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  1. I did indeed 🙂 Told with your customary skill and attention to the little details; I love it! And good to hear you're straight back to 10k distance 🙂
  2. He wouldn't have been able to see the funny side of it if he hadn't retrieved and washed his glasses 😉
  3. Haha! Beautifully plausible and wonderfully written 🙂 Thanks!
  4. I think I may have mentioned before a King Crimson gig at Symphony Hall in Birmingham that I went to with my 20-ish year old daughter. A big queue of 50+ year old guys waiting for the gents - absolutely zero queue for the ladies 🙂 Doesn't happen often.
  5. Lovely story Eli - thanks for writing about it! I bet there were a few surprised looks from the other ladies in the queue ... but not as many as there would have been had they known you'd used the urinal 🙂
  6. Ah well. Some of us aren't cut out to be linguists. I'm the same (though living with someone fluent in German, I have absorbed a little through osmosis lol).
  7. Wow - just fabulous! So creative, and written with the skill of a master story-teller 🙂 And hot af ... thank you!
  8. Hope it was as good as you were expecting!
  9. Until now I was completely unaware of Ms Visser, so thank you very much 😊. She appears to be checking the extent of a leak in this photo:
  10. Take care my friend. Hope you feel better soon.
  11. I didn't see you this morning @harry_jones_1975 when I was attempting another short run to test my recovering knee and my post-Covid heart and lungs. (I only know that because I didn't see *any* other runners, though plenty of cyclists.) Very slow and steady, but (fingers crossed) no further damage to the knee, and I got back without collapsing, so I'll do it again on Tuesday, but a bit further and faster.
  12. This made me smile. Shorts made out of mashed potato 🙂 Sorry!
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