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  1. Think you could snag a photo of the night activity at this spot?
  2. So there was always an emergency stair well in the back of one of the buildings of my school that I would piss in in HS. The stairwell led up 3 floors and in the basement only had a locked door to the boiler room that was never used. I used to sneak down there on occasion for a sneaky piss, sometimes I would just pee from one of the upper floors, especially if the bathroom down the hall was busy and I was in a rush for class. It was also a favorite fuck spot in the school too. Once caught a couple in the act.
  3. This was such a hot vid, love the intro https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5facfd6f1e1e4
  4. I'd love to see more of this. can you post more pics next time?
  5. 100%. I think it is impossible to not enjoy a girl just willingly pissing on you
  6. Mr. Whizz


    it is very nice. thx for posting it here. you should post it more often
  7. Can't you just buy a vibe? That is basically the go-to tool for troubleshooting an orgasm
  8. Well, mostly there was a movie I think that is in here where Nichole Kidman actually peed on Zac Efron
  9. The question is, how crappy are the hotels you do this in, and do you ever get stuck with the cleaning bill?
  10. Not in my own, but the abandoned houses next to mine used to have a shed I would piss in. I used to just piss on the side of it through the fence when I really had to go, but as I got older and it more or less fell apart I used to sneak into the shed and piss in there. It was always fun picking my targets: old garden equipment, a bag of potting soil I cut open, old tires, a pile of beer cans, and a personal favorite, the gas tank of the decrepit old lawn mower. I can share some of those stories sometime if you want. Each time was always very unique because of my excuse to slip away, how badly
  11. https://pl.xhamster3.desi/videos/stepsister-s-role-play-secret-family-therapy-xh28d0K This is a clip from Alex Adams. Feel free to add more men peeing from mainstream porn
  12. I really despise men who talk over the audio in the background, like THIS ISNT ABOUT YOU SHUT UP ALREADY. I also hat when a girl says she REALLY needs to go, but then pees two squirts and calls it a day. Like, you really didn't earn the money from that scene. I'm pretty sure that if Tom Hanks did that in a League of Their Own, the scene wouldn't have been that good.
  13. Sounds like mommy was very bad. Someone must not be house broken.... and its pretty hot
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