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  1. Placing this photo reminded me that I was busy placing photos with all the stories I posted so far. I will continue with that later, as I have a few more sightings left of the weekend away. The weekend away was in a quiet area with lots of nature. We did lots of driving in the area and tried to visit a lot of beautiful places. There was a place that I found on Google Maps that was supposed to be nice, so I connected my phone to the car, fired up Android Auto and we started following the instructions. Google Maps decided to direct us through a lot of back roads and eventually it said to turn un
  2. This definately was a lucky one, but it was a great one too! Next one is a sighting I have put on this forum before, but it was my best ever, so it wouldn't hurt to repeat it. I will copy/paste it though from another post I made about it on her.
  3. Thanks for the concerns @Alfresco, it's not that I'm not willing to share more info but fetish forum doesn't feel like the right place to do so. You are right I am pretty concerned with her privacy, more so than she is. This definately isn't the first she has wanted to pee somewhere, of which I said "nah, bit to open". Not 5 minutes later I already hate myself for it though, but I just can't get myself around the concerns and have her expose herself. For a bit more context, this is a screenshot of the parking lot. This is the most "recent" image on Google Streetview and it dates from Sept
  4. Another nice sighting that comes to mind is one in my own city, during a night out. As said a couple of times before, my city and the whole region is pretty well organised and there is hardly any reason to be peeing outside. All bars are centered around 1 Square and the stop of the night bus is right next to the square. One of the favorite pubs of me and my friends is however not on the square, but a 10 minute walk away. We usually start drinking there and when that pub closes at 2am we walk to the square to go to the pubs there that close at 5am. One night, this was exactly what w
  5. The next day we went to visit a waterfall. It was also a pretty popular hiking trail. We parked the car in a parking lot directly next to the trailhead. The hike to the waterfall was pretty short, but beautiful! During the hike my gf already said "the sound of this running water and the waterfall makes me need to pee" but I didn't really acknowledge her that time. After the short hike, we returned to our car. My gf asked "do you think I can pee here?". Now, this parking lot was pretty small but quite busy as the trail was popular. Our car was parked right next to the entrance of the parki
  6. Finally I have a new sighting (multiple actually, but I will share just one in this post) for my topic. We are currently going through hard times (our relationship is stronger than ever, so no struggles on that front!), so we haven't had the energy to go out as much. That changed this weekend, we decided to relax so I took some days of work and we went to a hotel a couple of days. It was a hotel about 3,5 hours driving time away. However, as we like road tripping, we decided to take a detour. One of the things that we passed was a small village in which my girlfriend's parents used to ha
  7. You really think the one on the other side is better? I have stopped on that one multiple times as well, but I never saw a woman pee there, and I think it doesn't have any spots a girl might be willing to pee as it doesn't have much hiding places and it's right next to the train track, so every single train passenger can see everything..... But reading this, I might need to give it a go some time! And if I'm not mistaking it's the first reststop in quite a while, so no rest stop with a petrol station right before it. Anyways, more stories. As I described in the topic I linked in my OP,
  8. Another nice no-facility rest stop is one not too far from a popular holiday destination, which also has beaches. I haven't seen many women pee here, there is a rest stop with facilities just 5 kilometers or so before this one. Also there is hardly any foliage or trees, so there are hardly any places to pee out of sight. There is however one of these control rooms (I think) for electric power cords. It is standing on the very edge of the parking lot and it has an entrance which is pretty much hidden from view. It has a long path of stone tiles leading to that entrance, and it has a sort
  9. I'll just walk through it next time, I guess that will never hurt! But will keep concentrating on the parking lots where I had the sightings last week. And then just take my girlfriend shopping here again 🤪 Anyways, more of the earlier sightings I had was when I was still a student. I had a job driving cars all around the country. During this job I didn't have a lot of time pressure and my employer would actively encourage you to take a lot of breaks. I would make sure I took those breaks on no-facilities rest stops, which also gave my multiple sightings. There is one rest stop where I go
  10. Sounds very good! It's generally still the best day for sightings in our country, but 20 years ago you would find peeing girls in every single street. Anyways, I have been thinking about the concert venue again. If there is another big concert, I will try and check it out again. As a lot of people park in the garage adjacent to the mall, I thought it might be a good idea to take a walk through that. I am a bit hesitant about that though: -there are so much cars of the concert goers parked in there, so chances of being caught are basically more than 90%. Not sure if that's a r
  11. Around age 14-15 I started going out, visiting our local pub and sipping my first beers. There weren't a lot of sightings during that time, if any, but after finishing middle school and starting university, I became a real party animal. I got my first student job, even though it was just 8 hours a week I suddenly had much more money than I was used to. Being 18 so an adult I also didn't have any parental restrictions any more (despite still living at home) so I frequently went to pubs, clubs and festivals all over the country with my friends. If you are a little bit familiar with The Net
  12. Let me tell something about the very first sightings I had. It didn't start the kink, I have always enjoyed peeing and watching someone pee since I was very little and didn't know what sexual arousement was at all. During this story I knew what sex was (although never had it yet) however! It was during middle school. That starts here when you're 11 or 12 and lasts 4, 5 or 6 years depending on which level you are. I was in the highest level, meaning it took 6 years. This story is about the prank day we had before the final exams started for year 6. This was a tradition in our school
  13. I have a topic on here about the times that I saw my girlfriend pee. That topic however has been silent since september. We are going through some rough times currently (not in our relationship, that is stronger than ever!) which caused us to not go out much anymore, so also no peeing outside. However, even though I opened this topic a while ago, I do have some sightings besides my girlfriend. They are very rare, but definately there. Tonight, I had multiple sightings, so I decided to open this topic to share those and gradually add the ones I had in the past. Here goes! As said, I rarely
  14. Due to some unforeseen circumstances I unfortunately haven't been online for a while, so couldn't vote, but thanks for hosting this @Sophie! A great 2023 to all of you!
  15. Wasn't meant not be but penalties have never been our strongest thing.
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