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  1. Love how hard your clit is and your pussy looks “well lubricated” as well. Very sexy and naughty!
  2. Thanks for sharing and I love how much detail you provide. You always paint a very good mental image of what the girl looks like right down to boob size and pubic hair! Great sightings
  3. Wow extremely hot and thanks for sharing
  4. Very well written and love the detail. Thanks for sharing and please do keep us posted on further “activities” that may happen!
  5. I use xvideoslive sometimes and have found many women willing to do it but as you have said it’s now against the rules but some will still oblige and take the risk. Don’t know if anyone getting banned for it but guess it could happen.
  6. Great story, turned me on imagining the scenario! Thanks for sharing
  7. That’s so naughty and so hot! Both the theater story and picture! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year!
  8. Very hot story and I hope you continue to get more brave. Outdoor peeing is my favorite and you paint quite the pretty picture!
  9. Thanks for sharing and would absolutely love to hear more!
  10. What lingerie? Looks like a couple strings to me! Haha Super super sexy and would love to see/hear how your hold goes. You have a truly beautiful body!
  11. bcreed1983


    Lovely and the bottomless elevator picture is pure perfection! God you are hot Puddlys!
  12. Wow that’s a super hot story! Care to share what happened when the man sat in your car? If not that’s fine too
  13. Little late to the party but also a fan of small boobs, don’t mess with what god have you!
  14. Absolutely beautiful pussy! Personally love the natural bush too!
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