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  1. How many people here have been at the beach or the pool and peed in there bikini or swimming suit without going in the water? If anyone has stories please tell!
  2. When I was younger I used to hang out with this one girl from the neighborhood. She was 1 year older than me and we weren’t dating or anything but we got along great together and we were good friends. It was the summer time and we were at the park that was a couple blocks down the street from our houses. We were all the way at the other end hanging out by the creek joking around and laughing. All of a sudden she starts squirming and holding herself and said to me I really need to pee. I just said ok let’s walk over to the bathrooms so we did. Now these bathrooms in the park weren’t really take
  3. This happened when we were in our forties. We were out with friends to dinner and a few drinks and at the end of the night when we were ready to leave my ex Tracy asked if we could drop her friend off on the way home it wasn’t that far and it was sort of on the way home so I of course said yes. We dropped her off and had about a 25 minute ride home and had to get on the highway we were riding along for about 15 minutes and all of a sudden we came to a complete stop and weren’t moving at all so I assumed there must have been an accident. As soon as we stopped Tracy said oh fuck and I said what’
  4. Great story! Did she ever mention her wet panties?
  5. This is a true account of what happened to me many years ago. I was out with friends at this one bar and it was a popular hang out and was always crowded on the weekends. One Friday night we were there and it was packed and obviously everyone was consuming a lot of alcohol. The bathrooms at this place were all unisex which was very unusual back then. The bathrooms each had 1 urinal and 1 toilet in the 2 bathrooms that they had. Obviously with the crowd and all the drinking going on there were always long lines for the bathrooms. This one particular Friday night I was in line for the bathroom a
  6. I agree all of us on here have some kind of pee fetish and it’s a great place to come and hear stories and see pictures and videos. I am a male but I don’t care if you are male or female I think we should all act like adults and most of all be very respectful to each other. Please especially guys don’t disrespect any women on here it’s not cool!
  7. Are you someone who at times especially when busy put off going to the bathroom until the last minute and are maybe really squirming and dancing around trying to hold it? did you ever start holding yourself because you were really desperate to go? have you ever totally wet yourself in front of someone and were really embarrassed?
  8. I have seen this several times from my ex wife. She came home a couple of times looking really desperate to pee. She would come hurrying in the door and throw her purse and keys down and run upstairs to the bathroom saying oh I am going to pee my pants. When she came back down I would ask her well did you make it and she would laugh and say yes of course. I would go into the bathroom and found her panties in the laundry basket and they were a little wet and even the one time she had a pair of shorts and panties that were really wet so she must have had a pretty big accident. I never said anyth
  9. I would love to see a girl totally desperate to pee and have a total accident and then let me change her pants for her.
  10. My first realization was when I was really young like 5 or 6 and it was long before I even knew what sex was. The neighbor girl was the same age as me and she would so many times pee in her pants. I remember her saying let’s play doctor and I said ok. I pretended I was examining her and she was really squirming and I thought it was because I was tickling her and she said hold on I have to pee and I said ok and thought she was going to run to her bathroom but she just started peeing in her pants. We were in her basement and after she was done she said let’s continue. I actually ended up pulling
  11. Years ago I was dating this girl I will call her T. Well T and I were at a party drinking and we left to go home it was about a half hour ride. Half way home T said I really have to pee how much longer until we get home I said 15 minutes and she just sighed.another 5 minutes went by and I saw T legs going back and forth and she was holding her crotch and she was wearing light blue shorts. She then said to me omg hurry I am going to pee my pants. I continued driving and she kept saying hurry hurry and she was really panicking. She kept saying omg I am gonna pee. We got home and I pulled into th
  12. I have known several women that have admitted to me that while at the beach if they are wearing a one piece suit they just pee in it. Most will go in the ocean and others have said they just pee sitting on a towel on a beach chair.
  13. My favorite videos are real genuine desperation and then a real pee accident.
  14. A couple years ago I was at the beach and we were sitting on beach chairs and at this beach they allowed alcohol as long as it wasn’t in a glass bottle. I was just sitting there taking in the sites and next to us I assumed was a group of families maybe three different families who all knew each other. They had a tent put up and they all had kids and the 3 women were sitting on the beach chairs just chatting and they all were drinking. They all were chatting and laughing and having a good time and they all were drinking a lot because they would each get up and get drinks out of the cooler.none
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