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    Currently i work at walmart
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    I'm 21, I just found this site and I really wanted to share my stories, pictures, and videos with other pee lovers! I'll do anything with piss besides drinking it. I'd love to have friends. 18-25 female or male.

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    I just started experimenting with naughty peeing and I love it.
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    My boyfriend peeing in me and my first time pissing in a cup.

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  1. She loved it as much as me and a bit yes. She did yes. And no.
  2. So with my boyfriend and I being long distance he let's me do stuff with friends (females) as long as I tell him before hand and my one friend came back home for a week and she knows about my kink and she's into as well and more and everything about pissing. I've never done stuff with this friend before since she rarely comes home and she lives 3hrs away. I finally got to pee in her mouth. It has been a HUGE dream of mine to piss in someone's mouth ever since I got into the pissing kink. It was so fun and I loved it so much. Sad that she's going back home Friday so who knows when I'll get to d
  3. Which hole did your boyfriend pee in?

    1. foxypiss


      My vagina 

    2. Asspee


      Hot and hardening! Was it a lot of pee? Did you hold it in and squirt it out, or just let it run out and down your legs?

    3. foxypiss
  4. Welcome Foxy !

  5. I know I haven't been on here lately but its because I haven't done much "fun peeing" besides occasionally peeing in the sink, my boyfriend pissing in me, and my boyfriend peeing in the sink. I also saw now that you have to be verified on pornhub to post videos so all my videos are gone...

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    2. foxypiss


      Thanks for the help @Kupar . @gldenwetgoose you have to write your username on paper and take a picture of yourself holding that paper with your username on it. I have more videos i want to post but i can't since you have to be verified on PH. any other sites i can put my videos on and link them to here?

    3. Kupar


      You're welcome Foxy. I use erome.com for videos. You need to register of course, but it's free and there's no verification required.

    4. cheekyfe11a


      Hi Foxy hope you have been keeping well. Shame that your vids have all gone from PH. Hope you will consider finding an alternative site where you can post your excellent pee content. Take care xx

  6. I stayed the night at my one friend's house a couple nights ago and she knows about my piss kink, my boyfriend lets me do stuff with her since we're long distance and he knows my sexdrive is high. Anyways, I told her I wanted her to piss on me and she gladly accepted, we got undressed and I laid in the bathtub and she stood above me and pissed on my stomach/pussy. It was my first time in a couple years of someone peeing on me and it got me so horny and I loved it. 10/10
  7. Same. Im very stressed out so that has a big effect on naughty peeing
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