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    Hey im new to this sorta stuff and would like to meet new pepole and make new freinds :)

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  1. Me and my gf both love the smell of piss and as my gf has her own home she decided to give her home a "fresh" new smell so for to past 2 week's we have been pissing in her heater and having having it turned on. her home reeks of pee and now as soon as you step in the home there is a lovely heavy smell of our mixed pee and it is only getting better as we are going room to room pissing in the heater's making the smell stronger and stronger And we also have or eyes on using my car as a toilet for a few week's to so that will be fun let me know where we should piss next!
  2. Ok just before we start me and my gf both agree not to take any pics or vids so yea lol Pls excuse any spelling mistakes as im dyslexic Anyway's so me and my gf both love naughty pissing but its just not as fun if its in you're home so we decided to go away for the weekend so we booked into a little hotel The car ride itself was super wet as i told my girlfreind that she coulde use my car as a toilet and she loved that idea! So on the way down she was naked from the waist down and everytime she needed to pee she would let me know so i can pull over and she would put he
  3. Sounds fun hope you enjoy it 😀
  4. We were thinking of going to a hotel for some fun to be honest
  5. Ok that sounds amazing we are gona try that now thank you
  6. Hey so me and my gf both have a huge pee fetish and we need some ideas for some pee fun we are open to almost anything aswell so dont hold back lol Oh and also we want it to be messy lol
  7. Check out my other story that explains how this all came to be and nah her tv is infront of her bed on the wall so yea lol and yes we often wet ourselves for sexual fun
  8. So this happend last week we have no pics or vids so sorry about that Pls excuse any spelling or grammar as im dyslexic We were watching a boring tv show i can't even remember the name of it but thats not the point. I was bursting for the toilet but i had other plans I get my gf's attention then i proceeded to wet my pants (light blue jeans) and as i did i noticed her starting to play with her self at the site of my "acsadent" she proceeded to pee in her white leggings needles to say we were both pretty turned on but our fun had only began. We drank lots of water a
  9. Wow thats amazing i hope me and my girlfreind last alsong as you two
  10. Thank you 💛💛 and if you like il tell you about the times to come 😉
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