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  1. No shame in admitting to lose your virginity aged 26 is there? But in general I've always been quite open with the suitable people. My current gf knows all of the sexual escapades I had with my ex and I know hers. But my parents are my parents, I don't wanna know about their sex lives either so I assume they don't wanna know about mine! Even though they always were quite open as well and have given me the perfect sex ed.
  2. More than happy to share with you all! I am very happy it turned out like this with my current gf. For me, the more natural the pee, the more exciting. I don't like it when girls make peeing sexy, by pulling out her tits and everything. The most sexy thing for me is when a girl needs to pee, pulls down her pants, squats, pees and goes on. My gf ticks all those boxes. To add another experience by the way, I was very very close to tell my ex about it. She was however very peeshy. When we were showering for instance, she would even get out the shower and walk to the toilet to pee, dripping
  3. My girlfriend knows and she is the only one. It took me quite a while to tell her and when I did, I actually accidentally blurted it out to her. At the time, we cuddling while swimming in the sea and she peed during the cuddle, which I obviously felt. My girlfriend is not into peeing, but she happily indulges me. However, there might be two factors that contribute to that. First is that she never has had any inhibitions about peeing, also not with her exes. She was raised in the country side and feels like "when you gotta go, you gotta go" so when outdoors she just pees on parking l
  4. My girlfriend has done it a couple of times and she requested to do so. I think I wrote it on this forum before, but she isn't into pee (although she has a lot of fun peeing for me). She however works in healthcare and is just interested in bodily functions out of professional interest. She has made some comments like "if I were a man for 1 day, I'd piss against every tree possible, I'd love to be able to pee standing up out of convenience". So eventually she said "can I hold yours one time? I am just curious how it feels to be able to aim". So she did that in the shower a couple of times and
  5. JDG

    Small boobs....

    I love boobs! And as I am very much attracted to chubby girls rather than slim, athletic I also prefer bigger boobs. Having said that, my ex had an E-cup so they were quite massive. I loved them and admired them every single time she undressed, even at the times we weren't going to have sex but just undressing to sleep or something. My current girlfriend has smaller boobs (still a little more than a handfull though), so you'd expect I'd prefer my ex's boobs. However, I love my current girlfriends boobs way better. She loves getting sucked on and bit in her nipples (when I do it very
  6. That's actually a great comparison with the fancy restaurant! I indeed wouldn't want to eat there every week indeed, it'd become McDonald's way too fast.. Having said that however, I must add to my opening post that there are certain situations that I always enjoy. For instance, my girlfriend always pees in the shower (also when I'm not there) out of convenience. Whenever we shower together, I have never ever NOT felt like wathcing her pee in there. But then again, the girl I love is standing there naked, that's probably got an influence as well😁 Also, we like roadtripping and we
  7. So ofcourse I like watching girls take a pee. Ofcourse I enjoy peeing in places outside of a toilet, isn't that why we are all here? My girlfriend isn't into pee, but she knows I like to watch her. She also doesn't have any inhibitions about peeing (not because of me, but because of her general attitude and how she was raised) and has peed in parking lots, parking garages, alleys and what not purely out of convenience. This is all fun and games ofcourse. She asks me almost everytime she goes for a pee if I want to watch. That does sound very nice, but do you guys consider EVERY pee sexua
  8. By the way, I am nearing her most recent pee now. There is only 4 more "special occasions" (by which I mean outside of the shower and toilet) that I need to describe until I am completely up to date with everything I have seen from her. Until now, she has complied with all of my requests (which were actually not that much, just the shower peeing before we turn on the water and to pee on tarmac/cobblestones rather then in the bushes when we do roadtrips) so I thought maybe you guys have a request for her? Please do note that I am NOT planning on taking and posting her pictures on here as
  9. After this holiday, there was a long period without public peeing. We had our morning routine of my gf jacking my off while sitting on the toilet and she peed in the shower every time, but that was it. All was fine for me as I enjoy both these things as well, but apparently my girlfriend thought she wasn't doing enough to please me on the peeing front. We were sitting on the couch, watching some tv, while out of nowhere she said to me "you know what? Next time I need to pee, I'll do it in the kitchen sink, I think that'll turn you on!". Ofcourse, I happily obliged to this and I have never been
  10. To be honest, I prefer to see the stream so like it better when she pees outside (or in the shower), but to be honest this was pretty hot indeed! And I am also very happy this caused me to blurt out how much I like watching her pee, as she now pees for me a lot😁 Anyway, this holiday ended with just her pee in the pool, so the previous one with the road trip was much better. However, there was one day left. We didn't feel like driving home directly, but decided to have some fun on that last day. We searched for some things to do and found some kind of local route, which would last a couple
  11. Now that she is aware of my peeing interest, I just wasn't really ashamed anymore to talk about it with my girlfriend. I sometimes ask her to pee in specific places, which she always does, but more about that later. As is already very clear, she has no inhibitions about peeing and has never had them, so I knew she peed outside frequently before she met me, even though most of her exes found it very unladylike and tried to discourage her to do it. However, she didn't care and just peed as she thinks that holding is bad for you. So knowing she had peed outside so much, I asked her what the weird
  12. So just a quick thing in between. We found a new morning routine, which I enjoy very much. When we wake up, she goes to the toilet for her morning pee. I join her and while she is sitting on the bowl, we cuddle and kiss. She also wanks me off at the same time. She would then ask "is it okay if I pee?" and when I say yes she does. Whenever I hear her stream hit the bowl, I usually come immediately. It is something we do almost every morning now and we have done it in the shower a couple of times as well. I find it very erotic and even my girlfriend not being into pee has admitted she finds it q
  13. After this, it was the summer of 2020 and cases were going down. We got relaxations in our country, so we decided we would sleep over at each other's place again. That meant we didn't have to do all this walking, driving and sitting in the car anymore. We were obviously very happy with that. However, it also meant there was no more outdoor peeing, as we were in our house now and obviously had a toilet there. Towards the end of the summer however, we went on a holiday. As there were still travel restrictions in place, which we wanted to respect. We also weren't comfortable with travelling abroa
  14. We continued meeting on this basis for about 2-3 months in total. The last time we had this type of meeting, we decided to drive around a little bit. We had found an area with a lot of nature, where we could walk around for a little bit. We decided to drive there by using backroads and have a picknick along the way. We brought a lot of food and drinks and set off. After about 2 hours of driving, we decided to pull over for a picknick. We ate and drank and after about half an hour decided to drive on. After another 1.5 hours of driving, we reached the area we wanted to walk through. By this poi
  15. It has been a little bit silent in my topic, but that doesn't mean I don't have any more peeing to tell about! Corona is unfortunately an ongoing thing, so for the time after the meeting I described in my last post, we kept meeting on the same basis. We didn't sleep over at one another's place anymore, we just met up somewhere outside, did a lot of walking and would return home in the evening. Luckily, there was no curfew in our country during the first corona wave last year, so we could make these evening as long as we wanted. Ofcourse, we didn't like the basis on which we had to see eac
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