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  1. Actually yes. I hadn’t been to this one Panera that I used to go to like every few days, so when I went back, and I needed to use the bathroom, I just walked into the bathroom I thought was the mens room. I went in, walked into a stall quickly because I needed to piss badly, and peed loud and hard into the toilet. I peed for like a minute, then walked out of the stall and hear the stream in the stall next to me finish up and the toilet flush. As I walked over to the sink, a young late 20s girl walks out of the stall. I finished washing my hands, opened the door and realized I was in the womens
  2. yeah ik. Youtube took down the channel. im not sure if i have the videos saved, i might
  3. He'll be fine. Sorry the pansexual in me was definitely coming out more there.
  4. Another thing you could try is being a little tipsy or pretending to be and then pee in front of them. Maybe if you go drinking with them it will give you the opportunity to just drop trou and piss for them
  5. I have to ask on an unrelated note, where were you pissing and jerking off before he came in?
  6. Don't worry too much about it, you were in the locker room when he walked in. He almost certainly didn't mean to see you so he probably feels guilty about walking in and seeing you naked. I'm sure he didn't know about your *ahem* personal fun that you were having before he walked in. He just saw a naked woman trying to cover herself and ran away. If you wanna look at it a good way, you just gave him a free show that he probably will feel guilty getting off to.
  7. Feel free to recommend places or things i can piss on. Warning: I'm not into clean up but i do like piss vandalism, as seen above lol ^
  8. I took a piss down a playground slide at night. Its age restricted because you see a bit more of me....
  9. I REALLY needed to go after a long day. Damn it felt good to drain my bladder. Is the tip noticeable? 😉
  10. I'm gonna add some of my videos and pics on here when I get chances to.
  11. Nah, K definitely wants a golden shower. not kidding. its the fact that he gave the demo. that is a level beyond joke and something you do when you are actually into it. I mean, I say go for it. just make it clear its like a one time fuck. but im a bad influence
  12. what do you think? Feel free to comment on the YT page too
  13. Lol. I do have quite a large bladder. Especially after a few drinks I could probably operate my own car wash. And in a few instances I kinda have…
  14. It was late at night, and I found a spot that was secluded and found a nice corner and just took it out and pissed, so main station
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