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  1. If you are a girl who recently got a very questionably message from a guy who you met here... I think he might have been drunk and is probably very sorry about that message...
  2. Well it still says that i can't so...
  3. Well I'm just under your age limits at 19, but if you think we could make it work then just slide in my dm
  4. Is there ever gonna be another part of this great story?
  5. This happened many times when i was younger not so much anymore. We were out drinking and because we were underage we hangend out at our old school. Usually there was quite a lot of people and some of them were girls that i had or had had a crush on or other people's girlfriends or just some random girls. We were usually drinking at this sort of loadingbay area and the place we used as our toilet was around a corner. First when you went around the corner there was this inset (not sure if correct word sorry bad english) which was the pee area for guys. Girls usually went a bit further to the ne
  6. I was recently in the army (in my country all guys have to go serve for 6-12 months) and we had these training camps that lasted like a week and there was no chance to use any kind of toilet there. After we had come back from one of these i heard some girls (there was few voluntary girls) talk about how they had been doing their things over that week and it was so hard not to get hard while they told about peeing in the bushes and how they obviously weren't able to clean up their ladyparts properly for a week and i just imagined what that must have smelled like. One of them even said that at o
  7. Not really a "just go" moment but once with my ex we were about to have sex and she said that she was really desperate. I convinced her that she could hold it until we were done but very quickly i realized that was not gonna be the case. With every push i could feel her leak more and more and what made it even better for me was that i could see that she was trying her hardest not to and she was embarrassed that she couldn't hold it in. Her facial expressions and little moans made me finish rather quickly and after that she run straight to the bathroom to empty the rest of her pee in to the toi
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