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    Love being bursting to pee, and female pee desperation.

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    Peeing outside with my partner, both absolutely bursting.

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  1. Need to pee a fair bit, watching pee vids isn't helping much!
  2. This ended in a wetting trying to get to the toilet, very fun though
  3. I wish I had time to find something to let go in!
  4. I burst! I started leaking and someone knocked at the door at the same time so that stopped my wetting chance. I did make a mess as I fished my leaking cock out my pants to let my flood go!
  5. On the verge of wetting, i cant hold it!
  6. I am geting so desperate! After a big 2L hold this morning my bladder is weak and I will leak soon 😧
  7. Really needing to pee now, not sure how far I will go before letting it out!
  8. Yesterday I went to Mcdonalds for lunch, when driving I knew I needed to pee quite bad, but I was also very hungry. I thought I could pee as I waited for my food as I expected it to be busy. As I pulled into the carpark it looked quiet! My bladder seemed to be happy about that as it let me know just how much it wanted to relax! I headed inside trying to look composed, but now, the 500ml of water and large tea from costa a few hours ago wanted out! As I walked I could feel the balloon in my stomach slosh. To be fair. I love holding, although that was never the plan! As I entered I went to the n
  9. Im trying, Im wet, but its not pee, nor is it helping!
  10. I have just started getting very desperate, very fast! It may have something to do with being very horny!
  11. Litre number 2 in, feeling very full!
  12. Just staring my second litre of juice, going to try drink it all before any leaking or full on peeing!
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