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  1. Very sound advice! I am honestly quite excited and a little nervous about this trip, so I appreciate your reasonable view.
  2. My airbnb account is linked to my facebook, so I don't want anything outting me if something were to happen. Also, I don't want bad reputation in case I need to stay somewhere else.
  3. That happens, as well! I wish I could just live stream our dynamic because it is quite hard to keep my experiences up to date in story form! It would be a full-time job!
  4. I also want to go out in their backyard nude, but I am unsure about how the neighbors will feel about that.
  5. That is exactly what I am saying 🙂 I will give you a short version.... We garden in the fall which requires a lot of weeding and digging. Typically, one of us will squat on one side of a row and the other will squat on the other side of the row facing eachother, and we will work our way down the rows together. Occasionally, one of us will have to pee, so we just let it go where we are....we are usually fully nude without shoes in the garden, so you can imagine us squatting facing eachother will create a splash in the other's direction. We don't mind....we just keep going 🙂
  6. @peefreak don't you worry...I have plenty! I just haven't had the time to dedicate to write them well enough to give them justice!
  7. @Cluster001 I intend to be nude the entire time I am there...even if other people are staying there 🙂 @Sexismygod thank you for your input! I will definitely be posting pics...unsure about videos (depends on how frisky I am feeling ;))
  8. I love this!! When I pee with my mom and it accidentally sprays, we don't stop peeing either! Such a great experience!
  9. That would definitely tell you if she is the right therapist for you! Do you think you will ever pee on anything besides your diaper during your sessions?
  10. @Wetseat I love that she let you pee in front of her! I wonder if she will let you explore your fetish a little more openly as long as you are okay paying the cleaning fee? Please keep us updated!
  11. I would LOVE to hear the full story on how you peed on an escalator! That sounds quite risky!
  12. I will be sure to remind you all!
  13. I will definitely take pics! I may even do a live action thread and take suggestions!
  14. Thank you all for the amazing suggestions! I love peeing on carpet, so I think staying hydrated and peeing under the furniture is the main thing I will do 🙂
  15. Hello all 🙂 I will be staying in an air BnB for 2 weeks in October, and wanted to ask for suggestions of where to discreetly pee in this house. Since I freely pee at home, it is difficult for me to think of ways to be discreet. Even in hotel rooms I am more liberal since it is a commercial business, not a private home. I will be the only one there and will have access to my carpeted bedroom and tiled bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and living room. This house is privately owned, so I do not want to permanently (or at least detectably) ruin anything, but I do want to naughty pee while I am the
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