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  1. some places i love to pee garden standing peeing into the pool in change rooms with no pants shower when the waters not on i love anouncing it to the cleaners in the public pool bathroom i asked do you mind if i take a wizz on the floor im busting also to lifegauds and cleaners at my house gardener at my house pool man at my house it was super hot the cleaner was cleaning my bathroom and i walked in and i was like im so sorry i just have to do a wee wee in the shower that was the secon time the first time i just walked in the bathroom and pissed all o
  2. my siblings and i acctually did this there is 8 of us and we did it in the hot tub on vaycation we were there for 1 month and most times we needed to go if we were home we would go in the hot tub not joking it was us youngerones who started doing it cause the only bathroom was upsairs and my parents did not want the drama and it was deffinetly more full and yellow
  3. funny story when we were young we emptied out the pool quite a bit cause it had lots off pee in it but when it was empty we would go tou the bottom of the empty pool and pee we also peed into the pit
  4. so today my sister reminded me of a time we went to this beach and there was a camping area in the middle of the beach island thing there were bathrooms of corse buut one time i was in my swimmers my sister and i were walking a from one beach to another using a short cut via the grassy picnic area/ camp sight then i had to do a wee wee being so open with my fam i just go whereever i would want normaly there were lots of people on the beach and camp ground there were about 5-7 familys near us some having a pick nick and i pull my bikini bottoms to the side and i go potty my stream shots in fron
  5. i just stood at the edge of the pool and did a wee wee into it it was so good and i feel great now
  6. this is so our family it was either the pool or change room floor even on the drive back if we needed a wee wee we would be to to go in the car or in the garden when we got home. it was so great when we go over to my grandmas pool shee has a wooden deck and wenever anyone has to pee we tell everyone and pee on the deck sometimes we will direct our stream into the pool to that is always funny
  7. i used to pee all over the pool area with my friend who i did swimming with, on our first ever swim meet we could not find the bathrooms and were to embarressed to ask then we both had an accident lucky we were both in our swimmers this stared a thing for us after our swim meets we would pee on the floor of the pool and tell each other we would do it together we also peed in the hot tub and steam room
  8. thank you, have you peed anywhere good today, i have also peed in the shower with no water,
  9. today i have peed in the garden 3 times i'm thinking should i pee in the garden again or should i do a wee wee into the pool from the edge i could also do a wee wee in to some bushes becaus ei just walk out lift up my skirt pee and walk back inside
  10. my mum was the mum that told us to pee in the pool all the time when she would be sun bathing she would make it clear she was peeing in the pool she would sit on the side and pull her bikin bottoms apart her stream was strong so it went far and people could see. another time we had a boat for a while and on the back of the boat although we had a toilet no one used it. we would stand on the back and pee off or we would go to a cornor of the back of the boat and that was the wee wee corner i loved it it was so fun
  11. when i was younger my paents were very open and let us pee whereever we wanted i rarly used the toilet growing up i would always stand next to the pool and pee in or do wee wes in the grass, i didnt wear pants too often growing up caus ei would always take them off so i would pee in the shower when i was not showering, and on the floor alot i was in pull ups till i was 6-7 in the day and i was 12 when i diddnt wear dry night to bed, my parents got used to me peeing everywhere i would go in a high sumo squat standing and just let it rip whereever i was, i peed in the car a lot too there would b
  12. the first time my family and i went to a water park we were in the change rooms and i had to pee i did not have my bikini bottoms on yet and my mum told me to just go on the floor not knowing my bikini bottoms were not on so i stood in the middle of the change room and peed right were i was standing other people were there and looked but we didnt care, while i was waiting for the rest of my family i had to pee again so i i peed throiuogh my bikini bottoms onto the floor
  13. another time was... we was very close with our neighours they had a kid 1ry older than me and one 3yrs older. i was at there pool one time and i was on there pool deck i said i accidentaly peed a it on there pool deck whitch i did then my friend nextdoor said well you have aleady peed a bit just finnish so i did i spent the rest of that summer everytime i needed to pee and did not want to go in the pool i would either squat or tell someone most times they knew cause i would pull my bikini bottoms to the side sometimes i forgot it was not my pool and i would stand from the edge and pee in.
  14. when i was young my family was very open, also i was not dry through the day or night so i was still in dipers and pull ups, one morning my mum had taken off pull up and had realsed there were none left so my dad went to the store to get some in the mean time i was running around naked my older siblings were on the trampoline so i went and joined them my mum came down to watch us all then i had to pee bad (i was 6 at the time) my mum knew i would not make it back to the house as we had a big backyard so she told me to go pee in the pool as that was close. i ran to the pool and stood on the fir
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