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  1. Six times a day. Between 2 and 3.3 litres.
  2. This is a bit different. A jar by artist Simon Baylis in Manchester Art Gallery, UK. It's called 'Dandelions' and the imagery is based on a watercolour of the same title by DH Lawrence (yes, the novelist) which features a man urinating on a patch of dandelions. The artist explains: "It's an odd painting with an odd title - erotic and voyeuristic, and also something that speaks of freedom and connection to nature. I particularly like the shadow on the wall. It's a motif that I use partly as a way to quietly queer the tradition of slipware and studio pottery."
  3. Yay! They all made it! And Mum waited ❤️
  4. Well done! Great effort in this warm weather
  5. I wear thongs from time to time. Getting the size right is key to comfort. I wonder, though, whether your trousers / shorts will just get wet at the back instead?
  6. K and I wee in front of each other in the bathroom all the time. Open door bathroom policy at home, unless we have visitors 🙂 It's only very rarely sexy. Anywhere other than the bathroom though is a different matter, because it's so rare. I think there is something in the 'desensitizing' argument.
  7. OK - that's a challenge I will gladly accept 🙂
  8. "By the 1890s, Wimbledon was well established as a commuter town, with regular horse buses running to the city. However, when the electric tramline arrived in 1907, the horses went to London on that instead."
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