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  1. Finding and joining this site has done so much for me beyond giving me both a source of the very best and most diverse pee-related content, and an outlet for my naturally somewhat exhibitionist instincts... as well as contributing to learning new skills, becoming fitter and experimenting with erotic fiction writing. And to echo what @gldenwetgoose has said, it has introduced me to new friends that, even if we didn't have the pee kink in common, would still be among the most wonderful, amazing people I have met. From being in a pretty low place a couple of years ago, this site has hel
  2. Nice to meet you! Have fun exploring the site - there is a lot of content and we are a friendly community. Looking forward to seeing you around.
  3. Wow! It's not so much the volume as the flow rate that's amazing! Thank you for sharing 🙂
  4. If it gets to the end - and it's something I don't do very often - then I can't stop it once it starts. It won't be powerful (but then it never is these days really). It'll start off with a leak, then a gap, then perhaps another, but generally two little leaks and the next one will definitely be 'the end'. It's weird though - I know it won't empty completely, even though I think it has, and want it to, because maybe 20 minutes later I'll want to go again, and there'll be enough pee that second time that it cannot possibly have filled up in the bladder from the bloodstream. It's as if my bladde
  5. So after running in my Spiderman costume earlier in the day (see https://peefans.com/topic/17458-the-peefans-sports-club/?do=findComment&comment=289372) I fancied seeing if they would show much if I wet them. I didn't hold out much hope as they are shiny, thin and not at all absorbent. But before my shower, I stood in the bath and let go. I was quite excited at the time. Just a short clip and screen grab. https://www.erome.com/a/1iNFRC8z
  6. That is good to hear! A challenge to us then 🙂
  7. So my run this morning wasn't particularly fast or long, but I did do it wearing a Spiderman costume (obviously without the beanie hat pulled down over my face - that would have been silly). And this being England, no-one gave me a second look. Except for a very cute, fit young lady cyclist who flashed a lovely smile as she passed me, which was nice!
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