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  1. Exactly! That was the cause of my needing to pee 4 times in a 3-hour trip!
  2. It felt so nice 🙂 I didn't release too much, though. I peed outside not too long ago, and I intend to again before bed 😉
  3. It feels very nice, too 😉
  4. Tonight I thought a pillow would feel nice on my pussy ❤️
  5. They were pretty full! He fed at lunch when I went home, but this was a stop on my way home from work, so they needed to be emptied! He nursed as soon as i got home 🙂 I took all of my clothes off to drive home, so he had free access when i got home (to everything ;))
  6. Had to run to Target after work today...I didn't strip down like I will occasionally do for my ride home, but I did end up topless by the time I got to the Target parking lot 🙂
  7. Your wish is my command 🙂 laying down or standing?
  8. I really do love receiving requests...if you change your mind, lmk 🙂
  9. You flatter me 😘 you are most certainly welcome....any other hidden fetishes I may satisfy? I am quite horny and itching to please 😉
  10. I enjoyed humping the table so much last night that I decided to to it again 🙂 This time I got the pee shot 😉 @pguy2981
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