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  1. Thanks so much @Kirby23! It is indeed our first, so we are very happy! Especially since we miscarried in December '22 and my girlfriend being almost 40 now so on the older spectrum of becoming a mum. I really understand what you mean fully! I am just into 1 thing, girls peeing outdoors (although I also like the shower peeing). I am not into wetting and also not into pee play during sex. This "new situation" probably will lead to more frequent sightings of her in the future but I just cannot see that right now yet and I just feel bad for her. Also thinking "she might pee outside more freq
  2. It's been a while since I updated. About 3 months ago my gf gave birth to our beautiful baby daughter. Therefore, we didn't have the time go out at all the last months. Everything is centered around our new girl. However, the delivery wasn't the easiest and things around pee have changed. Despite this topic and all these places she has pissed, my gf has always been quite good at holding. She just uses any convenient place where she wastes the least amount of time during trips (e.g. pissing in a parking lot before leaving somewhere they don't have a toilet to avoid having to make an extra
  3. I love Pubquizzing and I smiled at an answer the other day. The question was "what does Volkswagen produce more of than cars?". My team and I didn't know but couldn't contain ourselves when the answer turned out to be "sausages".
  4. I have a long weekend now due to a bank Holiday, so it's time for weird Dutch party music 😎
  5. I never, but I remember a very, very long time ago when I was in the 5th year of middle school we had a school trip to Florence in Italy. You are 15-16 years old in that year, back then that was a very acceptable age to start drinking here. Our hotel in Florence was really crappy, they advertised themselves as being a half a star so that says enough. The hotel was in an apartment building. The first 5 floors were apartments and the 6th floor was the hotel. There also was no elevator. Needless to say, a bunch of 16 year olds were not very excited by this. Also needless to say, in the even
  6. Yes, my girlfriend and I actually both do it often. Not because we like it (well, I mean, I do like it and I love watching her do it 😂) but mainly out of necessity. We only have a toilet on the ground floor of our home. When we are woken up in the middle of the night we definately don't feel like stumbling down the stairs in a dark house while still half asleep, so we just piss in the shower instead. We started doing this when my girlfriend was in the later stages of her pregnancy (so she had to pee 4-5 times in 1 night, going down and up the stairs was sort of acceptable for 1 time but not fo
  7. We are a couple of days further and she hasn't gone downstairs anymore for a pee during the night. She still uses the bucket for that and she has found the easiest way now. The first times she just assumed a very wide stance and held the bucket between her legs, but the bucket is square shaped and a bit big. In the meantime we received a stool for her to shower while seated, as she can't stand for long period of time anymore due to the heavy pregnancy. Ofcourse the stool is only in the shower when she uses it, otherwise I can't get in anymore as our shower cabin is not so big. So she use
  8. She used the bucket this morning. It was a lot handier for her! Downside is, her stream is much less visible for me 😂 but the sound was awesome. I think she will keep the bucket for peeing at night, but @ppppppp's suggestion is definately worth trying!
  9. Ofcourse. -A graveyard (not near the actual graves, but in the doorway of the building where they have the ceremonies) -A very beautifully arranged botanical garden -In the middle of the sidewalk in a residential area (mostly worried about her decency here, but also deemed it a bit inappropriate) -In the staircase of an observation tower in a busy nature reserve (also more worried about her decency here) -One of the rooms in an abandoned castle (it was still furnished though) -In someone's front garden Fun thing is she doesn't have a pee fetish at all, s
  10. Multiple times with my girlfriend. I have a massive thing for girls peeing outside out of convenience and I am blessed with a girlfriend who does that frequently. I have seen her squat and pee in so many different places by now. We do love road tripping so then it happens frequently. However, she has on more than one occasion been desperate enough that she wanted to pee in places where I was worried about her decency more than I was excited to see her pee, so I always discouraged her in those situation. I often regret my discouragement pretty much immediately as those places would have b
  11. I'm afraid the opposite has happened... She thought it would be very convenient to use the shower during the night, but the splatter on the tiles was so big that she had to shower before being able to return to bed. And showering is not something you wanna do at 3AM... The good part of this is that she DID see how convenient it was to not go downstairs so she brings a bucket with her now when we go to bed. Also really nice, but haven't seen her use it yet.
  12. It was been a while since I posted here. There was no reason, I didn't see her pee anywhere interesting recently. That changed this morning though! My girlfriend is heavily pregnant as we speak. That means she has to pee more often. We haven't done anything fun the last months though, so she was always near a toilet. We didn't live together yet, so last months the only thing we did is painting, putting in floors, building a kitchen and those kind of things in our joint home that we found recently. Now we are done and living together. However, the bathroom upstairs doesn't have a to
  13. As much as I love watching girls pee in public, I also enjoy peeing in public myself (even though it doesn't give me a lot of sexual excitement, I still do like to do it). I am a bit peeshy though and also try to pee in considerate places. However, very recently I moved. I used to live in the Holland part of the Netherlands, where I was born and raised near a very busy city. In other words, way too much light and a great infrastructure, so not much public peeing to be seen or done. Now, I live much more rural but still work in my old area. That means on my commute I now pass reststops wi
  14. I am from the Holland part of The Netherlands.
  15. I am from the Netherlands so my native language is Dutch. I obviously also speak English. Due to my father's work I lived abroad for a while at a young age (I think I was somewhere between 7-10). I went to a British school there and as I never learned any English before (I mean, in my days there was no such thing as gaming or binging Netflix to pick up English 🤪) I had to learn it then and there from scratch. It still benefits me to this day, if you learn something that young it never leaves you. So I am fluent in English in every way possible and I dare to say I speak it without an accent too
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