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    I like piss & other kinky play. Reading about sexual experiences gets me off more than watching porn so maybe I'm an intellectual?

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    Letting it dribble out right before I cum
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    Pissing on my back porch! I was horny so I walked outside (at night), sat in a patio chair, and let it go! My neighbors could have seen but I didn't care. Then I used my piss as lube and rubbed my clit until I finished. ❤️

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  1. I have been waiting to read of an experience like this!! Love it!
  2. I've never done a naughty pee in my house before...well, that changed today! I was feeling extra horny but just couldn't finish. I tried watching porn, reading stories, dribbling out tiny bits of piss while rubbing my clit but NOTHING. So I got creative. My washer was running, so I rolled up a towel and set it on the edge of the machine. I mounted it and rubbed my pussy against it, loving the way the machine vibrated. Then I started to let spurts of piss out. My piss flooded the towel and began to run down my legs. This did it for me. In a moment I was crying out in ecstasy!
  3. This fantasy goes two ways in my head: I'd love to experience this irl - I'm sitting in one of those older cars with soft upholstered seats leaning slightly forward with my pussy pressed right into the fabric as I piss into it. Then I get up and leave my puddle behind. I'd love to watch a video like this or hear a story of someone doing something similar - A guy is sitting in an older car with soft upholstered seats. He's desperate, grabbing at his cock, trying not to wet himself. Finally, he gives up. Pulls down his pants, sticks his cock between his legs (underneath himself) and pi
  4. Thanks for sharing! This made me really horny!!!!! 😜
  5. Wow reading this made me wet! I want the same!
  6. Does anyone have any experience with being peed inside of? Or have you peed inside someone? This is one of my biggest fantasies but I'm wondering if it's truly as good as it looks.
  7. I love watching videos of girls having little accidents while doing yoga and now I desperately want to try it!
  8. Sooo many things! I'd try to suck myself, fuck my own ass, or piss in my own ass. I'd piss anywhere and everywhere I could. I'd piss in any willing human orifice. The list goes on!
  9. Desperation is my favorite. Hearing a man whine and watching him pinch his cock while piss dribbles out gets me going.
  10. You are a god 😍 holy shit am I wet now
  11. This is a long story but it is 100% true (amazingly). I always like to hear about how people discovered their fetishes, experimented as kids, and discovered their sexual awakening so I thought I'd share my story: I was 4 years old when my sexuality began to blossom. Young, I know, but other factors were at play there. When I was 7, I began truly exploring sexual thoughts with some peers out of pure curiosity. This resulted in, what I believe, was the beginning of my piss fetish. It began with conversations with one of my friends. We were in after-school care together and our section
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