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  1. Where are you at on the 1/10 scale now?
  2. Very well written and great descriptions of your situations. Thanks for sharing and hope to hear more stories in the future!
  3. Quite the puddle and you’re still peeing! Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing!
  4. Becoming a regular thing, can’t wait to hear what adventures you had this time!
  5. Wow this is so incredibly hot! Never knew humping a table was a thing either but must say I am into it for sure. On top of that your lady bits are absolutely beautiful too! Thanks for sharing and glad to see you’re back with us. I think it’s the little bit of stubble that really does it for me personally
  6. Excited to hear where this story goes from here. You have my attention!
  7. This whole story from the beginning is so unbelievably hot. Looking forward to hearing any details you might share of how your last encounter with the three of you went. Thanks for sharing everything that you have so far!
  8. First of all welcome to the forum. Secondly that story was a super hot read and got my heart racing just imagining it. There must have been so many emotions and feelings running through your mind and body. Thanks for sharing and look forward to hearing more from you in the future!
  9. bcreed1983


    Absolutely lovely 🥰 a bush looks great on you!
  10. Very hot! You have some very lucky co workers!
  11. bcreed1983


    Wow she looks like fun!
  12. Love the top one, skinny with a red bush is very hot!
  13. Great picture, so many choices I would think most straight men could pick one they like!
  14. That ass! That thong! 😍
  15. Absolutely beautiful, looks very inviting 😍
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