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  1. Sophie lucky you didn’t start leaking in your pants and was able to hold it. That had to be painful.
  2. I was very young and the neighbor girl and I were the same age and we would play together. She would never want to take time out to go to the bathroom when we were playing. I think the very first time we were in her yard and she started to hold herself and dance around and at the time her mother was outside cleaning up and she said Janie must you go potty and she said no I am ok. About 15 minutes later we went inside and we were playing a game while sitting on the floor and Janie kept holding herself and then she started peeing in her pants right on the hardwood floors. She just continued play
  3. This topic also reminds me of something I witnessed at the beach several years ago. I was on the beach sitting on my beach chair and the beach was really crowded because it was a hot summer day. There was this mother with her son just a little in front of me over to the right. She was probably in her early thirties a very pretty face and maybe a little on the heavier side. The son was having a good time playing in the sand and she was sitting in her beach chair watching him and drinking water. After about a half hour or so the mother got up and said to the son are you almost ready to go back t
  4. Yes I thought the same thing because she was sort of a quiet girl we’ll except around me but that’s different because we were good friends and known each other since growing up. Like I said I knew her well and I felt really bad for her as well as I feel bad for what you went through.
  5. Did your mom ever have an accident while with you?
  6. Mary, I was in middle school when this happened to one of my classmates. We were in class all reading quietly and we only had about 10 minutes left until class was over and all of a sudden we heard splashing on the floor and the girl sitting in front of me totally peed in her pants. Other classmates started laughing and talking and saying did she just piss her pants. I didn’t say or do anything as she was a good friend of mine and we walked home from school together as she lived in my neighborhood. I can only imagine what she was feeling like and I really felt bad for her and she was a really
  7. I pissed off a boat while going down the canal with both men and women on the boat but there wasn’t anybody on either side of the canal.
  8. Hi, Welcome to the site!
  9. Sarah did you ever actually have a pee accident?
  10. My Ex used to hop from foot to foot and tap her feet. You could always tell when she needed to pee. Most of the time when she got to that point she ended up peeing her panties some.
  11. Has anyone ever been with someone that had an accident and tried to hide it but you noticed it? what did you do or did you say anything to them? Did they eventually admit it and tell you to not say anything?
  12. I can remember back in like fourth grade I went to a catholic school and we were sitting in class doing our assignments and all of a sudden I heard this splashing on the floor and this girl Ann who was sitting in front of me totally pissed her pants. The teacher came over to her and asked why she didn’t ask to go to the bathroom and she didn’t say anything she just started crying. The teacher sent her to the nurses office and they called her mother and her mother brought pants to change her and about 2 hours later she was back in class. I think all of us really felt bad because we never said a
  13. Sophie Have you ever peed in your pants in front of your husband? If so did you ever let him change your pants for you?
  14. This was about 12 years ago I was living with my girlfriend at the time and she had a 20 year old daughter who lived there yet. There was only one bathroom in the house and there wasn’t even a lock on the door. My girlfriend would often come in and use the toilet while I was showering and a couple times while I was shaving. Then her daughter started coming in while I was in the shower. She would knock on the door and say I really need to use the bathroom and I would say ok but I would always stay in the shower until she was finished. The one time she came in hurrying and didn’t knock but just
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