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  1. I spent my childhood in countryside so it was a pretty common thing to pee outside except me. I was very shy. I would play with my neighbor friends group in the evening at nearby field. So sometimes we used go to pee together outside the field. We had seen each others penis. While peeing mine sometimes used to got stiff which made my friends poke fun at me. This stopped since some of us had entered puberty and grown hairs down there.
  2. Thank you everyone for the amazing replies and making it a great thread. Good to know many indeed do pull back to pee. Personally for me, when I was a kid I was taught to pull back my foreskin fully exposing the glans to pee.
  3. This happened long ago at my teenage. I went to relatives house located at a village during vacation. There was a rice storage house at the side of an agricultural field. The walls were made of bamboo so there was small holes across the walls and one can easily look outside. I was there and it started raining. I saw one woman and two girls approaching the shed attached to the storage house to protect themselves from rain. They were unaware that I was inside the storage room as it was dark inside. The woman who was like 25 told other two girls to give her cover as she will pee. She sat there
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