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  1. Yes, saw a lady walk out of the restroom of Home Depot as I was walking out of the bathroom. She looked very embarrassed and it was only me and her in this hallway too the store from the bathrooms and I was behind her the whole time walking out of the store. Her jeans were wet from the butt too her ankles. She was in her low 50’s. She looked mortified and kept her head straight and was walking kinda fast. She didn’t make it too the bathroom.
  2. Where are some places you’ve peed while on the construction job? also emergency pees like the storage closet sink are definitely needed and relieving
  3. Anyone wanna share toilet selfies?
  4. I think that could be a big thrill, a big step but also a calm way to go about it
  5. Movie theater is a great option, either on the floor or on the seat (squatting) fitting rooms are fun or a spot too pull over on the side of the road as an excuse too let people see you pee for wetting-any public bathroom (act like you couldn’t make it) min a grocery store maybe beach pees
  6. Would you ever consider trying to masturbate infront of her in the moment?
  7. Any women let out loud moans, sighs after or during a really desperate pee? Do you care if people hear you or in public?
  8. Any females ever pee outside, inside or somewhere else because they had too and knew they couldn’t hold it but without any expectation of peeing other then a toilet ?
  9. Anyone female or male interested in showing off underwear collection?
  10. Always looking to make friends
  11. Was at a local town park area, they have a building with bathrooms open during the summer and they keep it closed during the winter, they open in about 3 weeks coming up and close in September. People pee in the woods or behind a dumpster during the winter/spring There was a mom with a daughter , teenager maybe 13ish, and the mom had on black leggings and a pink hoodie. I was sitting in my car in a parking spot and I can see if people go in the woods and behind the building but there’s no parking spot where you get a chance to see anything besides there head because everyone seems to hi
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