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  1. Another update: my mom facetimed me tonight (we usually do 2-3 times/week to catch up). We were about 30 minutes into the conversation when my mom got up and moved seats, she was originally on the couch in the living room, but she moved to the center of the living room. Then, I heard a familiar sound...I asked what it was. She turned the camera around and showed me a puddle of pee on her coffee table! I told her how proud I am! and then turned my camera around and showed her my pussy as I peed onto my couch!
  2. I am very excited for this weekend! I am going to ask permission to pee in my closet and in the living room, and ask if she would like to watch what I used to do in private 🙂
  3. I usually like to dribble, but sometimes when my pussy clenches, it will spray further. If it is getting too wet underneath me, I will move forward. I usually edge until my bladder is empty before I cum if I plan on emptying my bladder. If I don't, I will usually finish my pee on the floor/wall, then cum.
  4. That isn't a bad idea! I just don't want to impose on them. I would rather continue peeing on my own, and let them approach me as they have been doing if they're really interested. Aside from only peeing when it is dark, I don't try to hide it. I will usually pee on my steps even if they are outside.
  5. It was usually a full-bladder pee...the couch had 3 cushions to give you an idea of couch size. I would usually cover 1/2-2/3 of its area easily after peeing. It also depended on when my mom would be home...if I masturbated in the morning, I would empty my bladder. If it was closer to time for her to come home, I would make a smaller wet patch and finish emptying my bladder in the corner of the living room or in my closet. With my recent interaction with my mom, i guess i could have emptied my bladder on the couch in front of her, and she probably wouldn't have cared lol
  6. It has been a wonderful bonding experience, for sure! It is also a huge turn on....I love to hear about other couples engaging in breast feeding. I always wonder when I see a new baby in public if daddy is also drinking some of the milk. But yes...peeing while he feeds is such a nice release. Sometimes I will walk around the house without wiping my pee, letting it run down my leg and also let milk drip from my nipples. Such a good feeling!
  7. I prefer to sleep in dry bedding, but my husband will usually need to breastfeed in the mornings, and when he latches, I release into the bed. We have a good mattress protector, so I just throw the sheets in the wash while we are at work.
  8. @everyone: thank you so much for your support and interest in my journey here! I will for sure provide updates 🙂 I am going home this weekend, so there should be more stories to tell! @Alfresco I think there is a genetic component to it....My mom and myself are quite obviously into free peeing. My daughter has also shown interest in peeing where ever she wants. @MasterDarcy thank you so much! I am so glad you enjoyed 😉
  9. That is fantastic! If you would like to message, I also accomodate my daughter's interest in free peeing. I would love to hear your ideas.
  10. **UPDATE** Since my mom was here this weekend, I did most of my peeing indoors (see the thread titled "how to tell my mom about my kink"). My neighbors have been gone since Thursday, and came back last night. I peed outside last night multiple times...once completely naked at 4am! No one came by, unfortunately, but there are many nights ahead!
  11. ***UPDATE*** My mom came over this weekend. I have been anticipating this interaction for weeks now, so I was a little nervous about how it was going to play out. I was naked when she arrived, and she was bottomless....she did not want to get pulled over on her way here, but quickly lost her top, as well, as soon as she was inside. We chatted for a bit and drank some wine. We decided on a place to go for dinner, and started to get up to get our clothes back on. "Before I get dressed, can I ask you something?" I said. "Of course. What is it?" She asked. "At your hous
  12. It is so nice that you accomodate her daughters needs! She is so lucky to have a stepdad that allows her to be naked and pee wherever she wants!
  13. In pre-school, my mom was frequently called because me and other kids were peeing outside on the playground. My mom was cool about peeing, so she did not care. At home, my mom and I were usually naked. We lived out in the country, so no one could really see us, and both of us hated wearing clothes. My mom would let me pee in the house in sinks and tubs. I ventured on my own and peed on the couch, the corner of the living room, and in my closet multiple times. I made half-assed attempts to cover it up, so I am sure my mom noticed, but she did not say anything. At my dad's house, he
  14. I was masturbating on my couch growing up...my mom wasn't home, and I was in a very dirty mood. I let a little bit of pee dribble out of my pussy and onto the couch cushion. The feeling was fabulous, so I continued to empty my bladder on the couch. After I came, I flipped the cushion over. My mom never said anything about it, so I assume she never noticed?
  15. My kitchen floors are laminate, so I will usually just let go if i am in my kitchen. My bedroom is carpet, so depending on how badly I have to go, I will either pee on the carpet and clean it later or walk 5 feet to the kitchen (I live in an RV) and pee on the floor.
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