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  1. Great pictures by the looks of it I can only imagine how loud and sexy that hissing sound must have been!
  2. One of the best written accounts I have heard of what sounds like a super hot night!
  3. Love how u include how she was groomed down below, adds an extra element to the story for me!
  4. Very hot, the stream in the second one is insane!
  5. Liking this story a lot so far, please keep going!
  6. For sure you should continue, can’t leave us hanging now! Haha
  7. Would love to hear more stories and to start with hear how this one above finished. Glad that you are opening up and sharing your experiences with us!
  8. Great story and would love to hear about when u actually got to pee in the sea!
  9. Desperate roadside pees are my favorite! Hot story and wish I could have been there with you!
  10. Wow looks like u really had to pee! Love the closeup of ur beautiful pussy!
  11. Wow that’s super hot and naughty! Love it!
  12. Pennsylvania here! Would love to meet some like minded female also in Pennsylvania
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