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    The sense of freedom of peeing in the open air, seeing and hearing about other's pee experiences
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    My wife standing over me in the kitchen and letting it go with a full bladder. I joined in, pissing over myself at the same time. It was extemely wet - everywhere

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  1. Wonderful! I bet that felt so good - the combination of needing to go, standing and letting it out over the bench, and knowing that it was being done secretly but in the open. Thanks for telling us about it. Hope you get the chance to have more fun later x
  2. Are you still waiting? And how much do you need to go? Can you hold it OK without it becoming too uncomfortable for you? Let us know how you get on!
  3. Oooh! It sounds like you have plenty of options. Enjoy whatever you do ... and let us know!
  4. Oh! Get well soon my friend x
  5. This is a wonderful first post! And welcome to the site 🙂
  6. Amazing! Just so creative, such fun, so hot! Thank you!
  7. Though she hasn't been on the site recently, @Eliminature is like you ... has always peed standing. If you haven't seen her posts it's worth searching them out for inspiration. It will show you you're not alone 🙂
  8. The pee kink is very broad and people here are very accepting of all the variations 😊. For instance, you're not the only female member to pee standing up, and you'll find very many people here that love to read about it or see it, though there's no pressure to contribute of course!
  9. Welcome! That's a great introduction 🙂. Have fun browsing the site and contributing. This is a really friendly and respectful place with the best moderators. I'm sure you'll have a great time here.
  10. Maybe outdoors? Maybe clothed? Go somewhere as you're getting desperate where there would be some jeopardy in peeing (eg you might be seen). Add a little risk to the whole thing?
  11. I *love* the b/w! It really works well ... and the video and still are hot af! Thanks xx
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