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    Hey im new to this sorta stuff and would like to meet new pepole and make new freinds :)

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  1. So I work nights and I walk to work at around 2am when nobody is about and I started getting some naughty ideas to start pissing in places on my walk down to work and I found a buss station and well I was bursting after 2 monsters and holding it for a hour or 2 so who couldn't resist I took a video of it to if you would like to see please comment so 😁
  2. OK so this is my part 2 So me and my wife obviously told Amanda that she is welcome at any time amd with this she made a group chat with me and my girlfriend and her so this group chat has been nothing but nasty talk about piss hehe and getting a date together for when Amanda can come back and that date was yesterday it was my day off and my girlfriend was able to get home early so anyway we told Amanda just to fly to ours when ever she wanted and at around 8pm we get a nock on the door It was Amanda I welcomed her in and she sat on the sofa and gave me and my girlfri
  3. Can't wait to see more so hot
  4. Trust me it's so fun to do and such a turn on we never use our toilet we just piss freely at our place 😁
  5. OK sorry for not posting life always catches up lol anyways best start the new year off with some fun right? So on new-year me and my girlfriend had a freind over who il call "Amanda" anyways we were all having a good drink and a good laugh and later into the night we got drunker (for context amanda pisses ALOT when she drinks) anyway Amanda said that she needed to piss and with that my wife dared her to piss her pants Amanda gave this huge grin and just spread her legs and we watched as her blue jeans started to form a huge wet patch all the while she was moving her hips in a cir
  6. Nah we do it every night even in a non sexual way we just don't use the toilet lmao
  7. sorry for not being so active so i was working and i get a snap from my gf and she said to open it when i am alone so i wait till i have some time to myself and it was so worth it for context we both have a bit of a destruction kink the video was her pissing all over her gaming pc while it was running and she broke it with her piss as she moaned it was so hot yous seeing her yellow piss (that reeks btw) just break such an expensive item anyway as the day went on i got more snaps like her pissing the bed or in her car and even on my suit hehe after work i
  8. I still piss on my stuffed bear when i want to it feels so good to just spray it and watch how soaked it gets i love the stains it makes
  9. I did it. i had a white bear and i loved pissing on it id do it 2 times a day and nobody knew as id hide it
  10. Please excuse any spelling mistakes as im dyslexic lol Jenny is an 19 year old brunett who lives with her super strict parents Jenny hates the rules inposed on her and wanted to rebel. Jenny got home from collage to find her mam and dad both mad at her they raided her room and found a pair of pantys that had been pissed in as jenny had a huge kink for piss her parents started to scream and argue with her even threating to make her wear diapers again jenny storms off to her room and slams the door she was so angry she needed revenge and a huge grin came across her face "well if
  11. That is so hot cant wait to see what happens!
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