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  1. I loved to do the same with my ex wife, was amazing and couldn’t have described the taste better myself! Haha
  2. That’s a beautiful picture! No other words to describe it
  3. Agreed, completely but can’t say that I blame him. I mean look at that, thing of pure beauty!
  4. I don’t blame your dad and neighbor for looking. I would be right there next to them staring too! Beautiful stream and beautiful hairy pussy!
  5. Super hot and naughty as always! As others have said missed your posts and glad you are back!
  6. Very hot story and sounds like you two had one hell of a fun night together. Even better that it helped your wife’s mood and state of mind, sure that helped with the intensity! Thanks for sharing and you are a lucky man for sure!
  7. Wow what a lucky guy! I never have that kind of luck haha
  8. Welcome to the site and I too love seeing holding and also peeing outside!
  9. Great story so far and sounds like you found a keeper!
  10. Very hot and naughty! Any chance that anyone spotted you or your friend?
  11. Another sexy picture! Would love to hear/see more stories about her and especially stories about both of you together. Thank her again for sharing
  12. Thank her again and I stand by what I said I think the stubble is hot!
  13. Very hot story, didn’t get me off but sure made my solider stand at full attention! Love the details and descriptions you give! Not sure if you mentioned or not but is Kathy shaved, trimmed or hairy? Just curious and it would add even more detail to the story
  14. I think it’s awesome that you found a way to make this into a pleasurable experience! Also absolutely adore the full bush! So damn hot! Thanks again for sharing
  15. I will echo what has already been said, thank her for sharing and would love to see more. Very sexy pussy for sure and personally I love the stubble just above her little beauty!
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