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    I'm 23, I just found this site and I really wanted to share my stories, pictures, and videos with other pee lovers! I'll do anything with piss besides drinking it. I'd love to have friends. 18-25 female or male.

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    I just started experimenting with naughty peeing and I love it.
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    My boyfriend peeing in me and my first time pissing in a cup.

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  1. I'm okay now, thank you guys!
  2. Sorry alot has been going on recently, but that weekend I didn't end up doing anything because something happened that weekend and it messed with my mental health so 🙃
  3. So ny parents went away for the long weekend so that means I have the house to myself. Where should I do naughty peeing or in stuff
  4. I currently have to pee and I wanna naughty pee but not on or somewhere that'll make a mess. My options: towel, bowl, chair and im up for suggestions!
  5. I'm sorry, I've had this up for awhile and didn't expect it to get this much attention and I didn't know it wS prohibited
  6. If I liked your comment you can message me
  7. If your over 35 then no but if your 20-35 then I can accept that
  8. I love this for you guys ! Makes me happy for you and jealous of you!
  9. Currently holding and no one's home. Where should I piss
  10. I don't remember where theu occurred, no.
  11. I had a couple before and I literally thought I pissed myself since I was piss in my dream
  12. Do you ever have a dream about pissing? Like your pissing in your dream and then you feel like your actually pissing as well but your really not.
  13. Currently hold, want to piss somewhere in my bathroom.
  14. Update, I woke up in the middle of the night and I pissed off the side of the bed onto the carpet and had a quick orgasm after and it made me feel really naughty
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