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  1. It never gets old. A sensual, sexy classic. RIP Chrissy Amphlett.
  2. You're not boring me 😊. Great photos!
  3. The reaction says 'hot', but I'm adding 😍😍😍❤️❤️😊😊 for good measure! *Noone* describes a wetting quite like you @Sophie. Thank you, thank you! And enjoy the rest of your evening 😉
  4. Really, really good to see you back @amack. I love your posts, and this is wonderful 😛
  5. Wow! Just wow! That is incredibly hot 😍
  6. Yes - it's expensive to travel by car right now 😞
  7. And also ... a turd might be considered a work of art in some galleries 🙂
  8. I don't think so Steve! We've had a discussion of the merits of the Kia Picanto quite recently, for example 🙂 (And I don't think many - any? - of us are in the market for a Bentley lol).
  9. This is a very helpful post. I haven't commented on this thread until now because I am sure people are fed up with me describing my relationship with my wife, and how the fun has developed without it ever being something that turns her on. We are both careful to ensure that it doesn't dominate our sex life, let alone the rest of our relationship, and we deliberately limit the frequency of our wet playtimes. There is so much more to our (very satisfying) relationship than pee!
  10. Well done 🙂 That's over half way 🙂 -- and thanks!
  11. Less than 2 weeks to a half marathon and first run for a while after feeling a nasty twinge in my dodgy left knee. And ... 15k done this morning with knee braced, but feeling fine - so all is good 🙂. I might get round that half after all!
  12. Ooh ... a railway person then @oliver2?
  13. Thanks for telling us about it @Louise87. Sounds like a hugely risky and thrilling thing to have done! I hope you were OK with everything that happened, and felt safe ❤️
  14. Wow! That's such an amazing relief for you after worrying about telling her. Almost as like the relief from a much needed pee! What a great relationship to have with your Mom ❤️. Thanks so much for the update!
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