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  1. Very nice, great stream and super hot picture
  2. 9 and 16 r my favorites out of all of them! Super hot and love to suck on bigger lips
  3. So generic of u but great to see a “normal” pee once in a while! Super hot pictures and really wish I could’ve joined u in there!
  4. So damn hot! Pictures or it didn’t happen! Haha
  5. Super hot story, just a suggestion but maybe your friend should join on here as well if she isn’t already a member.
  6. Wow I have seen weaker streams out of a hose! Great stream and don’t know if I mentioned it before but love that u let some hair grow on ur pussy as well
  7. Super hot! Glad to see u back, thought u disappeared haha
  8. Super hot and by the sounds of it things worked out just in the nick of time!
  9. I have a question for u, how in the world do your stories keep getting hotter? With each story and picture you keep getting a little naughtier and hotter. No idea what you’re going to do next but I can wait to see and hear about it! Like was said before I now have a massive hard on that I am going to have to do something about!
  10. It’s probably all the vibrations a Harley makes! Haha
  11. Completely agree! So hot yet again!
  12. I didn’t see a topic for women peeing on golf courses. I know I have seen a few pictures of that floating around here but would love to see more if anyone has more. As an avid golfer myself I pee on the course every chance I get but rarely see women disappear into the bushes and have never caught them. My ex wife used to golf with me and always let me watch her pee while golfing but sadly have no pictures of it.
  13. This is so hot! Would love to see more of women peeing on the golf course.
  14. So hot, especially love the one with the panties pulled partly to the side! Ur one lucky man!

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