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    My wife standing over me in the kitchen and letting it go with a full bladder. I joined in, pissing over myself at the same time. It was extemely wet - everywhere

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  1. Great story! I wonder if her interest went further than being comfortable with you peeing together? I am looking forward to reading of your other experiences!
  2. Thanks Wendy. I'm looking forward to reading about that. Hope you get the sighting you're craving!
  3. That's a good idea. I'd be interested!
  4. I'm thinking of a different type of pee themed holiday. Now I have read the variants of the 'house party among friends' I'm not at all sure anything would top that for pee experiences, but here's a different take anyway: the "European Pee Summer Walking Tour". A group of like-minded people - individuals, couples, friends - meet up at a mountain chalet exclusively booked for the group in rural Austria. What they share is a love of pee and a desire to spend a few days walking in stunning Alpine scenery to the next chalet. Think maybe Julie Andrews, squatting in a dirndl and no knickers singing "High on a hill was a lonely pee fan, Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo." The group doesn't all know each other, yet. But we all arrive gradually during the afternoon and awkwardly say hello to our fellow chalet guests. The tour organiser is a tall, blonde self-confident Austrian lady - perhaps she's called Heidi, who speaks several languages well enough to converse and put everyone at their ease - sorting out the sleeping arrangements and running through the itinerary. The first evening is just a getting to know you session - to break the ice and understand everyone's preferences. Over a shared meal, we take it in turns to introduce ourselves and start to talk a little about our kinks. Heidi's quick to pick up on everyone's desires and level of trust, and it's not long before some in the group are demonstrating how they prefer to pee - some against a wall, some just on to the floor ... Heidi reassures everyone that specialist cleaners have been hired and that no-one needs to feel worried or inhibited about whatever they want to do. The drinks flow freely and as the evening progresses, so does the pee. Any damp clothes are put into specially marked laundry bags - they'll be delivered by the end of the day to the next chalet where we'll spend the following night. After a good night's sleep everyone's awake early - hiking boots on, day rucksacks packed (other belongings are being ferried to our next destination for us), muesli consumed - perhaps a first couple of pees taken - some over the railing cascading down the mountainside into the valley; others into the dining chairs on the terrace, and for some of the couples an early morning golden shower to start off the day. And then we're off - Heidi striding out in front; her long muscular legs looking magnificent in very short shorts. It's going to be a warm day, so like most of us - she's wearing just a teeshirt (and quite clearly no bra), and she has walking poles in her hands. We've been going a couple of hours before the first of us needs to pee. We've all agreed that when that happens, it marks the proper start of the holiday, so we all stop to rest for a moment to support Sarah - one of the solo travellers - who needs relief. She's a little shy, so Heidi offers to pee with her. Sarah puts down her pack and lifts her skirt, then squats on the trail. Heidi stands next to her with her legs slightly apart. We all hear Sarah's hiss as her strong stream hits the ground, and watch as Heidi's shorts turn dark ... she's just standing and wetting, the river of pee streaming down her left leg to her boot. There's a spontaneous round of applause for both women. Before we set off, though, Heidi is clearly finding the sunshine too much: "I'm too hot," she says, and in one swift movement, she lifts her teeshirt up and over her head.... It's going to be a great day's walking. * I'm sorry - I got carried away a bit there and it sort of turned into pee fiction rather than a holiday brochure entry.
  5. That's a funny story! Hot too. I wonder how well the plant will survive if this becomes your new office pee routine?
  6. Shaken or stirred? Actually, more to the point - warm or chilled?
  7. I like it. Presumably a yellow-coloured flash 🙂
  8. Nice to see you here! There's a lot to enjoy, whatever you're into. And people are very friendly 🙂
  9. Fantastic photo ... it sums up what must have been a great experience with your boyfriend (he's a lucky guy). Love your toenails too!
  10. I'd just like to add my welcome to the others - you already know this is a great site. I hope you continue to enjoy the content and the fellowship here 🙂
  11. Welcome @nacixeru! I'm sure you'll enjoy the site. Take your time having a good look round - there is so much to see, and people here are very friendly 🙂
  12. OK. I will read your story 🙂 Thanks for signposting it!

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