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  1. I just filled this bottle with piss then finished my pee in the toilet. Several beers and 2 bottles of water before my hour drive home. Almost had to stop on the drive and let loose. Easily could have filled half of another bottle. I’m sitting here typing this and still letting strong spurts out into the toilet.
  2. I drive for a living and find myself peeing all over and on pull off all day long sometimes I use parking lots. I love a naughty outside piss. Id love to see pictures of the puddles you make during the day.
  3. My wife and I just pee while we are walking. We will get the other ones attention and say hey watch. Right in front of everyone as we walk into the water and rinse off the piss.
  4. I’m sitting here scrolling leaking in my shorts. I’ve drank a ton of water today and really need to go. After reading this it makes me want to feel pee run down my leg. My wet patch in my shorts is getting bigger. Outlined by my cock pressing against it. Going to lose it soon.
  5. Have you had to do any ultrasounds yet? my wife had to go a few weeks ago and they had her drink water an hour before and she was leaking during the US. Pure torture to make a pregnant woman hold her pee. I loved it. All the squirming and moans and groans.
  6. Mine will split after I cum and cum sticks my tip together. Usually it corrects itself after a few seconds and the piss blasts the leftover cum away
  7. 4 1.Lost my virginity at 16 to a 15 year old girl- one night stand she had to show me where to put it. 2.Took my first fiancés virginity. Lots of pee play. Anal once but she didn’t like it 3.Short couple of hook ups after high school with a girl I knew from high school and this was in between dating my first fiancé 4.My wife. Made me wait 4 months before I was able to take her virginity. Lots of peeing. Outside, side of the road, every night in the shower and never with the door closed. Quite a bit of sex. Trying for a baby. Fucked her in the ass once and filled it wit
  8. I saw this post earlier and decided I wanted a golden shower. So tonight as we were getting ready to take our shower together my wife says she has to pee and gets to the toilet and drops her panties. I grab her hand and say go on me in the shower. So I laid down in the tub and as I was doing so she climbed in and shot out an accidental spurt on the bathmat and announce “oh! I leaked” She stood over me in the shower legs spread with one leg up on the rim and sprayed her hot piss all over my chest and then onto my quickly growing hard cock. I licked her pissy lips and stood up and we was
  9. I was driving home an hour ago. 11am middle of the day I see a car pull into a pull off. I turned my truck around and sped back to the pull off assuming I was going to catch them peeing. As I drove by I observed a guy standing between his car and the woods with the back door open. I pulled into the pull off interrupting his piss. I had to go to and I was going to get out and let out my huge puddle but he was shy and put it away and got into his car and drove away. I drove by his pathetic little puddle. He hardly got anything out. I followed his a few miles to see if he pulled over again to fin
  10. Nice little puddle. It tough. I took 2 gas pump pees last week both early in the morning around sun up. I could only get a little bit out. Here’s to more next time and bigger puddles for both of us!
  11. I saw a girl once piss her bikini while she was ankle deep in the water. Green bikini with a darker patch that was soaked by pee and a nice stream coming out. She was pregnant. It was such a turn on. Now I like to walk towards the water and I’ll start peeing before I hit the water and I’ll give anyone who is paying attention a show of me soaking my shorts and the sand.
  12. @squirter24 I couldn’t make it to a tree to water but here’s one of me watering the grass on the side of the road
  13. I finished my piss at home in the sink. Truck seat is only damp and should dry out in no time
  14. oooppps I peed on myself trying to pull it out so I wasn’t completely soaked and could finish my drive home
  15. oooppps I peed on myself trying to pull it out so I wasn’t completely soaked and could finish my drive home
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