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  1. That sounds such a lovely relationship to have had! I'm not surprised you'd want to try and do it again. I'm put in mind of @gldenwetgoose's poll (specifically question 3 - about whether peeing is always or never sexual).
  2. Nice to meet you (sort of!) - hope all goes well for you in the coming year.
  3. You'd like to believe it involved peeing - the word desperate generally means only one thing to us here, but it could have been something as simple as eating his chips. Or as complex as setting up a hidden camera in the bedroom because she thought he might be cheating on her. Or making money as a cam girl. Or insisting he go down on her after he'd shot his load because she was close but not quite there. Any more?
  4. It was (my wife) K’s turn to set up our Friday early evening ‘us-time’ session today and during the afternoon she surprised and delighted me by telling me there would be some peeing involved. This doesn’t happen very often, so I had a huge smile on my face for an hour or two until it was time to pour the gins, get the snacks ready, and await instructions. I was ordered to strip, put a towel on the base of the bath, climb in and lie back. She took off her tight jeans and knickers and stood over me, with one foot either side on the edge of the bath. I thought she would pee over me as we’d d
  5. St Vincent. Enough said.
  6. Robin really did have a stupendous backside ❤️
  7. Wonderful, intriguing and beautifully described to us Goose! Sometimes not knowing is as good as knowing 🙂
  8. People grow and change - just one of those things that happens. Or at least, should happen. What's the point otherwise? And one quick thing: simple optics / perspective will tell you that when looking down at your own, you're likely to compare yourself unfavourably in size terms to when you're looking across at someone else's. To put it bluntly, your own dick tends to always look smaller to you than that of the guy standing next to you 🙂
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