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    Girls pissing in urinals. I also like girls pissing anywhere in public. The idea of girls peeing in naughty places because they are bad or because they just can’t hold it anymore is orgasmic for me.
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    I climbed a mountain with some friends some years ago. About half way up there was a cliff. I decided to tell my friends to keep going while I pretended to look at a tourist board. When they left I went over to the cliff and whipped out my cock. There was another path going down to the right side of the cliff, just in view. About half way though my piss a tight little blonde chick comes by on that path, heading down the mountain. She stopped, watched me finished, gave me a pussy and tits flash before continuing on. By then I had heard my friends calling me and had to rejoin the group.

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  1. Yeah. Writer Stephan King is notorious for adding pee scenes into his literature, so much so there are articles talking specifically about peeing in his books and film adaptations. https://decider.com/2020/10/20/stephen-king-pee/#:~:text=Pee is so prevalent in,to pee himself in terror.
  2. If I should add questions to this poll let me know. Feel free to share thoughts and opinions in the comments.
  3. At least tissue is biodegradable. There are worst things. Even peeing in a bottle realistically has a higher carbon foot print because it is almost certain that bottle will turn into microplastics in the ocean.
  4. Not to be a dick, but it bothered me a bit that you called Texas a country. Even if it was sarcastic. It just left a bit of a taste in my mouth.
  5. In this video, a dude decides the most entertaining place to is onto some 1200 degree lava. Just curious to know, does anyone have qualms or fantasies about pissing in exotic places, such as, into a volcano, over a cliff, off the top of a mountain into a waterfall, even onto a monument of some kind? I most certainly do. I have personally found a calling to ruins and abandoned places. Anyone care to share the exotic places they want to piss? Video:
  6. The Paperboy I believe was the name. I 100% know that because I watched the film and not because I have a Mr. Skin account......
  7. If she didn't tell she definitely did it for a reason. You should try making sure her husband isn't around and then getting caught again. Maybe try looking up at her window the next time you pee. The way you made it sound is that she had a thing for it, not that she was really asking for you to stop. Maybe ask her to join the next time you let her catch you.
  8. Your boys piss on the floor of the ladies room lol?
  9. What you are really looking for is nonchalant pissing. There isn't an abundance of it sorry to say, but you can find some stuff.
  10. https://www.xvideos.com/video40052899/luna_and_her_roommates_get_squirt_together I find a lot of the squirting scenes are very close to pissing scenes
  11. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a33f35921c42 When Adriana squirts it is pretty much like she is pissing
  12. https://www.xvideos.com/video20576971/amazing_sex_scene_between_teen_lesbo_girls_riley_reid_and_kenna_james_clip_24 This one with Riley Reid and Kenna James is pretty wet. Maybe a little bit of pee.
  13. Peefans has a poll system. Most of us can't use the MrPoll one so delete this thread and make a new one with the poll you create on Peefans so we can answer.
  14. Seems like a lot of effort to pull off. Would be interesting though.
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