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  1. This made me smile. Such a loving restoration of a wonderful thing. For all you engineering geeks out there (you know who you are!) Long but worth it.
  2. An American story as reported in a UK newspaper. Teenage daughter roadtrip desperation and accident. https://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/family/teenage-daughter-wet-herself-during-31548103
  3. I really hope that somewhere there is a dominatrix with a loyalty card scheme where every time you visit your card gets stamped. And when you've visited ten times, you get a free stamp.
  4. Ooh - I do like that phrase "Comparison is the thief of joy". That is one for me as I get older and find myself thinking back to previous PBs. Very helpful to hear those fit people talking about this sort of thing. Thank you.
  5. Go Goose! I hope you're already feeling better for getting back on the saddle.
  6. Another from my literary correspondent K 🙂. From 'The Doll Factory' by Elizabeth Macneal, currently being made into a TV series for Paramount+. The scribbled-out bit is to minimise a plot spoiler.
  7. Amazing 😊. Thank you so much for sharing your loving, intimate, sexy moments with us. You and Mark are so good together and deserve all the pleasure that comes your way. And we are blessed to be able to read about it - especially since you write like a dream xxx
  8. Live. Faster. Heavier. The OGWT version 💖 If you can tear your eyes away from Debbie, watch Clem Burke's drumming 🙂
  9. I'd love to go for the music and the vibe and the naked run (if it still happens). The pee freedom would be the icing on the cake 🙂 You sell it well @vanessa9!
  10. Some days it's just like that isn't it? I hope you have managed to shake off the disappointment - next time it'll be better I know. Sending hugs 💞
  11. I really hope the pleasure and relief of that pee made up for any embarrassment you had. Thanks for telling us about it.
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