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  1. Months ago I promised new @YellowKitten videos. We had full intent to start uploading videos again regularly. Unfortunately shortly after that I broke my leg. Then the virus came. Then we moved. Then I got a kidney infection. We have lots of videos ready to upload and many new places for her to pee. Videos coming soon. Possibly as early as this weekend.
  2. @YellowKitten says I'm the master of her body. 🙂
  3. She returned as of last Saturday. I posted a new video in the video links
  4. @Justanormalguy Due to some tax issues we are not able to get a clips4sale started at this time.However hopefully sometime in the next 3 months or so we will be resolving this issue and a clips for sale account will be up eventually. However in the mean time we do have 10 pay videos available usually set at $5 a piece, however because of the continued clips4sale issues i would be willing to offer you (or anyone else reading this) ALL 10 videos for a discounted price of just $30. If you or anyone else reading this is interested please DM me and/or @YellowKitten so that we can work out the detai
  5. We've been planning a clips4sale from the beginning. it's just taken longer than we had hoped to set up. As the have a minimum video requirement and such. That coupled with our day jobs and looking for a new apartment and life things have held us up. Will definitely notify you when it's up. Be on the look for new promos soon too
  6. I love waking up to this woman @YellowKitten I love you.
  7. After her last batch of pay videos. She took some time off to look into Alternate ways to sell videos since they really aren't selling at all on here. We also had some personal issues come up. That derailed both of us time wish the last few months. However we have several more promo videos shot that we will start releasing as early as this weekend. We will also be opening up a clips4sale account where she will sell her pay videos which are both longer than the promos and include extra stories/talking to the camera. But there will be plenty of new promos soon.
  8. @YellowKitten has been absent for personal reasons since mid December. but she promises a strong return in February.
  9. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: @YellowKitten has a NEW batch of pay videos available. Below you can find a list of videos with individual prices, along with discount batch prices and a few exclusive sales now through the end of the year **Each video contains post martial of YellowKitten talking to the camera about real life experiences and stories similar to each video. Batch 2 (NEW VIDEOS) Desperate Washing Machine Pee ($5) Angry Desperate Plant Pee ($5) Drunk Angry Bathroom Door Pee ($5) Desperate Work Out Pee ($5) Masturbate & Lazy Laundry Pee ($5)
  10. we now also have PayPal at paypal.me/YellowKitten
  11. @YellowKitten's first batch of for pay videos are now available. *YellowKitten Desperate Chair Pee *YellowKitten Lazy Carpet Pee *YellowKitten Puppy Role Play Desperate Plant Pee *YellowKitten Kitty Role Play Lazy Plant Pee *YellowKitten Pillow & Blanket Revenge Pee To Have Video's sent to your email please Venmo @Yellow-Kitten $5 per desired video or $20 for all 5
  12. @YellowKitten was hot babe. I love this adventure. and I'm glad to share it with all our friends here 🙂
  13. Definitely this one will take some prep. But we can do it.
  14. This is also on my list and a personal fantasy of mine too that her and I have talked about. It may be a while before I can afford the equipment. But when I do we will make this happen with both types of dialog. I can promise you that
  15. Great to hear from you @Riley it's been a while. I will add some of these to the list 🙂 I'm finally glad to share @YellowKitten with you all!
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