and wetting give them the biggest thrill. Try it all! And if you can, having someone else pee on you is wonderful 🙂
  3. So I went for a run this morning and had thought I would wet my running tights somewhere on the route and just run home with them all obviously wet. But though I could have done, I didn't think I was full enough to make it worthwhile. So when I got home I filled up some more and waited until I was about a 6 or 7 ( there was a little bit of wetting) then peed in the corner of the garden on a trampoline, in a bucket and on a bin. I'm getting older and my bladder doesn't cope with getting fuller, and my stream is nowhere near as powerful as it was when I was younger, but to compensate I suppose, I can just spray it around a bit. So here is the video and a screen capture from it. Hope you enjoy: https://www.erome.com/a/KXHb740M
  4. Kupar

    Why I teach

    Very eloquent. A teacher who gets that sort of satisfaction from explaining difficult ideas is a wonderful benefit to society as a whole. I clearly remember a physics teacher explaining the difference between heat and temperature, and between energy and momentum, in ways that I could tell even then were designed to really help those that found abstract concepts hard to grasp. He was a brilliant teacher, and was the reason I studied physics at university. I'm sure you're equally inspirational!
  5. Well... apologies in advance for the video quality (all sorts of things wrong with it). I was reasonably desperate before this. But it is outdoors, in a corner of the garden, but including pee on things that shouldn't be peed on, and it includes the sound of pee splashing on to cardboard (a fairly niche kink I would have thought, but I have tried for you!). The stream doesn't get going for a few seconds. I'm pleased you've given us all a long list of things to do 🙂 https://www.erome.com/a/zIhqpQef
  6. Wow! Climaxing without touching yourself is impressive. I love your detailed description, and I'm assuming you've just let go an almighty stream ... or are just about to! Now I know more about what you like, I'll try and record something for you 🙂
  7. So, unusually, I was 'home alone' all day today, and I decided after breakfast that for the rest of the day I wouldn't use the toilet. The weather was really nice today too, so I was naked much of the day. I peed four times on the patio near the bins (just standing with my legs apart and letting it splash down on to the ground). But there were a couple of more interesting times too. First, after I had been for a run, then rehydrated with a couple of pints of water I decided to wet my short running tights: https://www.erome.com/a/nrnDRzXY And then later in the day I chose to pee on the bath mat https://www.erome.com/a/7ws6Nzkh The sense of freedom in pissing somewhere other than the toilet was wonderful. I might do it all again tomorrow.
  8. I do hope you'll wee instead!
  9. I needed to pee on a naked walk in the country today, and as I had my camera, and there was no-one around, I made a little video: https://www.erome.com/a/Oz5NT9ux Hope you enjoy it!
  10. Thanks! Yes, it was. I'd not long come beck from a run, and was feeling very relaxed.
  11. Thanks. Yes, it was lovely. And ten minutes later I needed to pee again. I just stood naked on the patio and let it go, splashing down around me, while I turned round to feel the sun all over my body!

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