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    Love being bursting to pee, and female pee desperation.

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    Peeing outside with my partner, both absolutely bursting.

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  1. No video, just very desperate to cum, took my chance after going for a piss, noticed how wet I was, already hard and had it in my hand, I just had to let go of my load to some very nice thoughts! About ten minutes ago.
  2. Not bad, not sure if i need to pee or cum more, really struggling not to cum to be fair.
  3. Thanks, its hard already. In both ways!
  4. Trying to hold my morning pee, lets see what happens
  5. That was one of the best stories I have ever read. Thank you for this! It made my morning "let go" very easy! Even more so knowing others also got off to it too!
  6. That sounds a great set up!!
  7. Having some friends round for drinks, the downstairs loo was being used when I went to get another beer, I was pretty desperate and decided to have a naughty pee in a mug waiting for the dish washer, so I dangled my cock into it, stood in the kitchen, and filled it three times. I could have been caught by anyone with my cock in a cup in my kitchen! I dont think I will be using the toilet again tonight!
  8. Haha, yeah I dont think I will be doing anything that could get me arrested! Haha
  9. So I recently found out that I can cum from just rubbing the underneath of my tip, playing with it like a clit! Yesterday I was on the sofa with my partner and I was so horny, she was wearing some tiny little shorts with no knickers and I could just about see her pussy when she had her legs in a few positions, I had joggers and boxers on with my hand in them, soon enough I started wanting to cum, so I asked if she was up for any fun, no! Ok so I decided to try cum without her knowing. So less than 2 foot away from her looking at her pussy when I could, I started playing, to her nothing c
  10. I'm throbbing like mad, something will come out soon!
  11. Or to see someone else bursting with no toilet, seeing what they will do in the situation
  12. Ohh, I love being desperate in the car, trying to find a bottle I can slip my tip up to and let go... I normally end up damp in them situations!
  13. Thats a shame! I think leaking and loosing control is one of the best things to do and see!
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